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Use "leading" enterprises to promote the upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine industry.


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Use "leading" enterprises to promote the upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine industry.
Time: 2018-05-08
Source: economic reference.
Author: liang junjie.

Gansu is a large province of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, and the planting area and yield are among the highest in the country. However, due to the weakness of processing manufacturing industry, there are only a handful of high-precision enterprises in the field of TCM processing and manufacturing in gansu province, and it is difficult to get rid of the dilemma of "big resources and small industries". People in the industry suggest that we should foster a number of leading enterprises to improve the value of local medicinal materials and transform the resource advantages into economic advantages as soon as possible.
Gansu is a comprehensive experimental area for the development of the national traditional Chinese medicine industry. After years of exploration and efforts, gansu province has developed a new situation of "multi-point flowering" in the "deep ploughing" of TCM resources.
First, there is an increase in the production of traditional Chinese medicine, which is called "international business card". Zhang was born in yongxing village, meichuan town, minxian county, dingxi city, gansu province. On the second floor of his building, he stored bundles of angelica, dangshen and astragalus. In recent years, due to the standardized construction and planting technology, his family's 16 mu of Chinese medicinal herbs produce high yield and good price, and the annual income can reach 110,000 yuan. At the same time, mining with regional characteristics in gansu province "gaps" ", "huang-fu mi" has a long history of traditional Chinese medicine culture, and in more than 10 countries QiHuang college of traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine center, the culture of traditional Chinese medicine to the promoting of countries along the silk road, Chinese medicine has gradually become a "international business card."
The second is the rise of TCM "new font", and the "old name" is revitalized. As the reporter walked into the production plant of shunxing and traditional Chinese medicine co., LTD in minxian county, gansu province, the workers were cutting the pharmaceutical tablets with cutting tools to minimize the medicinal properties. According to the introduction, the small and medium-sized enterprises not only sell the raw materials of the traditional Chinese medicine to all parts of the country, but also create more than 10,000 mu of medicine source base, absorbing and developing about 2000 households. After 89 years of the "old" Buddha goodness pharmaceutical, lanzhou city, in recent years, with the aid of independent innovation, reversing a homogeneous situation, original products accounted for the proportion of economic benefit is more and more big, the product sells to 27 countries and regions in the world, ranked the top ten traditional exports.
Third, the reform of TCM characteristics has achieved remarkable results. Traditional Chinese medicine into the health care reform in gansu province is a big characteristics, such as the establishment comprehensive hospital management section of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine appropriate technology new farming or 100% reimbursement, single-phase &three-phase counties and townships grading diagnosis diseases with traditional Chinese and western medicine, disease, etc. Guo yufen, director of the health and family planning commission of gansu province, said that with the participation of traditional Chinese medicine, gansu province has had the lowest outpatient and hospitalization expenses in the country for many years.
In 2017, gansu province was formally approved to build a comprehensive experimental zone for the development of the national TCM industry. According to the plan, to 2020, gansu province will be the basic form relatively system of traditional Chinese medicine industry development policy system, its role in deepening the reform of medical health system of traditional Chinese medicine to further strengthen, the traditional Chinese medicine industry into strategic emerging industries and the prosperous industry, become the important force to promote economic and social development by leaps and bounds.
Many people questioned, however, the development opportunities missed in the past, Chinese medicine enterprises in gansu province is now facing the talent, in the overall business environment in gansu province under the condition of no big improvement, want to make Chinese traditional medicine enterprises "monolith" fraught with difficulty.
First, we are backward in consciousness and miss the golden period of development. The respondents generally believe that gansu entrepreneurs have low cultural quality, weak sense of crisis, and a strong sense of "little wealth" and "little boss". Many local entrepreneurs lack the courage to merge and regroup, and the big companies and big groups that lack competitive power stand out.
Sun yu, general manager of the Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that gansu enterprises' overall lack of sensitivity to the market, early neglect of brands and marketing, and later on financial and scientific research. The whole industry has not been able to advance in the great development period, resulting in the reduction of market share, which indirectly affected the production and expansion of enterprises. "This creates a vicious cycle where there is less product sales, less revenue, less money to invest in process improvement, technological innovation, and marketing," he said. "companies are in decline." He said.
Second, the talent shortage restricts the scientific research level. The downstream chain has high demand for science and technology, but it is difficult for gansu province in the remote northwest region to attract talented people to settle down. Gansu generic plant pharmaceutical co., LTD., director of the integrated office YuXuan said: "because geographically remote and backward economy, enterprises are not foreign talent, 2 it is the structure of talent is unbalanced, undergraduate, Thurber less more than talent." By talent factors in Taipei, tianshui day sen pharmaceutical co., LTD. Has down by the government to more than 20 production medicine, scientific research strength is insufficient, however, lead to low quality of product, low degree of innovation, ultimately not escape the fate of the takeover.
Gansu province ministry committee chief introduction, due to the lack of new product research and development talents, drug discovery, product and technology incubation and other public technical service platform construction lag, insufficient technical reserves, the average r&d spending accounts for less than 1% of the total sales revenue. Scientific research strength is weak, directly affect the sales of the pharmaceutical enterprises in gansu province medicine, because there is no strong r&d team and high-end talent reserves, drug companies can't developed with the core technology of the original drugs, only in the phase of low-level generics.
Third, the industrial base is weak and the resource dividend is difficult to release. Industrial conversion rate refers to the number of Chinese medicinal herbs in the province can be converted into the finished products of traditional Chinese medicine, and the conversion rate is the direct basis for measuring the strength and weakness of the Chinese medicine industry. "The current conversion rate of gansu province is below 10 percent, which is quite low. Most of the herbs are sold directly to the field after being processed or harvested, and it is difficult to generate large profits." Medicine industry association of gansu province gansu Xia Xiang think, Chinese traditional medicine production will eventually see the province's industrial ability strong or weak, no big drug firms province is not strong industrial province, only under the support of integrated industrial strength, proprietary Chinese medicine manufacturing to accelerate development.
The industry believe that blindly to farming or yinpian processing industry as a support object returns slow, little return, the government departments should avoid "sprinkle pepper", will mainly focus on supporting the core varieties, to create "leading enterprise" by "fist" products development, so as to promote the whole industry chain of quality upgrading.
Xia xiang suggested that, in the process of supporting drug access to medical insurance and the directory of basic drugs, we should explore the reporting mechanism of regular normalization and support enterprises to open up market.
The industry also suggests that the state should adopt a policy tilt to further create a loose environment for the growth of leading enterprises. First, it is suggested that the relevant ministries and commissions of the state should be inclined towards gansu in terms of industrial layout and major projects and funds. 2 it is suggested that the relevant state departments, trade associations through policy guidance, encourage large enterprises at home and abroad and the advantages of the capital, technology, talent, through joint, mergers, investment in factories and so on to participate in the medicine industry development; (3) Three is suggested in the traditional Chinese medicine formula granules production, Chinese herbal medicine in situ processing into more relaxed in gansu province for the aspects such as policy support, astragalus, red stilbene, dangshen, etc varieties listed in the national medicine food homology directory.
According to the respondents, gansu is a big province of traditional heavy industry. While emphasizing the protection of ecological environment, how to realize industrial transformation has become a difficult problem for the whole province. According to xia xiang, traditional Chinese medicine has deep development potential because of its small pollution, low energy consumption and high added value. It is also of great significance to solve the problem of economic transformation in gansu if it can form a powerful whole industry chain and occupy an important share in the market.