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To xizhimen south street, xicheng district building to the British garden route

L airport line 1

Take the airport shuttle from the airport, the dongzhimen station transfer to metro line 2 to xizhimen direction and get off at xizhimen station, from C outbound, go straight to the east 100 meters on the right side to xizhimen south street, north to walk to the t-junction namely to the British garden 1 floor downstairs.

L airport line 2

From the capital airport take airport bus to xidan, get off at no.22, take a taxi to xizhimen south street English garden 1 floor.

L bus subway near:

106 bus GuanYuan: 107 road, express way

Bus: xizhimen south road 387, 44 road, inner ring 800, 816 road, inner ring 820, 845 road

Che zhuang: subway line two

Xizhimen subway: metro line 2

Buses and attempts: 107 road, 118 road, 701 road

Buses and north zhuang: 209 road, 375 road, 392 road


Kuding tea is not tea


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Kuding tea is not tea

The 2018-01-15 health

Kudingcha has the function of soothing liver and clearing heat, lowering blood pressure and lipid and sugar, which is quite popular among urban white-collar workers. However, kudingcha is a medicine, not tea, and cannot be consumed for long.

Kuding tea, also known as hornwort tea, kuideng tea, big leaf tea, for the Holly plant Holly, big leaf Holly or kuding tea winter leaves, drying, spare. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bitter butyl tea taste sweet, bitter, cold, into the liver, lung, stomach, a breeze oneself clear heat, bright eye, suitable for exogenous wind hot tooth pain, headache, red eyes, Ting ear, mouth sores, polydipsia fever, diarrhea, dysentery, etc. According to the compendium of materia medica, "pursuing wind, promoting blood circulation and cutting off pregnancy", and "reinventing the materia medica", "consuming and eliminating phlegm, relieving thirst, benefiting ershi and removing fatness". Pharmacological studies showed that bitter butyl tea contains essential amino acids, vitamins, and zinc, manganese, rubidium, such as trace elements, have lipid-lowering, antihypertensive, hypoglycemic, increase coronary blood flow, myocardial blood flow, resistance to the action such as atherosclerosis, can obviously improve the cardio-cerebrovascular disease in patients with dizziness, headache, chest tightness, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

It should be noted that kudingcha is a medicine rather than tea, should not be taken for a long time to avoid damage to liver and kidney functions. Kudingcha taste bitter cold, chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis and so on spleen and stomach deficiency cold people should not drink. This product has the function of promoting blood circulation, so the pregnant woman should not choose it. According to the compendium of materia medica (compendium of materia medica), "no pregnancy" and "cold uterus" in the dictionary of Chinese medicine, therefore, men and women of childbearing age should be carefully selected.