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Closing the popular science gap should be systematic


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Closing the popular science gap should be systematic

The 2018-09-05 health

In real life, some people get a disease, do not go to the hospital treatment, but choose folk prescription herbal medicine, "family tradition secret recipe", believe that quack in can cure disease. Instead of curing the disease, it cost a lot of money. Why are the common people so easy to be deceived, why the dishonest scheme easy to win?

Although there are many reasons, one of the important reasons is that there are short versions and loopholes in the scientific popularization of traditional Chinese medicine in China. Social life calls for the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine culture. So, what is the traditional Chinese medicine culture, the significance and way of popularizing Chinese medicine culture?

The popularization of traditional Chinese medicine should be deep and thorough

Traditional Chinese medicine culture is not only a compendium of materia medica and li shizhen in the simple sense, it is a huge theoretical and practical system engineering. A large number of facts have proved that the popularization of the concept of traditional Chinese medicine not only concerns the daily life of thousands of families, but also the physical and mental health of the people and the overall quality of the Chinese nation. It covers a wide and deep range, from the philosophy of yin-yang and five elements to the brain fever of the common people. It is the precious crystallization accumulated by the ancestors of the Chinese nation over thousands of years to resist natural disasters and fight for healthy survival.

The road to simplicity is only through integration. Therefore, Chinese medicine workers should constantly explore new ways to popularize the culture of Chinese medicine, which is inevitable and obligatory for the historical development. However, due to various factors, the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine culture and science is not satisfactory. Many basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine is still kept in the research room of experts and scholars. The health knowledge needs of the general public are far from being met. The old, backward, rigid and rigid ways and methods of popular science have not kept up with the pace of The Times, so we should make efforts to popularize and improve traditional Chinese medicine culture.

"Pu" means breadth, that is, universality. At present, the publicity of traditional Chinese medicine culture knowledge is very narrow and even has a blind Angle. The popularization of "harmony" refers to the depth. Traditional Chinese medicine culture publicity should be deep and thorough and closely integrated with People's Daily life, not just on the surface.

Five ways to improve the cultural literacy of Chinese medicine

So, do well traditional Chinese medicine culture popular science propaganda, what way is there? In the author's opinion, the publicity of popular science should be systematic, starting from the following five aspects:

One is to strengthen the infrastructure of popular science education. We should have the thinking concept of "Internet +" and make full use of big data and cloud computing to establish archives suitable for popular science at different levels. To engage in the traditional Chinese medicine culture propaganda team to carry out the bottom, for the popular science propaganda laid a good foundation.

Second, we need to organize the writing strength, and write all kinds of Chinese medicine knowledge books that are easy to understand and suitable for the common people. In addition, we should make full use of TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and the Internet to publicize the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

Third, we need to carry out a variety of activities to popularize the science of traditional Chinese medicine in various forms. We need to establish a grassroots team to popularize the science of traditional Chinese medicine in communities, hospitals, families and nursing homes.

Fourth, we will take the national "One Belt And One Road" express train to integrate traditional Chinese medicine cultural elements into the promotion of Chinese traditional culture. We will expand international influence through One Belt And One Road, carry out international exchanges and cooperation, make the world understand and accept the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, and benefit from the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, so as to open up the international market of traditional Chinese medicine.

Fifth, we should pay attention to the leading role of famous traditional Chinese medicine. In particular, we should set up a record of the conditions of famous teachers and families, encourage them to do a good job in teaching and helping, and encourage academic heirs to set up a number of bases for scientific popularization of traditional Chinese medicine culture.

In short, through the above various forms, it is urgent to make great efforts to popularize and improve the cultural literacy level of traditional Chinese medicine for the whole people.