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Let traditional Chinese medicine benefit the people better


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Let traditional Chinese medicine benefit the people better

2017-11-27 zhongan online - anhui daily (hefei)

"Adhering to the traditional Chinese and western medicine and inheriting the development of traditional Chinese medicine." The communist party of China (CPC) has given a clear direction to the development of traditional Chinese medicine. We have all said that we should work hard to carry out the spirit of the 19th and continue to improve the service capacity of TCM and contribute to the construction of healthy anhui province.

Deputy director of anhui provincial health and family planning commission, dong mingpei, director of the anhui provincial department of traditional Chinese medicine,

We will comprehensively improve the capacity of TCM services

Recently, the government of anhui province released the fifth batch of provincial "intangible cultural heritage" list, including 10 traditional medical projects, including xinan wang's medicine and qimen snake injury therapy. At this point, 1 traditional medical items in the province are listed on the national "intangible heritage" list, and 21 traditional medical items are listed in the provincial "intangible" directory.

"Anhui province has abundant traditional Chinese medicine resources, with 3,578 Chinese medicinal herbs, ranking 6th in the country. There are many medical families, and the writing of "north hua tuo, nan xin 'an" is a beautiful name card for anhui Chinese medicine. "The traditional Chinese medicine is mentioned, and dong mingpei, deputy director of the provincial health and family planning commission and the head of the provincial department of TCM, is a family member. In recent years, the provincial party committee, the provincial government in protecting the health of the people, and promote economic and social development of a strategic height, attach importance to and support the development of traditional Chinese medicine, perfect management system, introduced preferential policies to increase the funds investment, traditional Chinese medicine in the protection of people's health and promote further highlights the role of economic and social development.

In deepening reform, anhui province focuses on the role of traditional Chinese medicine, adheres to the pilot and key breakthroughs, and continuously improves the contribution rate of traditional Chinese medicine in economic and social development. Reform both on Chinese and western medicine, vigorously promote the construction of county hospital medical services community, led by the county hospital, combination of township hospitals and village clinics to form a close association, by dispatching technology backbone, form a technical support team and provide targeted support.

At the same time, we will deepen reform of the supply side of TCM services and meet the growing demand for TCM medical and health services. In may, anhui province was the first to open the center of folk characteristic diagnosis and treatment, to carry out beneficial exploration for the lawful practice of folk medicine. In addition, it also selects the "top ten anhui drugs" to build a brand of TCM resources with anhui characteristics. Dong Mingpei, said the next step, will adhere to people's health as the center, deepen the reform of traditional Chinese medicine, vigorously implement the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine health service engineering innovation, "four" project, the basic services of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, engineering, and improve the capacity of "ten anhui medicine" industrial demonstration base construction and so on five projects, improve service ability of traditional Chinese medicine, a much larger contribution for the health of anhui construction.

Yang civilization, the first affiliated hospital of anhui university of traditional Chinese medicine:

Making traditional Chinese medicine more "grounded"

Since the 18th CPC national congress, China has introduced a series of policies to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, our province has accelerated the development of traditional Chinese medicine, and increased the importance and support for the development of TCM.

In this "golden development period", the national traditional Chinese medicine clinical research base construction as an opportunity, the provincial hospital has achieved rapid development in recent years. In the national doctors' evaluation, three people were elected in our province, which is rare in the whole country. In the first affiliated hospital of anhui university of traditional Chinese medicine, a breakthrough has been made in national key issues, and the construction of specialized specialized diseases has been greatly developed. "In addition to realize the national major project zero breakthrough, we still have seven national key specialty, the state has given $3 million to $5 million for each specialized subject of scientific research funds to support, make it to the whole play better demonstration leading role in driving the cause of Chinese medicine." Yang civilization, the President of the first affiliated hospital of anhui university of traditional Chinese medicine.

Simple and simple incorruptibility is the characteristic advantage of traditional Chinese medicine, and the countryside is the "main battlefield" of TCM service. The hospital has also formed a medical association with more than 50 grass-roots hospitals to strengthen the support of local hospitals and make traditional Chinese medicine more "grounded". "Hospital sent a large number of experts, including edge discipline team at the stagnation point at the grass-roots level for a long time, rapidly improve the local medical level and the service ability of traditional Chinese medicine, make the people at the grass-roots level at home can enjoy the service quality of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment. "Yang said. In changfeng county, the hospital has lagged behind for many years, with bed utilization only about 50%. At the end of 2016, provincial experts entered the hospital to implement a comprehensive assistance program. Within a month, the hospital in changfeng county was a difficult one.

"These days, our hospital is launching a 'inheritance development of traditional Chinese medicine what do we do the study and implementation of 19 big spirit big discussion activity, floor up and down for the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine active advice. "Wen-ming Yang said that 19 report offered to" insist on equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine, passing on development of Chinese medicine cause ", which requires us to pass the prevention treatment practice, promote Chinese excellent culture and promote the protection of traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and utilization, improve the prevention of traditional Chinese medicine cure ability comprehensively. "We have confidence in the future development. "

Lu yongxin, a doctor in the department of the department of jade garden clinic, hefei city

The development prospect of primary Chinese medicine is brighter and brighter

On November 19, although it was the weekend, lu yongxin was busy in the doctor's office as usual, "everyone is busy at work, the more weekend, the more the people who come to our hospital! "

Lu yongxin, 53, is a man in the village of treulou, in the city's lingbiao county. After graduating from high school, he studied traditional Chinese medicine at the university of suzhou, where he has been practicing medicine since graduation. "First I started a small clinic and worked in the village health room after the implementation of the primary health care reform in 2009, until last April, I applied for a community doctor in hefei emerald garden outpatient department. "Their Chinese roots, LuYongXin recited regrets developing rapidly in recent years," a lot of countries supporting policy, social propaganda is very big, people more and more 'letter' let's traditional Chinese medicine, to find the person I see more and more! "

He specifically mentioned the new law of traditional Chinese medicine. "Most of the traditional Chinese medicine practitioners are teachers and students. It is very good for people to see a doctor, but the exam is not good, so you can't get a doctor's certificate. In the past, it is an illegal practice. "There are 17 villages in the village of cao Yang, who worked before lu yongxin. He is the same age as him, and only two people have obtained a doctor's qualification through the examination." the elder, no one has a qualification certificate. I was younger than I was, and I didn't want to do traditional Chinese medicine. After the implementation of the traditional Chinese medicine law, the eligible folk traditional Chinese medicine practitioners can obtain the certificate of TCM practitioners through practical skills assessment. "this is a great thing! It not only solves a large number of legal practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, but also attracts more and more young people to join the ranks of traditional Chinese medicine service. "

In April last year, lu yongxin applied for the clinic of jade garden in hefei's open area, and opened a medi-medical center. "Patients have grown from two or three days a day to about ten now, and community residents are beginning to recognize my diagnosis and treatment technology, which is the motivation for me to work hard. In his little room, the walls were covered with red banners from patients. The cabinet in the table is filled with a stack of traditional Chinese medicine books such as the clinical application of zhang zhongjing prescription. Now the policy is good, the propaganda of traditional Chinese medicine is much, the people's health consciousness is changed, the development prospect of basic-level Chinese medicine is more and more clear! "