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The qing imperial medical doctor "chat complex collection · strange disease" or will give birth to the third national top-secret TCM formula


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The qing imperial medical doctor "chat complex collection · strange disease" or will give birth to the third national top-secret TCM formula

May 7, 2018 people's net - great power BBS

The "preliminary results of the research of qing jiaqing imperial medical research", organized by the Chinese collectors association, was held in Beijing on June 6. According to the Chinese medicine experts, the four unpublished manuscripts of "chat and collection of strange diseases" written by wang bichang, the imperial physician of qing jiaqing, are the traditional ones. The clinical value of TCM is very high.

In 2017, four unpublished manuscripts, such as "chat and collection of strange diseases", were published in the last years of wang bichang, bringing the legendary doctor, who has been almost forgotten, back to the public eye. The four unpublished manuscripts of this discovery are "the code of strange evidence", "the thirty-seven mallet of the tao", "the acupuncture and moxibustion" and "the strange proof method". The "strange disease method" space largest, accounting for more than three-quarters of the entire manuscript, collected five hundred and forty kinds of physician to sort out the secret recipe of folk prescription, involving all kinds of incurable diseases, including "cancer" "tumor" "blood while vomiting blood", "/" (diabetes), and paralysis in the "slow" and "white Dian", etc.

After the release of the current news, relevant departments attach great importance to it and organize experts to verify and verify it. On 8 August 2017, commissioned by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine academy of sciences, China institute of Chinese medical history literature questioning collectors, "to protect the original, protect the secret recipe" is put forward, at the same time protect the legitimate rights and interests of collectors. On November 13, 2017, the state administration of cultural and cultural affairs put forward the guiding opinions of "legal transaction and restricted exit".

At the meeting, we also adopted the three core understandings of "research on the preliminary results of wang bichang's early achievements in the study of qing jiaqing" :

First, the chat code, complex set of strange disease, remit the four did not issue revision for the orphan works handed down from ancient times, is the history of traditional Chinese medicine "ancient physician collection treatment strange disease a secret recipe handed down from ancient times copy" of the major findings, also is the culmination of ancient strange disease treatment. Because of the reappearance of four unpublished manuscripts of the collection, the third national top-secret Chinese medicine recipe will appear in it.

Secondly, qing jiaqing physician Wang Bichang remit code secret folk prescription for the treatment of strange disease, treatment by the strange disease includes both still belong to difficult to "cancer", "cancer", "epilepsy crazy" and "madness" ten young "blind" and "thirty years of deafness", etc., but also many, already does not belong to the difficult and complicated to but still very difficult to cure diseases such as "excessive" (common in diabetes), "body", "white Dian", "full asthma", "old boring" (similar to constipation and middle-aged "collapsed (risk), and other symptoms.

Third, many core technologies, including secret folk prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, must be in their hands, to grasp the initiative of competition and development, to fundamentally safeguard national economic security, national defense security and other security. All of the 540 kinds of the secret prescriptions for the treatment of strange diseases in the past dynasties, which have been partially verified, must always be in the hands of the Chinese people and must not be allowed to be lost.

It is reported that the four unpublished manuscripts of the collection of strange diseases are sold by the auction house of the Chinese bookstore in Beijing.