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How does traditional Chinese medicine treat glaucoma everyday such care is also very important


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How does traditional Chinese medicine treat glaucoma everyday such care is also very important

January 10, 2018 family doctor online

Glaucoma is a very stubborn eye disease. I don't know how much you know about eye diseases like glaucoma. In fact, glaucoma is a kind of disease in ophthalmology, so it is necessary for you to have a good understanding of it, especially for the treatment of glaucoma.

Chinese medicine treatment of glaucoma.

The cure lies in the liver. In the acute phase of the attack, the method of clearing heat, discharging fire, ping liver, extinguishing the wind, regulating qi, lowering the body and drinking water, etc., should be regarded as the pulse syndrome, or a single method, or a number of laws, not the one end. As soon as the disease is delayed, the liver and kidney should be cured.

1. The liver is solid and hot.

Treatment: clear heat and diarrhea, flat liver extinguish.

Recipe: the green wind antelope drink (" the medical practice gold jian ") add and subtract. Antelope horn powder 0.5-1g (wash suit), xuanshen 15g, scutellum 9g, zhimu 9g, plantain seed 15g, poria cocos 15g, rhubarb 10g, orange pedunculus 10g, thin xin 3g, anti-wind 3g. If it is hot, add gentian and hook vine to strengthen the force of the liver quenching. Vomit even, add bamboo eggplant, method half summer, tianzhu yellow, in order to reduce adverse to vomit.

2. Liver depression.

Cure: dredge the liver to clear heat, reduce reverse and stomach.

Recipe: dun masts loose and the left gold pills add and minus. Chaihu 9g, angelica 15g, paeoniae 15g, poria 10g, white shu 10g, licorice 6g, mint 6g, ginger 10g, danpi 9g, mag 9g, huang lian10g, wu zhuyu 3g. It is more than that, with fragrant, green and golden bells; The eye pain is very red and red is more than the drama, add the stone deciphering, the grass deciduous, summer dead grass; Retweeted the more dramatic, with the recluse, the ocher to enhance the anti-nausea.

3. Hyperactive liver.

Treatment: nourishing Yin qianyang; The liver is out of the wind.

Formula: antelope hook vine soup (" popular cold ") plus or minus. Antelope horn powder 1.5g (chong), hook rattan 12g, mulberry leaf 9g, chrysanthemum 12g, raw and ripe each 24g, white paeonia 30g, sichuan beimu 6g, fu shen 12g, the bamboo ru 15g, huai-genu 25g, the raw stone determined 20g. If the Yin is obvious, add the female zhen son, fructus schisandra, dogwood; The fire eater, plus the mother, the amber, the summer grass: the restless, gardenias; Raw oysters, Fried jujube kernel.

Glaucoma attention matters.

Don't stay in the dark.

Glaucoma patients should avoid watching movies and TV in dark rooms for long periods of time. At night, you should read and write under the bright light, because in the dim environment, the pupils will expand and the pressure will increase. When watching TV, should open a small light inside the room, make indoor not too dark, and the viewing time should not be too long, in order to prevent because of dim environment to induce glaucoma attack.

2. Appropriate hot water bath protects the optic nerve.

Hot water bath can be considered as a kind of warm - hot treatment. When stimulated by high temperature, the central nervous system can mobilize the body's self-protection mechanism to induce the production of protective proteins such as heat shock protein. These proteins have the effect of activating the body's immune system and protecting damaged nerve cells. It is worth noting that glaucoma patients should be comfortable with the standard of feeling comfortable.

3. Use traditional Chinese medicine to improve blood circulation.

Traditional Chinese medicine has special efficacy in treating glaucoma. The disturbance of peripheral microcirculation caused by the increase of intraocular pressure is one of the causes of optic nerve damage in glaucoma. Salvia miltiorrhiza and astragalus membranaceus, puerarin, etc of traditional Chinese medicine has a lower blood viscosity, improve local microcirculation, increase the optic nerve blood supply, so as to protect the optic nerve function, the effect of the mid and late glaucoma patients may have certain curative effect.