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Big data research and development push traditional Chinese medicine innovation and development


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Big data research and development push traditional Chinese medicine innovation and development


The 2017-08-26 10:09:08

Source: China business daily


In the innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, China has taken another step forward, this time seizing the opportunity of "Internet +".

Recently, the deputy chief of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine 闫树江, said the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine is stepping up efforts to develop "about promoting health of Chinese medicine service" instructional advice on the development of the Internet, will be announced in due course. New rules on the ground, to help improve more people get feeling and experience the feeling of TCM service, truly realize the personalized, facilitation, sharing, precise, intelligent, traditional Chinese medicine health service.

It is understood that the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine will also speed up the formulation of the standard for the health of traditional Chinese medicine, and establish a scientific and practical information standard system that conforms to the characteristics and rules of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chongqing taiji industrial (group) co., LTD. Has started tai chi ageratum vital qi, liquid millions of real world research is by developing a large data to further improve the effectiveness and safety products.

The "Internet +" thinking promotes the development of traditional medicine big data

With the deepening of inheritance and innovation, TCM enterprises are gradually positioning the efficacy and safety of TCM.

Recently, the tai chi group launched the tai chi ageratum upright liquid millions of example research, real world mining large data from millions of real cases, precise delineation of the product advantages to treat diseases and appropriate crowd, make its efficacy and safety are improved further. The project by the China association of traditional Chinese medicine, institute of Chinese medicine, the Chinese medical association, Beijing Chinese medicine hospital, affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, xiking hospital, west China hospital of sichuan university, chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine, tai chi group and other units to participate in the organization and implementation.

Learned, ageratum vital qi, liquid clinical application widely throughout the country the doctor in the clinical application of continuously discover new USES and purposes, but because of the lack of large sample, multicenter evidence-based medical evidence, the treatment of disease composition, curative effect and function characteristic has not been fully reflect and explore, be badly in need of large sample evidence of evidence-based medicine, clinical doctors for more rational use of drugs to provide more evidence to support.

Team revealed that tai chi ageratum upright liquid million cases of real world research, because of the large sample sizes, the vast, the next step to distinguish specific research work will be divided, in the first place in the southwest area, and then gradually develop in other provinces and municipalities, plans to use no more than five years, completed dozens of kinds of real world tai chi ageratum upright fluid research.

By large sample, big data, many diseases, multi-dimension and multi-angle research, aims to study further defined the advantage of ageratum upright liquid treatment disease, further clear and the optimization of vital qi liquid clinical dosage, course of treatment, drug combination; To further evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the special group of children, pregnant women, lactating women, elderly and patients with liver and renal insufficiency; To evaluate the effect of the symptomatic effect of the hydrolypis. To further evaluate the safety of ageratum upright liquid for clinical doctors all over the country and consumers know more about it, the cognitive ageratum upright liquid, cold, heat has soared, prevention and treatment of pediatric heat rash, prevention and treatment of mosquito bites, prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal discomfort, such as multiple functions to provide evidence to support and the support of scientific and medical treatment.

The millions of real-world studies are significant

"The clinical application of the zhengqi has been so extensive, but it has been restricted by the manual. It's like an elephant being put into a pigsty!" Ohtsubo army military medical university hospital director of regions Yang Guohan points out, ageratum upright stems from the song dynasty's official pharmacopoeia "taiping huimin and dose of pharmacopoeia, for thousands of years of history, he found it in the clinical application of annotation in the instructions for the function of the vital qi are far from the nourish, in the wet, facilitating and used in the treatment of wet cold chill cold, heat, the stomach cold so limited, he combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory, from the perspective of the integration of medical and depth profiling of ageratum upright for everybody help vital qi, remove moisture, nourish the evil, and the stomach, which can be widely used in heat, the four cold, gastrointestinal diseases, dermatology, and other fields for external use only.

China association of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical research evaluation technology center li lei, deputy director of the research of project quality control is presented, "we set up a research center, CRO, electronic monitoring and subject specialists level 4 quality control system, adopt standard operating procedures, to ensure the quality control of clinical research and the implementation of the quality assurance system, to ensure that clinical research in the conclusion derived from the original data, to ensure that the results of the study for recognition and use of modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine evaluation research paradigm, strive for it upright fluid into the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine the advantage of proprietary Chinese medicine to treat disease clinical application guide".

State pharmacopoeia committee, tai chi group chief engineer less let qin said: "it is fluid of vital qi in traditional water agent on the basis of adjusting preparation technology, using super concentrated extraction technology, the solubilization technology and modern medicine preparation technology such as volatile oil emulsification, extracting effective components, remove alcohol, effectively avoid the traditional dosage form alcohol hot mouth and to have the disadvantages of gastrointestinal irritation, so as to achieve better and faster drug absorption, shorter work time and curative effect more significant purpose."

"With the promotion of millions of real world studies, the global marketing plan for taiji huoxiang zhengqi liquid will reach 20 billion yuan in 2027." Chongqing association of listed companies, the pharmaceutical industry association, the tai chi group chairman of the board Bai Lixi said that 2017 tai chi ageratum upright liquid single varieties will strive to achieve sales of 1.5 billion yuan, planned sales will exceed 2 billion yuan in 2018, to 2027 tai chi ageratum upright liquid will be sold all over the world at least 50 countries or regions. The 2017 plan is to complete the registration of 10 countries in southeast Asia. In 2017, Indonesia will break the sales of 20 million RMB for the first time.