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Scar expert of affiliated hospital of hunan institute of traditional Chinese medicine teaches you to deal with scald

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

Scar expert of affiliated hospital of hunan institute of traditional Chinese medicine teaches you to deal with scald

The 2018-07-24 overseas network

Because careless causes boiling water scald thing to happen frequently, because a lot of people because scald hind urgent treatment way is improper, bring about wound damage serious, cure difficulty to increase. Therefore, we should not be careless about scalds. Today, scar treatment specialist of cosmetic department, affiliated hospital of hunan institute of traditional Chinese medicine will teach you how to deal with scalds.

These wrong first aid methods will hurt you!

A. Apply soy sauce for burns

When scalding, some people are used to the "earth method" treatment, but this method is not advisable. These alkaline substances can dissolve the damaged tissues, deepen the wound surface, delay the healing of the wound surface, and easily cause wound infection.

B. misuse of scalds with unknown ingredients

After scald, it is better not to use the scald medicine with unknown ingredients, because the medicine can be absorbed from the wound surface.

C. use ice to cool down

The temperature of the ice is so low that it can aggravate damaged skin wounds and further damage the skin.

D. bandage the wound immediately

Wrapping a wound with a sticky bandage can stick to the skin and cause further damage, which can easily lead to skin ulceration. Conversely, leaving a wound unbandaged and leaving it naturally dry can reduce the production of bacteria and speed healing.

So what should be done after scald?

Flush - gently flush or soak the burned area with clean flowing cold water for 10-30 minutes or so. The cold water will dissipate the heat quickly to reduce the damage to deep tissue. If the pain continues to be severe, the duration of the flooding can be prolonged.

Take it off - since the area and adjacent areas will swell after burns, remove rings, watches, belts, shoes, or other tight clothing before the injury is swollen, so as to prevent the swelling of the body after cannot be removed, resulting in poor blood flow and more serious injury.

Blisters - for people with significant pain, soak in cold water for 10 to 30 minutes. At this point, the main role is to alleviate pain, and in the very early burn rinsing can reduce the extent of the burn, very important. However, for patients with extensive burns and children and the elderly, attention should be paid to the soaking time and water temperature, so as to avoid excessive hypothermia.

Cover - use a clean or sterile gauze or cotton cloth to cover and secure the wound. This can reduce external pollution and stimulation, help to keep the wound clean and reduce pain.

Send -- burn scald situation is more serious, the best improvement is sent to professional burn specialized hospital for further formal treatment, especially large area burn scald patient (more than 5% of children, more than 30% of adults), easy to appear a large number of fluid loss, cause hypovolemic shock, this kind of situation should be sent to hospital immediately.

Scar expert of affiliated hospital of hunan institute of traditional Chinese medicine suggests: if there is scar after scald, it must be paid attention to, especially hyperplasia scar. As hyperplasia scar is a pathological scar, it has the characteristics of deterioration. The longer it takes, the more likely the scar will grow and the more itchy it will become. It is recommended that the earlier treatment, the better, to avoid the aggravation of procrastination.

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