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Xinhuanet: interpretation of the eight major cooperation in promoting TCM health service certification


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Xinhuanet: interpretation of the eight major cooperation in promoting TCM health service certification

The 2017-12-19 xinhua

January 18, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, signed in Beijing by state certification and accreditation "about promoting health services improve the certification system of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine of the cooperation agreement, fully implementing certification system in the areas of traditional Chinese medicine health service and the examination system, in order to improve the product quality and service level of Chinese medicine, the specification of traditional Chinese medicine health services market, improve the quality and efficiency of Chinese medical health service industry.

According to introducing, jointly by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, national certification and accreditation administration establish and improve the certification and accreditation work mechanism of cooperation between government departments, the certification work of unified planning and management of traditional Chinese medicine, to develop suitable for traditional Chinese medicine health service in the field of certification system, unified certification standards, technical standards and conformity assessment procedures, inter alia, to promote certification system implementation and results.

First, jointly promote the certification of TCM medical service. Encourage TCM medical institutions to carry out various voluntary certification activities according to their own needs, implement relevant standards and pass corresponding certification. We will improve the standard system of medical service quality management in TCM, establish a quality management system that conforms to the development direction of TCM medical services, and gradually pass the certification.

Second, common norms guide the health care service certification of TCM. Establishment and implementation of traditional Chinese medicine health care services, products, management system and certification system, through the development of standardization, specialization of third-party certification, set up Chinese medicine health care services, the credit rating system, leading service organizations implement service quality standards, using advanced quality management method, continue to enhance the level of service quality, increase the consumer satisfaction of traditional Chinese medicine health care services. We will actively promote the health products of traditional Chinese medicine and health care and tourism certification. We will strengthen government departments' efforts to adopt the certification results, provide technical support for government supervision, and standardize the market for health care services in TCM.

Third, promote the relevant certification of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the protection of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and development plan (2015-2020), "target tasks, around the project of high quality Chinese herbal medicine to develop and promote authentic Chinese herbal medicine standards, promote the authentic Chinese herbal medicine varieties and plant production base, Chinese herbal medicine production quality management standard base, to build national level demonstration zones of authentic Chinese herbal medicine certification, cultivate the Chinese herbal medicine famous brand. In accordance with the requirements of establishing the whole process traceability system of Chinese medicinal materials, the whole process traceability system certification was carried out. To establish the residue limit standard for exogenous harmful residues of Chinese medicinal materials and carry out related certification work. We will improve the quality inspection and testing system for Chinese medicinal materials, and increase the sampling supervision and inspection of the raw materials used in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine production enterprises. To promote the certification of Chinese medicinal materials in circulation service system.

Iv. Jointly carry out the medical service and product certification. Perfect the medicinal food technical standard, from the selection of medicinal food varieties, ingredients, processing and production, from requirements, equipment conditions, direct use, quality control, establish service quality management standards, make medicinal food service and product certification system, cultivate the famous medicinal food brands.

5. Jointly construct the inspection and testing technology system of TCM health service. Build a batch of high level inspection and testing service platform, enhance inspection and testing capability. Promote scientific research laboratory, key laboratory of Chinese medicine such as medical service support platform of science and technology into the national unified lab aptitude, and combined with their own characteristics, to carry out certification related activities.

6. Jointly strengthen the promotion of certification and accreditation technology. Guide of Chinese medicine health service in the field of medical institutions, research institutes, universities and colleges, enterprises and institutions, social organizations actively adopt certification system, to promote Chinese medicine departments, supervision and administration department actively pursue certification as a result, promote the popularization of certification and accreditation in traditional Chinese medicine health service field development.

Vii. Jointly carry out cooperation in production and research. The organization belongs to medical institutions, research institutes, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions in the universal key technology research and development, the joint declaration, the implementation of the national science and technology projects, carry out technical training, promote technical service and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

We will jointly implement the strategic deployment of One Belt And One Road, strengthen international exchanges on the certification of TCM health services, promote international trade in related products and services, and promote Chinese medicine to go out.