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The cure of cancer, but not the ignorance of modern people


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The cure of cancer, but not the ignorance of modern people

The 2018-05-06 sohu


The elimination of traditional Chinese medicine?

Many people think that traditional Chinese medicine cannot cure diseases, so it must be eliminated. This is not to be discussed, for example, what is the name of a person, and the surname should also have a thousand years of incense to pass on to him, the family of the thousand years of history his ancestors never fell ill? Is it all good for his ancestors to be ill?

I think he himself had to admit that his ancestors, who had saved their lives with traditional Chinese medicine, had a torch to pass on to him. Unless he evolved directly from the ape, he couldn't avoid the problem: he was the only one who had a traditional Chinese medicine.

Maybe some people say, you have to say a little absolute, the west does not continue to multiply today? That I tell you, western medicine with western civilization has a long history, but compare the westerners and the reproduction of the Chinese people in history, will know how bad the westerner's health level. Because their medical level was far behind China's.

Now, you can also see, which of the world's stomach diseases is cured by stomach medicine? Which case of hypertension was cured by hypertension? Which case of diabetes mellitus was cured by insulin? Which case of insomnia was cured by sleeping pills?

Using these methods not only can not cure your disease, but its side effects make your illness worse, resulting in the overall collapse!

And because western medicine antibiotics and chemicals used, the more the more, side effects and has found more and more, after so many modern researchers savagely research of traditional Chinese medicine, it's a pity that they do not know the culture of Chinese medicine, list of Yin and Yang, five six, lifting the ups and downs, they really don't understand.


The disease that western medicine treats, Chinese medicine certainly can cure.

Before about Oriental wisdom, westerners use of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine research of traditional Chinese medicine, this thinking or with western medicine, Chinese medicine most prescription could not kill any bacteria and viruses, and sufficient nutrition, can completely when the culture medium of bacteria and viruses.

They didn't understand the theory of TCM, so they still had a lot of road to go. But one thing is for sure, the study of traditional Chinese medicine is not to protect China's cultural heritage. They know the miraculous curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine, and many Chinese don't know it.

Protection of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine, and today people say Chinese medicine is invalid, I don't know this what the life of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the disease, in my opinion, the western medicine can cure disease, Chinese medicine will cure, and treatment effect is better than western medicine, western medicine treatment of disease, Chinese medicine can cure.

Is traditional Chinese medicine unable to treat a cold, still cannot treat tuberculosis? Many people have cited the case of tuberculosis, which says that traditional Chinese medicine is useless, and that traditional Chinese medicine can't cure TB. This topic is ridiculous in the Chinese medicine world, the Chinese medicine treatment of the five - strain of the bone, does not include tuberculosis?

Chinese medicine treatment of TB, how long is the history of the book read less, it is necessary to add especially intellectuals with culture, more should know about the history of traditional Chinese medicine and effects, idiot nonsense ok, intellectuals loose lips will be as knowledge popularization, cause the error spread, generations of evil, it is in big trouble.

I'm afraid all of you know that traditional Chinese medicine is good for the treatment of TB drugs. So why do hospitals use highly toxic western medicine instead of Chinese medicine? Why did the hospital do not use traditional Chinese medicine to treat the cold? Many people will take this and deny it. That's because people don't understand TCM.


Quack doctors disease by mistake

With the development of traditional Chinese medicine is very few, a people who do not understand Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation, copied prescription treatment success of TB treatment, unless he is lucky, just in time to catch with TB to be valid.

Of course, there are very few things that are so lucky in the clinic, so the quack is often able to shout: the cure for tuberculosis is invalid! Turn head to seek western medicine to go, return a western medicine to look at the manual to meet.

The modern doctors who do not understand the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, the medicine of TCM, the results are predictable. The reputation of traditional Chinese medicine has been poisoned by these quacks. Even such a simple question to cure a common cold, has a complete treatment of traditional Chinese medicine theory, the classification rule, the effect is much better than western medicine, today the popularity of slow pharynx chronic bronchitis, and western medicine treatment of cold nourish not only thrift style has a direct relationship.

Traditional Chinese medicine is profound and profound. To be a good doctor requires great talent.

Western medicine is to use other people's theory, use other people's instrument, use other people's medicine, do not rely on individual wisdom.

And traditional Chinese medicine, bark, roots, unusual, put in front of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese traditional medicine is the raw material, only the bark of traditional Chinese medicine can cure after reasonable combination of grassroots, only out of a prescription is a medicine to cure disease, Chinese medicine requires its own wisdom, stupid people always can't do the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

To be sure, traditional Chinese medicine cannot be mastered simply by learning. Traditional Chinese medicine is dao, and I say traditional Chinese medicine is dao, tao is enlightened. Even if you can recite 10,000 experiences, there is no guarantee that you will become a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. If you don't go to the doctor, you're a quack.

It is very difficult to become a doctor of Chinese medicine, so very few real traditional Chinese medicine, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the vast majority of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is west treated like tong tong Chinese medicine in holding the facade, they are exam out of traditional Chinese medicine, trained, so-called talents of traditional Chinese medicine, but the majority of TCM syndrome differentiation ability is very poor, cannot reflect the level of traditional Chinese medicine.

The school of traditional Chinese medicine is numerous, originally hundred flowers and flowers, now the examination system comes out, the result often is the examination will not be the doctor, will be the doctor not to take the examination. Don't think that it is a misunderstanding of traditional Chinese medicine that it is a traditional Chinese medicine to treat a cold.


Medical rules for western medicine.

Is easy to learn western medicine, western medicine and the establishment of a complete medical rules, running between doctor and patient are in accordance with the rules, what disease, what kind of medicine, the medicinal down no treatment is good, that is an incurable disease.

If this medicinal down dead people according to their rules, the doctor is need not take any responsibility, because this is their rules, judgment criterion of medical accidents, and to see if treatment according to the rules, in accordance with the rules of treatment, the medical accident is not accident, is guilty of death.

Western medicine is treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery... No matter what drugs or methods, as long as you can kill cancer cells, you can kill normal cells, just as bullets shoot out to kill good people and kill bad people. So a lot of patients who do cancer surgery, or radiation, or chemotherapy, die faster than those who don't.

The cancer cells were killed, and a large number of normal cells were killed, resulting in a poor overall functioning of the patient. That's how they treat their cancer, and that's how they're treated.

To give a practical example, the author has a relative brain stem to produce malignant tumor, the doctor says to want operation, the success rate is how much? They will not guarantee after craniotomy surgery is safe, they will let patients on their operation agreement to sign and agreement signature is used to prove that family members agreed to an operation, then surgery is dead don't have their things.

That's the rule of today's hospitals. What if my relative's operation succeeds? Experts say that the operation of the operation can only be confined to bed, with the brain stem and the knife to be able to live in a normal medical condition, and their medical explanation is that.

The author's relatives have a malignant tumor on the brain stem. Even if the operation is successful, it will be half a year, and the tumor will grow back in three years.

The operation costs 30,000, 50,000, no guarantee that you have any effect on the brain stem, the patient's most fortunate result is paralysis in the bed for three years, which is the rule of modern medicine.

It must not be a generalist in the medical profession, which represents the most advanced level of medical care. For a poor family, 2 if the knife really can't cut, only seek traditional Chinese medicine. Later, the brain tumor was cured, and the patient returned to normal without any sequelae.

The brain tumor was treated by a small drugstore owner in a nearby town, and he did not just treat a brain tumor.

He didn't because the treatment of brain tumors become rich or famous, because he is not a medical expert, is also not open national hospital, he is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, so treatment for a brain tumour to earn money not earn more than a hospital treatment for a cold.

In the coma of brain tumor patients, rural lang, cheap Chinese medicine, if the medical profession to recognize this fact, will be very inharmonious. So why is this not an expert? There's a question of the right to say, he said, how should the tumor be treated? He's not qualified to say that in the Chinese academy of sciences.

The indians in the americas reproduction for tens of thousands of years, but scientists can tell human is the new world Columbus discovered, scientists have the right to the Columbus discovered the new world as knowledge, scientific theory really bossy sometimes.

Because scientists have set the standard of truth, I am not opposed to science, but there are a few things scientists can say that can be learned.

Last month, in a reference to the newspaper, the author found that a country's experts found news of disease by observing the changes in their fingernails. Funny, he still found out can reflect health will stir the world nails, with her nails off disease of traditional Chinese medicine has a history of one thousand years, but this technique is called behavior science of traditional Chinese medicine, foreigner just found some nails can lumbar fur is called great scientific achievements.


Eliminating traditional Chinese medicine is a mask for ignorance.

"The medicine ate one car is invalid "(patient language), from the hospital treatment result see, they are terminal disease, how also cure not good. Western medicine is a disease of the disease, but western medicine to their diagnosis of the conclusion is a variety of syndromes, vegetative nervous disorders, endocrine disorders, all these paradoxical things.

Syndrome, which means a disease with a similar disorder; Endocrine disorder, that is a nonsense, endocrine disorders even the name of the disease? Is thyroid secretion disorder or pituitary secretion disorder?

Western medicine is a cure for disease, and it is impossible to cure the disease without knowing it, but they still prescribe an expensive medicine for you to eat.

When the SARS epidemic, what can western medicine do? The western medicine is to take a vague disease name, traditional Chinese medicine, directly kaifang saves lives.

Now there are a lot of people don't understand why don't you know the cause of disease can treatment, nakedness is the theory of Yin and Yang of traditional Chinese medicine fever ah, these by listening, asking and will know, accurate differentiation, it can be treated, on call or severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and that Chinese medicine is not important.

One henan patient, after scraping, said in her own words that she felt like heaven, half cured. She was tortured by these diseases for seven years, and for a time she had a light heart. In the face of traditional Chinese medicine, these diseases were nothing.

Seven years, seven years of treatment has no effect, who does not despair? After 7 years western medicine, what consequence will be?

During the period of the republic of China the KMT government had eliminated the intentions of the Chinese medicine, this and the kuomintang high-rise have experiences of studying abroad, the weak, coward, natural inferiority, every foreigner is good, all of China is bad.

Don't know the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, scientists today would have been too when one thing, the scientific community in recent decades of misleading too many of TCM, TCM west put too many experts and scholars, there are too many don't understand of traditional Chinese medicine medical officials, who collude with each other echo, they don't know Chinese medicine theory, is to use criticism.

Technically, they don't deserve to talk about traditional Chinese medicine, but they have the right to speak, to introduce the people to traditional Chinese medicine, and then to kill traditional Chinese medicine.

Rid of things they don't understand, and completely hide their own ignorance, do not understand Chinese medicine academic bureaucrats would be happy to do so, the western medicine are very happy to see such, western drug makers also hope so. This is certainly not a scientific attitude, but there is no shortage of such academic authority in history.


Traditional Chinese medicine cannot cure the ignorance of modern people.

Chinese healers, western medicine; Western medical treatment table, traditional Chinese medicine. The simplest example: western medicine treats insomnia to use sleeping pill, eat a piece of sleep one night, the 2nd day still insomnia. What's the point of losing a healthy sleep?

Want to know, insomnia, pain, inflammation, fever, these symptoms can all be signs of a body to us, tell us where is ill, where need to be repaired, but whether the western medicine, the invention of some comfort painkillers, actually are temporary paralysis, for the illness treatment without any real help.

According to statistics, from the last century 30 s found that antibiotics to now, the world has invested a large amount of manpower and material resources, financial resources, studied more than 7000 kinds of western medicine, and now also in clinical use of western medicine but hundreds, but also in the application of antibiotics was 10, 20, most may not be able to use. Why is that? Because the bacteria are changing so fast, they're not afraid of it anymore.

The so-called daoism, the devil is a zhang, the west medicine walk of this and the bacterium fight the path of the upgrade, will only produce more "the demon gao yi zhang" the advanced bacterium, and mankind will be helpless finally.

But more than two thousand years ago Chinese medicine is still very effective. Why? Because Chinese medicine never wants to kill anyone, it demands that it be more expensive, you just don't infringe upon us.

Instead of traditional Chinese medicine cure to poison antivirus, biased with drugs to regulate the body's biased, so as to achieve the balance of the whole, when the body various aspects in a harmonious state, the disease is natural alleviation.

Also, the aconite of traditional Chinese medicine is the small root of aconite, poisonous, modern Chinese pharmacopoeia stipulates the dosage of aconitum is 3-15 grams, this is what basis? This is based on the amount of aconitine in aconitum, which may have been done by the rat rabbit, which is determined by the "active ingredient" and "safe dose" of western medicine.

Because western medicine is a medicine, western medicine should use this method to detect, is advisable. What about Chinese medicine? It is necessary to refer to the situation of the patient according to the whole prescription of the emperor, and to talk about toxicity is arbitrary and unscientific.

Many people like to take the previous things gentian purging liver pills events invoked, it wasn't the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, is part of the pharmaceutical enterprises with close also instead of akebia stem, although two similar efficacy, but also is toxic.

We can't say pork can't be eaten because someone is selling it. Is western medicine fake and inferior? Why do people so dialectically accept western medicine fraud? Traditional Chinese medicine can be cured, but I still want to admit that traditional Chinese medicine cannot cure the ignorance of modern people.