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What about old people insomnia? Ways to improve insomnia.


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What about old people insomnia? Ways to improve insomnia.
Source: family doctor online.

After age, people can easily suffer from insomnia, how can this be done? It is important to know that good quality sleep is important to us, and that long-term insomnia can affect our health. Here, I'd like to introduce you to the improvement of the types of insomnia in the elderly.
The type of insomnia in the elderly.
Lack of gas. These people often sleep uneasily, sleep all night, and have nightmares, daytime lethargy, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and anxiety. In the treatment, mainly with the benefit of nourishing the blood and tranquilization, can take the tranquilizing pill, the sanson yangxin capsule, and so on, and eat more blood, such as jujube, glue and so on.
Liver depression type. Clinical symptoms include difficulty in falling asleep, lying in bed at night, sleepless in bed, depression in the day, pain in the chest, pain, abdominal distension, and belching. This kind of person is in the treatment mainly is to dredge the liver to relieve the god, must also pay attention to raise the spirit, eliminate the worry and the nervous mood.
There is blood in the camp. This type of person shows early awakenings, after waking, and then drowsy until morning, often accompanied by a dry mouth, a fever, a cheekiness, a night of acne, or a tremor. The principle of treatment is to clear the blood. Can massage the inner close, the god door, the four god cong, the back stream and so on acupuncture point.
Spleen and stomach loss and type. Sleep in the night is not stable, when sleep, wake up, many dreams, at the same time feel greasy, mouth, have anorexia, stomach discomfort, fecal unformed. The treatment principle is mainly with the stomach and spleen.
Heart liver fire type. This kind of person often stays awake all night, and see head bilge, eyeball, mouth dry bitterness, upset easily, defecate dry knot, urine red red. The principle of treatment is to relieve the heat and relieve the fire. In summary, shi Ming pointed out that the treatment of insomnia should pay attention to the treatment of syndrome differentiation, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and food therapy.
Next, introduce how to adjust old people insomnia.
Old people improve their sleeping habits.
Time doesn't mean quality. As you get older, you get less sleep, which is quite normal. Your old friend's metabolism slows down, so it's not necessary to spend so much time sleeping. Young people may have to sleep for eight hours before they have the spirit, but the old man only needs five or six hours. Less time doesn't mean less quality. As long as you have a good mental outlook the next day, you don't have to worry about having too little sleep the day before.
Create a proper sleep environment. A lot of the old at the time of sleep, especially easy to wake up, wake up after found again want to sleep is difficult, it is recommended that selecting a bedroom to select side room far away from downtown, droplight including desk lamp in the room were to choose light color soft light bulbs, avoid light dazzling abruptly when turn on the light. You can also wear a blindfold while sleeping so you don't have to worry about being disturbed by the light.
Exercise appropriately. Proper exercise, it is very helpful for strengthening the sleep, don't eat all day, look at the newspaper, and then wait to sleep, should keep a dynamic state of life, if can have some moderate intensity activity during the day, such as taijiquan, can improve the condition of trouble falling asleep. But it is not appropriate to have exercise before going to bed, which can make the nerve excited and affect the quality of sleep.
Watch what you eat before bed. After people into old age, the various organs of the body function, digestive system is also a big than before, so attention should be paid to arrange in diet, don't eat the food of some easy to increase the burden of intestines and stomach, such as high fat, high protein diet. Lying on the bed will feel the chest fullness discomfort, even dull pain. Therefore, you should have a light diet, such as vegetables, and go to bed at least two hours after dinner. Like strong tea, wine, chocolate and other excitatory nerve food should avoid food, can drink a glass of warm milk, a little honey effect is very good.
Old people improve insomnia diet.
Sour jujube kernel soup: three COINS of sour jujube, water decoction, one hour before bed every night. Jujube seed can inhibit the central nervous system and have a constant sedation effect. There is good effect on the restlessness or palpitations caused by blood deficiency.
Anshen soup: lily has a clear mind, tranquilizing and calming effect. Steam the raw lily 5 money, add an egg yolk, stir in 200ml water, add a little rock sugar, boil and stir in 50ml water, and drink one hour before going to bed.
Sanwei sleeping soup: three money, wheat winter, yuanzhi each money, 500ml water, 50ml before bed. All of the above three herbs have the effect of tranquilizing the mind, mixing with hypnotic effect.
The above treatment of insomnia for the elderly is only for reference.