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To xizhimen south street, xicheng district building to the British garden route

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Take the airport shuttle from the airport, the dongzhimen station transfer to metro line 2 to xizhimen direction and get off at xizhimen station, from C outbound, go straight to the east 100 meters on the right side to xizhimen south street, north to walk to the t-junction namely to the British garden 1 floor downstairs.

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2017 Beijing traditional Chinese medicine knowledge: look at the content of moss


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2017 Beijing traditional Chinese medicine knowledge: look at the content of moss

2018-01-09 Beijing personnel examination information

Normal tongue coating is caused by the steaming of the stomach, and the change of the tongue coating can reflect the ups and downs of the stomach qi. The formation of histological coating was caused by the increase of turbidity in the stomach qi and food. One is the rise of evil spirits. We should pay attention to the changes of moss and moss. Let's focus on the moss.

It includes the thickness, dryness, roughness, decay, peeling, rootlessness and so on.

Thickness: the thickness of the tongue is mainly reflected in the rise and fall of evil spirits and the depth of evil spirit. The thickness of the tongue is standard with "bottom" and "bottom". Through the tongue, the tongue is seen to be the base of the tongue. From the stomach qi, it is a normal tongue coating, the disease is seen, mostly the disease is the beginning or the disease evil is in the watch, the disease is relatively light. You can't see the surface of your tongue through your tongue. The disease is more serious, or the gastrointestinal product is stagnant, the disease is more serious.

Rundown: the moist and dry mouth of the tongue mainly reflects the loss and loss of the fluid. Tongue moist, dry wet moderate, is moistening. Indicates that the fluid is not injured; If there is too much water, the water will be wet and slippery, and even the saliva will be dripping, for the moss. It is a reflection of wet and cold, often seen in Yang deficiency and phlegm drinking water. If you look at it dry. It is a dry moss that cannot be borne by the fluid. It can be found in hot sheng, Yin fluid deficiency, Yang deficiency water, dry qi, lung, etc.

Rot: the main phlegm, the food product; Abscess. Moss thick and coarse grain loose, shape like bean curd to accumulate the tongue surface, wipe can go to, called "rotten moss". Because the body Yang heat is abundant, transpiration stomach of the stale air is pan, common in phlegm, food, and have the stomach and intestine heat syndrome. Moss fine particle density, wipe not to go, not to take off of scraping, mask on a layer of different shape of be bored with mucous, known as "greasy moss" lost more trapped spleen health, be born inside wet chaotic, sun be the spirit inhibition caused by yinxu, see more at phlegm retention, wet muddy stop, etc.

Peeling: the main stomach qi deficiency, stomach Yin injury, or qi and blood deficiency. The patient's tongue was covered with moss, and all of a sudden, all or part of it was stripped off. If the whole thing is stripped off, no new moss will be made, and the mirror will be smooth and smooth. It is caused by the exhaustion of the stomach Yin, the big injury of the stomach, and the lack of hair. No matter what color, all belong to the stomach qi will be absolutely critical. If the tongue coating is not complete, the skin is smooth, and the remaining part of the tongue mossy, it is said that the flowers peel moss, is the stomach qi Yin two injuries.

There is a moss and no moss: no matter the thickness of the moss, if the tongue is close to the tongue, it is like to be born from the tongue is to have a root moss, and to call the real moss; If the moss is not really, like floating on the tongue, the scraping is to go, not like the tongue of the birth, called the rootless moss, also called false moss. There is a root of disease, but the stomach is not weak. There is no moss for the stomach.

To observe the thickness of the coating of the tongue; The coating of the tongue is dry and dry, the profit and loss of tianjin liquid; The coating of the tongue is greasy, we can see the wet turbidity, etc. The peeling of the tongue and the roots and rootlessness of the tongue can be seen from the ebb and flow of the gas and the development of the disease.