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To construct the overseas communication discourse system of TCM culture


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To construct the overseas communication discourse system of TCM culture

Jan. 09, 2018 China social science network - China social science newspaper

As the white paper on "China's traditional Chinese medicine", "cultural construction" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning "of traditional Chinese medicine", China's first "method of traditional Chinese medicine" and "on strengthening the construction of the area along the" soft power guidance "of releasing, the career development of TCM in China ushered in the golden age like never before. Dissemination of culture of Chinese medicine to the international community is to show the unique charm of Chinese culture, the important way to improve the international voice, about the intrinsic value of the world Chinese culture identity, and with the aid of the specific implementation of "area" initiative, along the China and countries to conduct exchanges and cooperation in the field of prospect of traditional Chinese medicine.

The language barrier is the international communication bottleneck.

In the process of overseas communication of Chinese medicine culture, language, especially translation, has become the biggest obstacle. On the one hand, the traditional Chinese culture theory is rooted in Chinese traditional culture, which is profound and profound and difficult to translate. On the other hand, there are many differences between Chinese and western cultures, and there are many differences between Chinese traditional medicine and western medicine. The cognitive habits of foreign people are difficult to connect with the expression of TCM theory. According to the state administration of TCM, TCM technology application spread quickly in the world at present, there are more than 160 countries and regions around application of traditional Chinese medicine, but mainly limited to acupuncture and massage, more cultural knowledge is far from ideal communication effect of traditional Chinese medicine, the international influence of TCM culture and the Chinese medicine itself, compared to the connotation and the thickness of the world. The shortage of relevant translators, especially high-end translation talents, is the biggest bottleneck restricting the international communication of TCM culture. The overseas dissemination of Chinese culture requires scientific translation theory to guide. The translation theory of science requires us to transform translation strategies, which should reflect both Chinese cultural characteristics and comprehension obstacles to readers. It is necessary to combine the foreignization and domestication elements in translation to enhance the degree of alienation, which will arouse the interest of foreign readers in Chinese culture and promote the understanding of Chinese culture.

Construct the discourse system that integrates the Chinese and foreign countries.

Comrade xi jinping proposed in the party's nineteenth report that we should strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. We will promote the development of international communication capacity, tell the story of China, and present a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China to enhance the soft power of the country's culture. The overseas communication discourse system of Chinese medicine culture should also follow this principle. Is given priority to with me, eclectic, is the specific cultural confidence and cultural consciousness, for the construction of Chinese say the psychological foundation, the political basis and practice basis, pointed out the direction of more foreign communication discourse system construction in China, help to improve China's international voice and global governance ability, help to promote the implementation of the "area" initiative and build community of human destiny.

First, we should adopt the translation strategy of "emphasizing sovereignty by myself". To do well in the translation of basic terms and books of traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to have Chinese characteristics and to connect with the western-dominated international discourse system. Translation strategies should be combined with cultural confidence and cultural consciousness, expand the alienation of translating methods of translation, words to express Chinese culture characteristics, to show Chinese thought, and contribution to the Chinese wisdom. Simply put, culture, ideas and ideas are mine, of course the right of interpretation should be in me, and the right of translation should be in me.

Second, we should attach importance to sino-foreign cooperation. Chinese and western translation has its unique role and value. The translation of the 19 major documents of the communist party of China (CPC) was first adopted in the chinese-foreign cooperation translation model, which was unanimously recognized at home and abroad. In front of the huge cultural differences divide, TCM terms and classics translation should be the pursuit of the effectiveness of the transmission and receiving effect, when outside translation is given priority to with Chinese translators, the addition of foreign translators are also indispensable. However, even if overseas translators can play an important role in the translation process of TCM culture, in the long run, local translators should be the main force of translation. Because western translators affected by "native cultural center doctrine", mostly adopt domestication translation strategies to cater to the target language readers, in the process of translation can appear inevitable distortion, mistranslation phenomenon of Chinese culture. Chinese translators themselves have a high degree of national cultural awareness and cultural confidence, which is often based on loyalty and more in line with the long-term needs of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine culture. Only in this way can the translation of Chinese medicine culture be able to meet the national conditions of China and connect with the western discourse system so as to truly realize the construction of the discourse system of Chinese and foreign languages.

Accelerate the supply of "global public goods".

At present, traditional Chinese medicine culture spread abroad, across different cultures, languages, and discourse system, to realize in the process of "going out" "walk in", into each other's discourse system and cultural system, and it is also spread Chinese culture abroad should pursue. Between Ming dynasty and early qing history matrixay, jesuits in China to introduce European brilliant glorious Chinese culture, to provide the enlightenment thought material, its contribution is not only promote the spread of the Chinese civilization in the west, a number of European influence contemporary thinkers and scientists, deepen adjustment between the system and cultural tradition between China and western countries and the fusion; Moreover, in the process of seeking commonality and complementarity between eastern and western cultures, the mutual absorption and imitation of the political and cultural systems of the two sides are promoted, which can provide reference and reference for the development of European national culture. This is still a reference and reference for the international communication of Chinese culture and cultural exchanges at home and abroad.

Furthermore, the international spread of Chinese medicine culture is conducive to the cultural confidence, cultural consciousness and cultural security of the Chinese nation. Leaders in China a lot of diplomatic occasions, citing Chinese classics and Chinese medicine concept for the global economy "listening, asking," is intended to inform the world, traditional Chinese medicine of the "five elements of Yin and Yang", "nature and humanity", "the doctrine of the mean harmony" ideas such as can provide reference for mankind know the world, the civilization conflict, but also for the world economy to find, high and crisis "lesion" suit the remedy to the case, and good governance of the world economy, let the world know China is a act as a responsible big country, China's development is for the world peace efforts. This is to innovate global governance with the wisdom of China, the Chinese thought and the Chinese plan, and provide the world with the essential essence of "global public goods". "Multinational public product providers" will be a new label for China's soft power, which reflects China's diplomatic concept of taking on more international responsibilities and meeting the needs of China's new stage of development. The international spread of Chinese medicine culture can be achieved in this process.