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To xizhimen south street, xicheng district building to the British garden route

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Take the airport shuttle from the airport, the dongzhimen station transfer to metro line 2 to xizhimen direction and get off at xizhimen station, from C outbound, go straight to the east 100 meters on the right side to xizhimen south street, north to walk to the t-junction namely to the British garden 1 floor downstairs.

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From the capital airport take airport bus to xidan, get off at no.22, take a taxi to xizhimen south street English garden 1 floor.

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Also talk about modern Chinese medicine school medicinal botanical garden


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Also talk about modern Chinese medicine school medicinal botanical garden

- Guangdong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Source: Chinese Medicine News Author: Zheng Hong



      "Chinese Medicine" June 5, 2015 (total 4303) published "the first modern Chinese medicine school botanical garden - Suzhou National Medical School drug test plant" article. In fact, compared with the establishment of the Jiangsu Provincial Medical School in 1933 earlier and longer, and Guangdong Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine done pharmacies, for reference.

     Founding schools attach importance to traditional Chinese medicine

     As early as 1913 the National Chinese medicine community protest education system leaked Chinese medicine, Guangdong Pharmaceutical colleagues decided to self-development, that initiated the preparation of Chinese medicine school. The multi-fundraising construction, in 1924 Guangdong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially opened. As the school funding mainly from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and other places of the drug business, so the school aims to pay special attention to pharmacology, which from the school called "Chinese medicine" can be seen (the same period of such schools are mostly called "Chinese medicine "School, few drug words). The first president Lu Yitong school day lecture also said: "The school set up the purpose of learning traditional Chinese medicine to traditional Chinese medicine, by traditional Chinese medicine through the Western medicine, Bao national essence, to maintain the local goods to develop medicine talent."

     Therefore, the founder of the beginning of 1924, Guangdong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to start construction of drug parks and drug specimens room. Drug park for the cultivation of drugs, located in the school hall behind the initial co-culture of more than 100 kinds of drugs for identification of crude drugs. Followed by the establishment of traditional Chinese medicine specimens room. At that time the school and the drug close relationship is reflected. The school through the medicine line to the provinces issued a letter of collection: "cover Yu Bao traditional Chinese medicine must promote Chinese medicine, to be fine Chinese medicine must study Chinese medicine.Lan school is to build a drug sample room, collecting the provincial medicine, hanging out of the room, to serve students day. The provinces produced by the provinces, the tunnel is different, the authenticity is also different .I send a list of drugs, please the production of the provinces by table fill, pray for the details of the month to send back to the spacious school, ("The truth of the investigation of the provinces of drugs", "Chinese medicine magazine", 1926)

     The letter of the collection of "drug list", asked to provide the drug name, name, place of origin, efficacy, is false, time to collect and so on. "Soon, the drug sample room collected a total of more than 400 kinds of drug samples, each Marked the origin, smell, attending, taboo four, at noon every day from 11 pm to 1 pm open for students to visit freely.Then the traditional Chinese medicine specimen room has been expanded, such as the school manager Mr. Le Qiao donated more than 400 kinds of drugs, and Part of the rare medicinal herbs to the specimen room display.Then the specimen room to increase the authenticity of herbal medicine identification exhibition, to the provincial drug dealers to collect the authenticity of drugs, said: "Jing Xi medicine two advanced, the drug has a similar authenticity, research income , Not far away Will be true and false medicinal materials to give a copy of the borrowing, and please specify the authenticity of the distinction. "(Drug sample room to seek the authenticity of drug revelation." Guangdong Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine "No. 4)

     The construction of the pharmacy has become a feature

     After the death of Lu Naitong in 1926, the drug park was managed by the lack of management. Successor principal Chen Renmei that the park for a school where the vision, and can be used as a student after school rest, so to be reorganized. Both to retain the original medicinal plants, but also new injuries, surgical materials mentioned in the herbal medicine. The garden is divided into three districts, the eastern part of the local slope, to bamboo pole and white, the cultivation of vines of the drug; the southern part of the herbaceous medicinal plants; North woody medicinal plants, "where the kind of medicine on the ground are attributed to the park"; And the use of the front door of a open field, an increase of a small garden, with a small road is divided into six cells, as a plate planted medicinal plant area, "Jufan flowers and trees can be for the drug, all planted", "where the drug plant On the plate are attributed to the park. " Through the construction, the drug park became a school scene, "one for the students in the rest of the rest of the place, the second is not barren and loss of view" ("finishing drug specimens Park Park", "Guangdong Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine" No. 4) The It is worth mentioning that the rich local herbal medicine in Guangdong, for the local doctors pay attention to, so the local herbal medicine to grow the characteristics of the park, the two parks have a small resurrection, the tip of the bee, the king of herbs and other herbs up to 263 as much.

     In 1929, the first session of Guangdong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine graduates, the school held a grand graduation ceremony, in addition to the school's library, equipment room, drug room, drug park, etc. are open exhibition, but also special city drug exhibition department, Display Chen Liji, days of the Church and other well-known manufacturers of thousands of drugs, of which only Chen Liji to provide drugs on the value of over 10,000 (Guangdong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine graduation ceremony Ji Sheng. "Xinglin Medical Monthly" 6) The

     Since then, the drug park and drug sample room has been for the school's school service. A graduate student had written praise to the school, to create the hospital and the Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now Guangdong Provincial Hospital) for the two major characteristics of his alma mater, the text said: "set the hospital for clinical, medicine park that practical. Towering school, ("Written in the Ministry of Education proposed to set up a special school of Chinese medicine, etc." "Keming Medical Journal", 1934), the United States and the United States,

     In 1938 the Japanese invaders, Guangzhou fall, the school moved to Hong Kong school, the campus was occupied by the army. In 1945, Guangzhou Guangfu, the school changed its name to Guangdong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, then, "the hall before and after the fish pond and drug garden, has become a barren." In 1949 the new president Luo Yuan Kai in the eight-point school plan proposed "to rebuild the drug plantation", by actively raising, re-established the drug sample room and drug park, until 1955 school ended.