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Get rid of the internal humidity, health through the secondary spring


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Get rid of the internal humidity, health through the secondary spring

Yangcheng evening news

It was the worst season of the year. The warm and humid, air pressure is low, sometimes feel the weather is hot, a lot of people feel whole body weak acid trapped, lethargy, poor appetite, abdominal distension, leading greasy, defecate oily not money "in the whole well". According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body's humidity and humidity, especially those of the spleen deficiency, should be kept in time from the inside and outside of the spleen.

People with spleen deficiency are more likely to be wet.

Guangdong spring is characterized by low pressure and heavy humidity. Regions, deputy director of the first people's hospital of guangzhou nansha hospital doctors Tang Liang pointed out that humid, trapping the function of spleen rose clear material, that "gas" cannot rise, so the in the mind not awake, heavy body trapped weight, fatigue weakness, neck and shoulder pain, etc.

In addition, water wet trapped spleen, spleen and stomach weak if itself, wet operation is bad, meet again outside wet, wet wet outside and inside will shuangjian combination, more effect on the transport capacity of the spleen and stomach, moisture will remain in the body, lingering hard to go back. The characteristic of moisture is viscous, block air machine, hurtful is positive.

Therefore, people with spleen deficiency are more likely to suffer from drowsiness, fatigue, head weight and loss of appetite than others in the spring. Tang Liang said, look at your body can actually find humid, thick greasy coating on the tongue, the tongue body fat big, color is light, sometimes also can see there is tooth marks on the tongue, Chinese medicine called "indented tongue, and defecate is loose, not forming, easy to stick on the toilet, this is a typical manifestation of humid.

2 health through the secondary spring, clearing damp inside and outside.

There is an old saying: "a thousand cold easy to divide, a wet difficult to go. Wet, sticky, like oil. Tang liang said that the humidity is easier to tease, difficult to remove. It is best to use a variety of methods, both internal and external moisture removal. First of all, try to minimize the humidity in the living environment, such as living in damp places, don't get wet, and try to get rid of the humidity in your body.

It is necessary to distinguish the physical condition before the treatment.

Regular rest is the basic condition of health, otherwise qi and blood loss, resistance, moisture invasion and illness. Tang liang thinks, also want to eat less raw and cold, greasy, fat taste, appropriate increase exercise to promote digestion and clearing damp. It is recommended to use clearing damp to help remove internal moisture.

(1) jianpi clearing damp: this kind of material and medicinal materials have the effect of helping the spleen and stomach to transport the water, and it is more peaceful, especially suitable for the weak people of the spleen deficiency. For example: poria, white art, lentils, semen seed, lotus seed (to heart), coix seed (not too cold after frying), yam (suitable for dry products), bean sprouts, etc.

(2) heat clearing damp: such ingredients and medicinal herbs relatively cool, suitable for mouth bitter bad breath, and oily refractory, urine yellow hot and humid JiaoChongZhe, body cold, unfavorable eat pixu (spleen deficient), such as wax gourd, capillary artemisia, creek yellow grass, kapok, frangipani, chicken bone grass, plantain, dandelion, snake tongue grass, etc.

(3) aromatization and humidity: this kind of medicine has the function of promoting spleen and stomach movement and invigorating the spleen. It can be used in soup or cooking, or it can be used as a sachet. Such as: sand kernel, cardamom, grass fruit, patchouli, paran, coriander, etc.

4 moxibustion method clearing damp method is more.

(1) acupoint massage, moxibustion: massage, slapping of the pool, Yin ling spring, wei zhong, fenglong and other acupuncture points have the effect of clearing damp. For acupoints, moxibustion is more suitable for people with severe cold and humidity.

(2) cupping and scraping: cupping and scraping can unblock the body surface, stimulate the circulation of viscera, and promote the excretion of moisture. Dizzy, head heavy person can choose forehead, printing hall, temple, wind pool; The patients with low back acid can choose to use the solar bladder to perform the operation. The abdominal distension, the inferior, the loose stool can choose the qu chi, the chi, the wei, the spleen shu, the stomach shu, zhong wan, the tianshu, the foot three to carry on the operation.

(3) bubble foot: the spring moisture is aggravating, and the fungus propagates, many people's Hong Kong feet start to stir again. Tang liang said, the bubble foot not only can promote the excretion of moisture, but also have certain inhibition effect to the foot fungus reproduction, it is to kill two birds with one stone. When the feet are soaked, the medicine can also be used to boil water after boiling water: bitter ginseng, fresh skin, ground skin, prickly ash, yellow cypress and so on.

[food therapy recommendation]

1. Wooden cotton the seed of Job’s tears pig bone soup.

Materials: 4-6 wood cotton, half jins of pig backbone, coix seed 30g, small amount of tangerine peel, ginger, salt, green onion, right amount;

Practice: pig backbone, the seed of Job’s tears, orange peel, ginger add water, the fire is boiled and simmer for half an hour; Put the wood in a slow stew; Season with salt and sprinkle with scallions.

Efficacy: heat and invigorating spleen clearing damp. Suitable for the sticky, abdominal distention, mouth dry mouth, tired body. This soup is not suitable for people with cold spleen and cold, not suitable for pregnant women.

2. Poria cocos.

Materials: 25 grams, 20 grams of lentil, 20 grams of poria, 100 grams of japonica rice, a little sugar.

Practice: Yin Chen wash the decoction and extract the juice; Add the clean lentils, poria, japonica rice and cook until the porridge is cooked.

Efficacy: nourishing spleen and stomach, liver-yellow, suitable for dampness and heat.

3. Chicken bone grass clay pot.

Ingredients: 50 grams of chicken bone grass, 1 piece of fresh pork, 100 grams of soybean, a little ginger.

Practice: rinse the beans soak 1 hours standby, pig spleen 脷 blanch spare to clean, wash the chicken bone grass after add 1000 ml water, boil into pig spleen 脷, soy, ginger boil 1 hours under salt. Serve.

Efficacy: invigorate the spleen, heat and detoxify. It is suitable for people with hot and heavy heat in the liver and dampness syndrome. If you don't like the taste of a pig, you can use lean meat or pork chops for about 100 grams.