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The breakthrough of traditional Chinese medicine helicobacter pylori treatment

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association
The breakthrough of traditional Chinese medicine helicobacter pylori treatment bottlenecks
Time: 2018-04-02
Source: China to quote 2 version of traditional Chinese medicine

Author: zhang sven

\"My stomach made several times a year, dare not eat also nausea and retching, hospital of helicobacter pylori infection, and treatment, medicine, no less a eat those pills felt pain worse.\" Liu in Beijing recently, haunted by the h. pylori infection, in order to in the eradication of h. pylori she tried to quadruple therapy, but a eat the doctor prescribed antibiotics to feel more serious pain in my stomach, a year down treatment to little effect. Lau to get opened the helicobacter pylori ZhuanBing outpatient hospital of Peking University, the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and western medicine of xue-zhi zhang is good at combining Chinese and western medicine treatment of helicobacter pylori infection, then came to the doctor interrogation.
\"In the clinical, the repeatability of helicobacter pylori infection of the stomach disease is not uncommon.\" Xue-zhi zhang said that now rely on antibiotics treatment of helicobacter pylori infection for many patients with recurrent infection has been compromised. Xue-zhi zhang team is dedicated to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of helicobacter pylori infection, let helicobacter pylori infection have more personalized solutions.
Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine to improve rate of helicobacter pylori eradication
Helicobacter pylori is rooted in a kind of bacteria in the human gastric mucosa, and stomach cancer Ⅰ carcinogens, usually by common bowl chopsticks, impurity and diet way to complete the \"migration\". Xue-zhi zhang said, at present our country of helicobacter pylori infection rate was 56.22%, that is to say, our country has nearly 800 million people are infected with h. pylori.
The most common clinical helicobacter pylori treatment as \"proton pump inhibitors PPI plus two antibiotics\" give priority to the triple or \"proton pump inhibitors PPI + two antibiotics + bismuth agent\" quadruple therapy.
With the wide use of antibiotics, the drug-resistant problem has become the main factors of helicobacter pylori eradication failure, looking for a safe and effective antibiotic drugs become at present the medical profession in the direction of the eradication of helicobacter pylori. Xue-zhi zhang put forward developing the special advantage of TCM in the early cure helicobacter pylori infection, repair and maintenance treatment of new ideas and helicobacter pylori eradication rates are increased obviously, especially suitable for body situation unbearable antibiotic treatment in patients and supporting by traditional Chinese medicine combined with changes in their own immunity self-healing opportunity to adolescent patients.
Xue-zhi zhang believes that h. pylori infectious disease pathogenesis for evil poison within the invasion, and vital qi, qi activity lifting disorder. Is different from the modeling of antibiotic combination therapy, xue-zhi zhang pay more attention to in the diagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection in pathogenesis, four diagnostic reference, combining Chinese and western cultures, and foster the juggle, internal and external development, by treats people, using standard triple therapy combined disease use traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine disease combined with syndrome differentiation and treatment, the disease with Chinese medicine treatment by stages such as traditional Chinese medicine treatment, fruitful.
Evidence-based medicine pain little tongue emphasis on individuals
\"A lot of people to the clinic to see a doctor and the doctor said with a sigh at the grass-roots level, the doctor will look at the tongue coating, once found to be yellow greasy moss, the in the mind to several, tone mostly helicobacter pylori infection, will suggest the patient do helicobacter pylori detection.\" Xue-zhi zhang said. Outside the tongue in the five zang-organs, main and collateral channels, especially for diseases of the spleen and stomach system, patients Bai Hou greasy coating on the tongue, yellow greasy, helicobacter pylori infection, and clinical confirmed 80% of such patients for helicobacter pylori infection. In addition, the clinical tongue red, moss thin yellow and helicobacter pylori infection in patients with high-risk groups.
Had a 69 - year - old patient repeatedly upset stomach for two months to xue-zhi zhang clinic to see doctors, the carbon 13 breath test is positive, xue-zhi zhang judgment as dampness heat resistance have a stomach ache, offered clear heat, wet, facilitating taking away bulge pain prescription with antibiotics, patients taking 2 days later appeared serious symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and stop the antibiotics to new treatments. 10 days after the patient discomfort, xue-zhi zhang and frail elderly patients, deficiency of vital qi, spleen and stomach weak situation, adjust the treatment method for spleen and replenishing qi and stomach, gradually to let patients get rid of the pain.
Said to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of helicobacter pylori, a lot of people think is clear heat, wet, detoxification, although after a series of process that curative effect is good, but there are certain limitations. Xue-zhi zhang introduces, clinical use of way of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of helicobacter pylori in view of the frail elderly, for them, the spleen yiqi centralizer as the therapeutic principle, the body's vital qi is sufficient, out evil spirits, damp and hot and muggy evil poison away after, to yiqi centralizer, prevent another helicobacter pylori infection. In addition, the centralizer at the same time, to prevent evil, should with the overall concept, evidence-based medicine to guide drug use.
Continuous research to explore in the nationwide promotion
In September 2012 to November 2013, xue-zhi zhang team to participate in chenopodium, water sees as the main component of proprietary Chinese medicine combined triple therapy treatment of helicobacter pylori infection in patients with chronic gastritis treated first compared with the standard of quadruple therapy research, statistical data to prove that the method and standard of quadruple therapy effect.
In recent years, xue-zhi zhang and his team from cover tl hospital of Peking University, led by professor of medical quality resources to improve the exploration of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of helicobacter pylori, successively including national, Beijing natural fund and so on many basic and clinical research projects, responsible for the health development in the capital in 2018 key research topic of Chinese and western medicine combined with the clinical research of refractory helicobacter pylori infection, TCM characteristic project 2017 capital of atrophic gastritis after eradication of helicobacter pylori infection in clinical research, etc., for treatment of helicobacter pylori infection and traditional Chinese medicine combined disease JingHua stomach kang capsule treatment of helicobacter pylori infection and so on a number of studies and make a breakthrough.

This weekend is supposed to be an office worker most looking forward to the rest of time, but for xue-zhi zhang team is more busy over the weekend, they often want to go to different areas, communicate with the local doctors combine traditional Chinese and western medicine in the treatment of helicobacter pylori in recent progress. At present, the method of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of helicobacter pylori related departments are widely used in Peking University hospital, not only throughout the country and gradually popularized. (zhang sven)

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