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(2) serial an old professor of traditional Chinese medicine - YuXiChun shenzhen




(2) serial an old professor of traditional Chinese medicine - YuXiChun shenzhen


In 2010, the Mid-Autumn festival is coming soon, last Sunday I took my wife and children to visit professor yu. He is 85 years old (2010) this year, but clear, and I chatted before his second interesting experience to participate in medical team to work in yemen. Professor attaches great importance to education, also send us a few books, including his this year by the shenzhen medicine mixed up. Also warned us: a child to read the book well, at least to finish college. Professor yu for hard work and plain living, retirement income is not high also, living in coarse clothes and simple food, but he and his Alma mater, to help poor students to be generous, too has backed a poor master's and doctoral students complete their studies.

Today accidentally from baidu search "YuXiChun" professor's name, see the "miss Mr YuXiChun _ _ sina blog" star grass. Know "star grass" was once the patient of professor yu, could not contact him recently, so I told the professor's address "star grass" : sha wan ling nan wei south center, room 616-1.

Below is I from the Internet, and professor yu's book to know some information about professor yu:

YuXiChun, in March 1926, was born in hunan province ningxiang county tang city. In March 1942 to January 1945, studied at ningxiang 3, after graduating from high school was admitted to Peking University school of medicine (1948 ~ 1948). In 1952, in founding acupuncture class for further study. From 1955 to 1983 in anhui province hospital acupuncture work, successive, director of hospital and the attending physician. Taian hou plum needle class specialty of traditional Chinese medicine research institute in 1958. In 1959 ~ 1961 took part in the medicine study medicine class held by the ministry of health, at the same time in 1959 participated in the Beijing institute of traditional Chinese medicine hold Sun Huiqing plum needle class. From 1973 to 1976 and from 1980 to 1982 to participate in medical team work in yemen and Ding Cheng twice.

Yu old man retired in anhui medical college affiliated hospital of acupuncture, is an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture. After his retirement in 1989 and Mrs ShiMeiQing chief physician came to "shenzhen Wen Jin traditional medical center garden first clinic", 2000 years later because of old age is no longer to work in the clinic. In shenzhen, shenzhen has been living in shawan nanling.

In April 1988, yu old donated 10000 yuan in ningxiang 3 "YuXiChun English scholarship fund", to encourage primary school friends to learn English well; A few years later, to commemorate the once love and support their own teacher, ms Jiang Guofen yu old and generously donated 10000 yuan "Jiang Guofen Chinese scholarship fund" established in the Alma mater, reward outstanding person of Chinese learning. Never forget yu old heart is home education career, his Alma mater, he often call ask about the education teaching of his Alma mater, through alumni, acquaintances know Alma mater. After retirement yu old man living in shenzhen, lived a frugal life. Early July 2009, an only child in the United States to send father back to the $10000 endowment. Yu know old ningxiang 3 current economic difficulties, and give all the $ten thousand donation to his Alma mater.

Works include: "ironic situation", "Chinese medicine collaterals bloodletting figure" practical stab the complex therapy etc, make the thorn collaterals bloodletting therapy of traditional Chinese medicine specialized subject both at home and abroad to play a role.






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