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(serialized 3) thank you, Mr. Yu xichun!


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(serialized 3) thank you, Mr. Yu xichun!

Author: the star grass

Thank you, Mr. Yu xichun!

This phrase has been repeated over and over for 18 years, and today (in 2010) he has finally spoken to Mr Simile by long-distance telephone.

The other day, I wrote an article on my blog, and I miss the old Chinese doctor who saw me 18 years ago. After hearing of my illness, Sir, the letter sent me a prescription for a quick recovery. I have always wanted an opportunity to express my gratitude. You can't get in touch with the original address phone. After my blog post, real rida was very enthusiastic and sent me a note on the same day. An avid sina user also posted the details of Mr Yu. I thank them very much!

There is a big deal at hand, and today it is over. Tomorrow is the National Day of 2010. I put down the rest of my work, and I found the number of calls made by real rida, a netizen, trying to dial the phone in shenzhen. I said, "are you Mr. Yu xichun?" The voice of an old man on the phone said, "I am a good man." I was really a little excited, but I didn't think I finally got in touch with Sir! I told my husband about eighteen years ago, and Sir, too, was very excited.

I talked about the place where I was working -- the traditional medical center of the spring breeze road in shenzhen. He said he was 86 years old this year, and he no longer went to see the doctor, reading books and reading newspapers in his home. I say that Sir Also wrote a book, the name of the book is "shenzhen practice doctor", I want to read. The man said he had no hands in his hands, so he could contact Chen zemin of tianjin university of Chinese medicine and wang chao.

The gentleman asked me how many children I had, and I said one, and now I'm on top three. , "says Mr Children must learn English, let him to at least two or three languages. Have difficulty in learning English must overcome, do well, the problem of vocabulary more on vocabulary, to hard!" The master asked the child what he was going to study. The master said, "the radio and television presenters also have to learn English, and there is an English broadcast!" Sir's inculcating speech was touching.

Said I have the opportunity to I want to go to shenzhen in person to visit Mr., Mr. Said: "you don't have to specifically come over, you have time you can give me a call, I often at home now. I also thank you, more than ten years you haven't forgotten me."

I say that for more than a decade, the kindness of my husband has never been forgotten. I wish my husband health and longevity and a happy holiday!