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How to pay attention to dining out there


How to pay attention to dining out there

Source: Health News

Second Military Medical University Changhai Hospital Nutrition Division Professor Lin Ning Cai Donglian


      The choice of drinks to consider many aspects, such as nutritional value, suitable for the crowd, dishes dishes, personal health status, of course, there are health and safety issues need to consider. Only choose a good product reputation, good quality products, good quality drinks to drink, in order to ensure health, while enjoying the real meal.

      Eat less meat when drinking

      People usually love to say that big mouth eating meat, bowl of drinking. In fact, doing so is extremely unfavorable to the body. Seafood-based dishes or dishes with plenty of meat are best served with fresh fruit juice, lemonade, to avoid drinking liquor, beer and carbonated drinks. After the three kinds of drinks will lead to a large number of gastric acid secretion, increased burden on the pancreas, causing high purine metabolism and indigestion. If you want to drink, you can drink a small amount of red wine.

      When eating barbecue, due to the temperature is too high, part of the meat protein and fat at high temperature reaction, resulting in carcinogenic adverse substances. Therefore, at this time to drink rich in vitamins and fresh tea juice is more healthy and healthy. When you eat hot pot, because the hot pot contains a variety of spices and a variety of meat and vegetables release purine, it is not appropriate to drink beer.

      When you eat Western food can be equipped with wine. In general, the main course of choice of red meat, such as steak, lamb chops, pork, etc. with red wine is appropriate; main course selection of white meat, such as fish, chicken, etc. with liquor is appropriate

      Beer contains more maltose, and the sugar content of the wine is also high. Regardless of a high degree of wine or low alcohol, are not suitable for diabetes and liver patients drink. No matter what kind of wine, excessive drinking, will affect uric acid metabolism and promote intrahepatic synthesis of low density lipoprotein. So there are gout, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and obese patients must pay attention to, do not chew.

      Drink fresh fruit juice carefully "cottage version"

      Juice drinks include freshly prepared and blended with fruit juices. The former contains nutrient-rich, high nutritional value, in the dining room to drink healthy; the latter is a small amount of fruit juice plus more food additives modulation, less nutrition, taste is also poor. Juice drinks are mainly targeted at women and children. In the case of such beverages as much as possible to choose fruit juice and pulp content of high products, after drinking to pay attention to the prevention of dental caries. In addition, if you drink fruit juice drinks, should be the energy into the total energy of the whole meal to control the food intake.

      Now, in the market a lot of freshly squeezed fruit juice under the banner of the beverage is actually a fruit with fruit fruity drinks. Some businesses in order to pursue profits, reduce costs, the use of fruit juice concentrate additives into a small amount of fresh fruit juice mixed into the so-called fresh juice. Such as papaya juice companion contains acidity regulator, Acesulfame, fragrance, sodium benzoate, lemon yellow, sunset yellow, temptation red and other additives. Kiwi juice companion contains acidity regulator, thickener, Acesulfame, sodium benzoate, sodium cyclamate, lemon yellow, sunset yellow, bright blue pigment, flavor and so on. In addition, in the fresh juice will also use three kinds of white powder, are excellent fruit powder, sugar and creamer. These additives will make the so-called fresh juice of the nutritional content greatly reduced.

      Yogurt is suitable for children and women

      At the table, milk products, especially yogurt is popular with people. Yogurt contains a large number of probiotics, can help digestion; while yogurt is also rich in calcium, suitable for children and women to drink. But it should be noted that if the food when the food fiber or oxalic acid content is rich, try not to drink milk and dairy products.

      Do not drink carbonated drinks

      Carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid, carbonic acid and a large number of monosaccharides and other ingredients, they enter the body and calcium will react, the teeth, bones have adverse effects. In addition, carbonated drinks produce carbon dioxide will affect the appetite and digestive function, which will bring a lot of sugar, so it should not drink. In menopause, children, the elderly should not drink more.

      Do not drink tea when you eat

      Tea has a variety of antioxidants, tea helps to prevent aging, health care. Tea health care thanks to the rich nutrients contained in tea, medicinal ingredients and health care ingredients. Tea tea polyphenols with hypolipidemic, anti-tumor, anti-lipid peroxidation, antibacterial, anti-virus, immune function and other effects; theanine is the main source of tea fragrance; theophylline has diuretic effect, Tea is also rich in B vitamins and vitamins.

      Fasting tea can dilute the gastric juice, reduce digestive function, so do not drink tea before meals. Do not drink tea during meals and after meals, because the tea contains a lot of tannic acid, tannic acid can react with the iron in the food, causing the body iron absorption obstacles. If you eat a lot of greasy food, tea solution effect of the solution.

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