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This cold really powerful


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This cold really powerful

Source: Chinese Medicine News Author: Duan from

      Qingwen is the big girl of the gem, romantic dexterity, high-minded, she was originally Jia mother room girl, Jia Mu see its like words, needle and thread are red, so to the gem call. Fifty-first back wrote that in a winter night, three later, the gem to drink tea, Qingwen, deer months are awake. After drinking tea, the deer went to the courtyard, Qingwen want to coax her to play, relied on the prime of life than others, not afraid of cold, not dressed, only wearing a small jacket, they have to go out. Bao Yu warned her, "frozen is not playing!" Qingwen only waved, then out of the house. I saw the moonlight like water, suddenly burst of breeze, can not help but creepy. Heart under the self-thinking: "strange Taoist said that the warm-up can not be the wind, the cold really powerful." Qingwen hands cold cold, cheeks like rouge in general. To the house a warm, feel the two sneeze. Bao Yu sighed: "how! In the end hurt the wind."

Cold is a cold, also known as the wind, wind and evil is caused by the invasion of the human body caused by the disease. Manifested as headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, aversion to cold, fever, pulse floating and so on.

      After the feeling of Feng Xie, the fur occlusion, lung qi depression; and the nose for the lung of the awakened, the gas is not declared, on the nasal orifices, excited for sneezing; gas both obstruct, in the wet vomiting, overflow and tears The

      The wind for the disease of the long, the nature of light Yang vent, good number of changes, with the onset of anxious, dissipated fast, the characteristics of walking uncertain. Why is the wind so long? Because in the six prostitution, only the wind and all five gas. And cold for the cold; and summer heat; and wet for the rheumatism; and dry for the wind dry; and fire for the wind and fire. Because it can Gengqi the five gas and hurt, so that the disease is long. The rest of the five gas, you can not be full of each other, such as cold can not summer and fire, summer can not and cold, wet and not dry, dry and wet, It seems that the disease is due to the wind of course, more.

      Cold invasion can not only cause a cold, but also cause more serious diseases. Wang Xifeng set up a trap for the murder of Jarui, the first time to let Jarui in the house overnight frozen, "the twelfth day of the weather, the night is long, swarmy, invasion of muscle crack, almost never frozen to death overnight!" The second was Jia Rong, Jia Qiang Qiao get, smell of shame to be shame, but also blackmail a hundred and two silver, but also by a bucket of urine poured a head, covered with cold trembling, so got a serious illness. This is not a common cold, and is likely to have serious complications. Combined with many masturbation, frequent spermatorrhea, remorse and can not extricate themselves, and no silver treatment, so a life to heaven.

      Physical weakness, malnutrition, lack of sleep, fatigue, or suffering from some chronic diseases, can reduce the body resistance. According to the constitution of Chinese medicine theory, the human body is different, the form of suffering from cold is also different. If the prime yang, is easy to feel cold; if the body of Yin, easy to feel windy; phlegm partial Sheng who is easy to feel outside the wet.

      Feng Xie invasion of the way for the lung attack table, the lesion is also limited to lung health. Lungs main breath, resuscitated in the nose, outside the fur, the Secretary of Wei, the sex is Jiao dirty, intolerable evil. If Wei Yang was detained, camp health loss and evil is competing, there may be aversion to cold, fever and other table of the card. Evil off the lungs blocked airway, lung loss in Xuan Su, see cough, nasal congestion and other lungs of the card. And when the cold (influenza), because of their feelings when the evil heavier, so the whole body more obvious symptoms.

      In addition, the strong constitution, generally only attack in the lungs, mostly to test the main evidence, treatment easier, faster results. And the elderly and infirm, anti-evil ability is poor, evils can also be recorded by the table, the symptoms increase, or even the disease, that is, Western medicine said complications.

      Cold can also be broken according to evil is divided into evidence and evidence. Evidence is also divided into cold and cold and wind and heat cold; deficiency and sub-empty cold, Yang deficiency cold, blood deficiency cold, Yin cold and so on. Treatment principles are not the same: cold and cold should be Xinwen solution table, Xuanfei cold; Fengreganmao should be cool and cool table, Qufeng heat; Qi deficiency need to Qi solution table, to reconcile the camp health; Explain the table; blood deficiency should raise blood to solve the table; Yin cold should be Ziyin solution table. In the treatment of colds, but also the right to deal with Quxie and righting the relationship between the flexibility to understand Xin Wen and Xinliang, Xuanfei and Su lung treatment, because of people, due to illness, due to local conditions, in order to achieve the best treatment effect.

      Grand View Garden of the daughters, a little cold will be cold, the key lies in the lack of exercise, poor adaptability to the cold. Too comfortable life, so that they can not restless.