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Will Chinese hospitals be limited in proportion to the use of traditional Chinese medicine or backward?


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Will Chinese hospitals be limited in proportion to the use of traditional Chinese medicine or backward?

The 2018-01-09 world health

On January 3, who in shandong province development planning commission issued "about further maintain and promote the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine play a special advantage of traditional Chinese medicine notice (hereinafter referred to as the" notice "), specific requirements of traditional Chinese medicine prescription is no less than 60%, adopts the technology of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of no less than 10%.

In the fierce market competition, the TCM characteristics of Chinese hospitals have been diluted, and some Chinese medicine practitioners even have some treatment methods of western medicine, which is obviously not a normal way.

Caesar's to Caesar, and god to god. Push forward the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

Western medicine is encouraged from "west" and "middle".

The notice encourages western medical personnel to study traditional Chinese medicine. After training and examination, they should actively provide TCM services in clinical work.

Encouraging "western learning" is not new. In July 2017, the general office of the state council issued a letter asking for the establishment of a system to improve traditional Chinese medicine and encourage western medicine to quit and study traditional Chinese medicine.

Many people don't understand, why western medicine? Writing to this, the People's Daily said that in the current medical system and education mode, the Chinese medicine must master the knowledge, but don't have to master the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine result in many western medicine on the clinical, TCM knowledge a blank.

Some experts pointed out: "modern TCM education has turned students into semi-finished products of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and has trained a number of gravediggers in traditional Chinese medicine."

According to statistics, 70% of the traditional Chinese medicine is prescribed by western medicine, but most western medicine does not understand the medicinal properties. Western medicine learning Chinese medicine, at least can not make common sense mistake in the course of diagnosis and treatment.

A number of medical professionals have supported the implementation of the "western medicine TCM" system, and medical staff have different opinions on this issue.

"As a western doctor, would you like to leave your job to learn traditional Chinese medicine?" So far, 291 netizens have voted. Of these, 64.3 percent said they would only study western medicine, 19.6 percent were willing to try Chinese medicine, while 16.2 percent were neutral.

We should strengthen the prescription proportion of TCM characteristics.

We have learned, at present in order to increase the medical income, reduce the pressure of survival, the special advantage of traditional Chinese medicine of TCM hospital gradually fade, western medicine, interventional therapy even kidney transplant have appeared in the large and small hospital. For the healthy development of traditional Chinese medicine, the ministry of health is also "well-intentioned" -- the proportion of prescription of traditional Chinese medicine.

"Notice" a clear demand the outpatient prescription (yinpian, proprietary Chinese medicine, hospital preparation) outpatient prescription number occupies the proportion of no less than 60% of total number of prescription (combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital of no less than 40%), the number of clinical Chinese medicine yinpian prescription for outpatient service not less than 30% the proportion of the total number of prescription (combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital of no less than 20%).

Due to the low cost of TCM diagnosis and treatment technology, the fee and the value cannot be equal, a large number of Chinese hospitals have to abandon "zhong" to "west", and the diagnosis and treatment are almost no different from western hospitals. In order to change that, the health community has learned that provincial governments are prescribing traditional Chinese medicine in their prescriptions in 2011. At the same time, the national health and family planning commission has also made relevant regulations on TCM clinics in 2017, requiring that the treatment rate of traditional Chinese medicine clinics should reach 100%.

"Strict control of the proportion of western medicine in Chinese hospitals prevents traditional Chinese medicine from being gradually assimilated by western medicine. Qin yongfang, who has been in hospital financial management for more than 30 years, said that traditional Chinese medicine can only prescribe Chinese medicine, but it forced the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine to seriously study difficult problems.

In the Chinese medical system, traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine are like wings of a bird. According to the People's Daily, the biggest challenge facing traditional Chinese medicine is not development but survival, relative to western medicine.

A variety of good support traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.

No one will deny that China attaches great importance to the development of TCM. In order to make traditional Chinese medicine as the main means, China has been promoting the use of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine.

According to the fourth edition of the health care directory released by the ministry of human resources, the number of Chinese medicines reached 1,238, accounting for 49% of the total. At the same time, as of the end of September, all public hospitals across the country had cancelled the addition of medicines, but Chinese herbal medicines were allowed to retain the addition.

"Chinese herbal medicine has been retained in addition to health care benefits, both in terms of supporting TCM development and in the interests of hospitals." "Said qin.

Although traditional Chinese medicine is ancient, its concept is not backward.

Today, the "Chinese prescription" is being learned from developed countries such as Europe and the us, and TCM has spread to 183 countries and regions around the world. As Chinese, we should inherit and carry forward the precious medical legacy.

Chinese academy of engineering dai-ming fan has said that in the world in the field of medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has developed into the only can be on a par with modern medicine's second big systems of medicine, Chinese medicine and modern medicine is bound to become the era of development and integration of medical major contributors.