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To xizhimen south street, xicheng district building to the British garden route

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Take the airport shuttle from the airport, the dongzhimen station transfer to metro line 2 to xizhimen direction and get off at xizhimen station, from C outbound, go straight to the east 100 meters on the right side to xizhimen south street, north to walk to the t-junction namely to the British garden 1 floor downstairs.

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From the capital airport take airport bus to xidan, get off at no.22, take a taxi to xizhimen south street English garden 1 floor.

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Lanzhou should build a leading area for innovation and development of the national TCM industry


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Lanzhou should build a leading area for innovation and development of the national TCM industry

January 13, 2018 lanzhou evening news

The general office of gansu province issued the notice on supporting the development policy measures for the industrial development of the long drug industry (hereinafter referred to as the notice). According to the notice, lanzhou city should formulate specific measures to first try, support the construction of the park and the implementation of the project, and create a leading area for innovation and development of the national traditional Chinese medicine industry.

"Notice" pointed out that the support of lanzhou high-tech development zone industrial innovation research and development of traditional Chinese medicine incubation park, new district in lanzhou deep processing of modern Chinese medicine industry park, west gansu circular economy industrial park, nutrient-laden source industrial park of Chinese medicine Chinese traditional medicine industrial park construction. Implementation of accurate investment promotion, strengthen the leading projects and the missing link in the industry of investment promotion and capital introduction, and the project introduction, enterprise of haidi new part three to five years of tax to support the development of the enterprise and the public technology service platform construction. Lanzhou city, dingxi city, according to "a garden a strategy", "one enterprise with one policy", "one project one discussion", formulate specific measures first try first, supporting the construction of the park and project ground, build national industry innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine area.

Through the combination, merger, participation, holding and other forms, the key support 3 -- 5 radiation-driven ability, annual main business income of 30 -- 5 billion yuan of leading enterprise group. Form of the medicine industry group (to state-owned pharmaceutical enterprises in the province listed companies as a platform, state-owned investment companies to participate in, select varieties, market development potential of the Chinese traditional medicine enterprises, such as merger, acquisition and reorganization, increase endowment spread, directional issuance, integration and restructuring of diversified ownership mixed ownership enterprise group, the government leading industrial investment fund support in accordance with the law.

Support the construction of innovation platform of science and technology, relying on lanzhou university, lanzhou, gansu university of traditional Chinese medicine by the compound of Chinese academy of sciences, school of medicine in gansu and other scientific research institutes, joint key leading enterprise to establish a new drug r&d public service platform. Is the new recognition of the engaged in gansu medicine research and development, relying on the enterprises to establish a national project in gansu province (technology) research center, national key laboratories, state-level enterprise technology center one-time subsidies of 3 million yuan, the new recognition of the engineering (technology) research center at the provincial level, provincial enterprise technology center, provincial key laboratory of disposable subsidies of 500000 yuan. A one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan for the newly identified state-level technology innovation demonstration enterprises and one-time subsidies of 500,000 yuan for provincial technological innovation demonstration enterprises.

We will accelerate the development of traditional Chinese medicine seed seedling breeding base and standardized planting base, production base for subsidies of 2000 yuan per acre, seedling breeding base subsidies of 1600 yuan per acre, standardization planting base subsidies of 400 yuan per mu. Support the breeding of Chinese medicinal materials into the national crop variety breeding and promotion plan, and support the breeding of new varieties. The main varieties such as angelica, dangshen and astragalus are included in the primary processing support range of agricultural products. We will promote the mechanization and harvest processing of Chinese medicinal materials, and include the general agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery and tools needed for planting.

Varieties of annual sales revenue of 50 million yuan of above, the implementation of "one policy" orientation precision, again from process improvement, quality standard, clinical evaluation, industrial upgrading technical renovation, brand marketing, and other key aspects of support, strive to cultivate 2-3 single varieties of annual sales revenue reached 1 billion yuan, 5-8 single varieties of annual sales revenue reached 500 million yuan of above two medicine big variety. 2-3 years of support for fixed asset investment in enterprise technology upgrading and new product industrialization project. A one-time subsidy of 500,000 yuan will be given to the state-certified model enterprises.