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Under the framework of traditional Chinese medicine, the health industry has great potential

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

Under the framework of traditional Chinese medicine, the health industry has great potential

Source: health daily

With the expansion of the service scope of the health industry, health tourism, health capital, health big data, medical care and other services are gradually integrated into the health industry. In these aspects, traditional Chinese medicine has its own unique advantages, which can be used from ancient times to modern times, and Chinese medicine is used in foreign countries. Recently, the 2017 national health industry BBS, hosted by the Chinese medical association and hosted by guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, was held in haikou, where experts discussed the role and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the development of the health industry.

Create international medical tourism brand with Chinese medicine characteristics

Liu tingfang, a professor at tsinghua university's hospital management institute, said: according to the world health organization, tourism will account for 11% of global GDP by 2022, while the health industry will account for 12%, making it the largest industry in the world. Medical tourism is an organic combination of two major industries and will become a new growth point of global economic development.

According to the research data from the research institute of Stanford university, medical tourism has grown at an average annual rate of 9.9% in the last five years, twice the growth of global tourism. It is expected to bring us $678.5 billion by the end of 2017, accounting for 16% of the total world tourism revenue. China should seize the opportunity, give full play to the advantages of medical technology, and build a number of TCM health tourism spots integrating medical rehabilitation, health care, sightseeing and leisure, so as to attract more foreign tourists and strengthen the already established scale of TCM tourism to form a brand.

The development of international medical tourism requires relevant policies, such as the implementation of the international medical tourism visa system, strict regulation and control of the tourism market and medical tourism market behaviors, etc. The most important of which is to establish the international medical insurance system, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of international medical tourism.

We will actively explore the operating mechanism of the Chinese hospital health industry

Wu Ming, deputy director of hainan provincial health and family planning commission and director of hainan provincial administration of traditional Chinese medicine, said that investment in health is an important strategic investment of the country. In his report, xi stressed that "we should support the society in running medical services and developing health industries". At the same time, the development of health industry is also a process of exploration, and it is a process of reforming and innovating operation mechanism of public TCM medical institutions.

Hainan province took the lead in sanya Chinese trial operation mechanism innovation reform, allowing public hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the protection of basic medical services under the premise, using the assets of less than 30% of the hospital, set up the independent legal person, independent operation of the for-profit health services of traditional Chinese medicine entity, or with social capital cooperation, establishment of mixed ownership of for-profit institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, ACTS of traditional Chinese medicine health services, such as the international medical tourism services.

Traditional Chinese medicine can promote international medical tourism, requiring three conditions: first, setting standards, establishing norms and guiding the healthy development of the industry. Hainan province has formulated two local standards, the service standard for TCM service trade and the construction standard for the demonstration base of TCM health tourism and service trade, to guide the healthy development of the industry. Second, intensive and demonstration operations. We will build a model area for the trade in traditional Chinese medicine health tourism and services, integrating TCM medical services, TCM high-end health care, and the cultivation and research and development of nanyao aromatic drugs, and guide the orderly development of the industry. Third, the development of specialization and customization. Through introducing wisdom and attracting talents, we will strengthen the construction of characteristics and connotation of TCM hospitals, and set up a number of famous TCM studios represented by academicians such as wu yiling and Chinese medicine masters to enhance the brand image and popularity. High-end "private customization" is implemented to provide international and personalized high-end customization services such as online booking and accurate treatment.

Traditional Chinese medicine promotes home-based care

, vice President of the hospital, guangzhou city, guangdong province, charity hospital medical have combined with dean professor zhi-min Yang: the house is the home and community care, in the form of the combination of the place of family endowment and community service network as the backing, door-to-door service, and community care as the main form, is the government, society, families and individuals to share and to participate in the form of services.

The demand for medical care, nursing, rehabilitation and care has increased in the elderly society. The model of combining medical care with the functions of old-age care and medical care can provide basic medical services and daily care. In the treatment of chronic diseases such as high incidence of tumor, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly, traditional Chinese medicine has unique advantages in the theory system of health preservation and the comprehensive preventive measures under the guidance of the thought of "treating non-diseases" of TCM.

In 2016, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and guangzhou charity hospital jointly initiated the establishment of non-governmental enterprises, and explored the "hospital-community-home-based" combination of medical care and health care and old-age care model from the aspects of service mode, process and standard. First of all, guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and charity hospital are the first to set up integrated outpatient service for medical care, providing health assessment, home-based health care plan and service referral for the elderly who need home-based health care after discharge or in the community. Secondly, set up a professional home service team consisting of senior nurses, TCM physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists, health managers and psychological consultants. Third, develop a healthy home-based nursing and home-based rehabilitation service package for the elderly, chronic patients or postoperative rehabilitation patients and rehabilitation nursing for stroke, hemiplegia, joint replacement, eating (swallowing), pressure sore nursing, moxibustion nursing, gastrointestinal fistula nursing, urinary nursing, slow obstructing pulmonary function rehabilitation, etc.

Home-based care also cannot be separated from the support of relevant policies, among which the service fee payment system has become the bottleneck restricting the development of medical care combined with old-age care services. The current social endowment insurance, basic medical insurance and commercial insurance all have no specific types of traditional Chinese medicine health-related endowment insurance, and no reimbursement of medical insurance or other insurance payment rate is low, making people unable to really afford the health care service. Therefore, it is urgent to develop the health industry to include the home-based health care service into the coverage of medical insurance payment as soon as possible.

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