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Shandong shangbao: flu season arrives! The latest Chinese medicine prevention programme is released


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Shandong shangbao: flu season arrives! The latest Chinese medicine prevention programme is released

January 04, 2018 shandong business daily

It is believed that many parents have already seen the flu that has been around since October last year. As a viral acute respiratory infectious disease which is harmful to human health in autumn and winter, jinan has entered the epidemic period.

According to the introduction, this flu compared with previous years, the popular time has earlier; The virus is mainly influenza b virus; The cluster outbreak presents primary and secondary schools and childcare facilities.

The incubation period of this influenza is usually 1-7 days, usually 1-3 days. Symptoms include fever, bad cold, cough, sore throat, cough, sore throat, headache, fatigue, etc. Some cases also have diarrhea or vomiting. About 10% of the cases are not febrile.

This flu is mainly young children, the children's lungs are delicate, easy to dye evil, and the disease is spread through fast, easy to pick up phlegm clamps, the hot poison is hot. Children can be anorexic, high-heat people can be surprised. The signs include pharyngeal hyperemia and enlarged tonsils. Some patients can rapid progress, ferocious, sudden high fever, temperature more than 39 ℃, evil defect pericardium, wu Yin, wu Yang, even appear JueTuo lead to death.

Traditional Chinese medicine for the cause, because of the land, because of people

The three stages of disease are different

To prevent flu spread further, to do a good job of prevention and control of influenza, giving full play to the advantages of characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, jinan health and family planning commission and jinan administration of traditional Chinese medicine according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and position in time, they intend to make the Chinese medicine control schemes and solutions.

According to the introduction, the disease of the early evil heat of the guard, is a form of heat evidence, and then the heat poison attack lung, and can burn the gas camp, later evil withdrawal is false, the loss of qi Yin. According to the different stages of the disease, the method of clearing the air, detoxifying the lungs, clearing the air and keeping the air and nourishing the Yin and nourishing the Yin and the air.

Certificate classification:

Hot wind make who

Symptoms: febrile or unfebrile, sore throat, weak creatine, or cough, pale red, thin or thin, veal number.

Rule: the wind is clear and hot

Reference: 18g of honeysuckle, 15g of forsythia, 9g of bamboo leaves, 6g of bamboo leaves, 6g of peppermint, 6g of orange stalk, 9g of burdock, 18g of reed root, 9g of Fried almonds, and 6g of licorice.

Hot poison attack the lungs

Symptoms: fever, cough frequency play, sputum viscous or yellow or have hematic silk, throat swollen pain, thirst, eye, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain diarrhea, tongue red or purple, moss yellow or greasy, pulse number.

The cure: clear lung detoxification

Reference formulae: grilled sesame yellow 9g, Fried almond 9g, orange peduncle 12g, front hu 12g, white front 12g, gypsum 30g, scutellaria 12g, golden silver flower 30g, zhe bei 12g, gongying 30g, sand ginseng 12g, raw licorice 6g.

Two burnt gas camp

Symptoms: strong heat, cough, chest tightness or chest pain and pain, restlessness, even god's fainting speech, thirst to drink, qi chi, dry, tongue red, moss yellow, pulse count.

Rule: clear air and cool camp

Reference formula: water buffalo horn 24g (Fried), xuan shen 12g, shengli 15g, wheat winter 12g, honeysuckle 30g, forsythia 15g, yellow lian 9g, gardenia 12g, red paeonia 9g, danshen 12g, trichosante 18g, raw licorice 6g.

Is virtual evil back

Symptoms: tiredness, dry mouth, sweat, poor appetite, little tongue red moss, thin veins.

Cure: nourishing Yin, invigorating the spleen and stomach

Reference: 15g of the party, 15g of astragalus, 12g of the crown prince, 12g of wheat, 6g of MSG, 12g for poria, 12g for white art, 9g for sand kernel, 6g of licorice root, 3 pieces of ginger root, 3 pieces of jujube.