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It is practical to study classics


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It is practical to study classics

Source: health report

      Zhang zhiyuan, a professor at shandong university of traditional Chinese medicine
Chinese practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine read extensively. The thought of traditional Chinese medicine is influenced by the thoughts of Buddhism and Taoism, especially the buddhist thoughts. The inner book of the yellow emperor contains two parts of "the vegetable question" and "the spiritual armature", which contains 81 articles. "The book of trouble" is also 81 articles, which are influenced by Buddhism. Buddhism believed that the life should pass through the 80 passes, the journey to the west, tang xuanzang also experienced 81 difficulties to get back the buddhist scriptures. The buddhist thought also penetrated into the fields of medicine and pharmacy, such as the official and the official of the monarch, although they were all external words, but infiltrated into the theory of TCM.
      When reading the classic literature, you can't memorize it, you should live it. "An inch of time is an inch of gold, an inch of gold is hard to buy time", and time needs to be spent studying important documents. In the process of studying classics, it is important to pay attention to the combination of the classics, to read the book of death, to gain something, otherwise it is a waste of time. Besides, when reading classics, do not be able to take a picture, go to a horse to read a book, want to read carefully.
Some people don't pay attention to the "shen nong". Many people think it is outdated because of the many drug properties in the shennong and the book of the book of god, but it is not true that the book is the key to understanding drug performance. Take the ginseng as an example, in 1957, I told the students in the lingyan temple "typhoid," the golden chamber of the golden chamber, when it was told that the ginseng soup could be made to quench the thirst, and the people who knew the ginseng were all warm Yang. This kind of quenching ginseng is shanxi party ginseng not northeast ginseng, this kind of difference is recorded in "shen nong book of grass classics". If you don't read the book, you won't know it.
      When reading "the huangdi neijing", we should focus on absorbing the essence of huangdi's internal scriptures, first browse, search for the essence, know the heart. But also cannot be bound by it, should be at ease when reading, "get in, can get out again".
The treatise on typhoid fever is a must read book, and the treatise on the treatise on typhus has more than 600 books. I want to read the original text without reading the notes, so that no one else's thoughts are predominated in the annotation, which will affect my thinking. In the process of circulation, sorting and printing, the theory of "typhoid fever" is likely to have many wrong words and the phenomenon of zhang guanzhong, which can make it difficult for posterity to study and study. The sun sickness card is similar to other diseases, but it is not appropriate to wear a hat to the sun. In the book, three of the three of the three - Yang, the sixth theory of the concept of the concept of the scholars hundreds of years of debate, waste a few hours. And what we need to do is to differentiate the treatment, strive to be practical, to be able to jump out of the three worlds away from the five lines, to use the dead books.

      Reading also pays attention to its practicality. Everyone should be proficient in using the classic formula, 112 prescriptions in the treatise on typhoid fever are ripe and ripe for the use of medicine, and pay attention to the laws and characteristics of drug use. For example, liquorice, in the treatise of cold and cold, 90% of liquorice, and the synopsis of the synopsis of the golden chamber. If ge root, have the solution muscle to express, rise yangyang to be in, shu jing, detoxification effect, can also treat the strength of a few a few, but should pay attention only in the absence of sweat only. If the party, can quench thirst, however, "the cold treatise" "golden chamber" is not a party. If the appendage, it can be warm and cold and warm and sunny. It should be noted that it is the raw and the attached. (sun huiming)