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The treatment of cancer in China should neither be underestimated nor exaggerated

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

The treatment of cancer in China should neither be underestimated nor exaggerated

On the 2018-07-26 close

There is a special wall in the sunny room with a "tree of life" on it, and a photograph of patients and healthcare workers who have been fighting the disease for more than five years is posted on every leaf. Each smile carries the confidence to overcome the disease, making this "leaf" the symbol of the "life relay".

The tree of life in the oncology ward of longhua hospital

Every week, oncologists arrange a series of seemingly unrelated but relaxing and warm activities such as chess, psychological counseling and exercise.

"Let desperate patients find hope and sad patients feel happy," said lee hogan, director of the department of oncology.

Director lee hogan

As a disciple of liu jiaxiang, the "master of traditional Chinese medicine", li hegan, the chief physician, has been studying with his teacher for 30 years. He was the fifth group of xinjiang aid cadres in Shanghai and founded the first department of traditional Chinese medicine oncology in the southern xinjiang region in aksu. In the interview with the reporter, there were also patients from xinjiang, muming found the Shanghai expert of traditional Chinese medicine tumor.

Treatment of cancer is more than just "conditioning"

Director li hegen told the reporter, many patients come to see the first sentence of traditional Chinese medicine is: "doctor, I just found out what cancer or just finished the operation, want to take some traditional Chinese medicine recuperation." This understanding of traditional Chinese medicine is one-sided. Chinese medicine treats cancer, not just by toning.

There are two basic characteristics of TCM treatment. Second, treatment by syndrome differentiation. The so-called holistic view, that is to break the limits of "headache medicine, foot pain medicine". In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the formation and development of tumor are related to the balance between positive qi and evil qi. The inner scriptures of the yellow emperor. "Lack of positive qi, then evil entrenched it." Traditional Chinese medicine can adjust the internal environment of the human body, and help the positive qi in the body rise up against evil spirits, so as to achieve the anti-tumor effect.

"Positive qi is an important part of protecting human health. If it is damaged due to bad lifestyle (including diet, tiredness, mood and other factors), then the enemy or evil spirit will take advantage of it," he said. By improving the way of life and combining with the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the positive qi can be recovered, thus overcoming evil spirits and restoring people's health. If the 'enemy' is not found in time, as time goes by, evil spirits will gradually deepen and more serious diseases will occur. The purpose of TCM treatment is to achieve positive qi enrichment and resist evil spirits by regulating the balance of Yin and Yang in the human body.

"My teacher liu jiaxiang put forward the idea of fuzheng for cancer treatment and survival with tumor in the early 1970s, which was very advanced at that time. He believed that the ultimate goal of treating cancer was to make people live longer and live better. However, it is not equal to great compensation, but to use various means to restore the body's positive qi, evil to go to the right, right is to remove evil, dispel evil is to the right, both are dialectical." Li hogan told reporters.

As for the treatment based on syndrome differentiation, it refers to that every patient has different physical conditions and different disease stages. Some patients have completed surgery, some cannot operate surgery, some can radiotherapy, some can chemotherapy, some can target treatment, etc. In the treatment of TCM, accurate treatment will be conducted according to the stages, symptoms, tongue, pulse and even psychological and emotional states of different patients.

Q: Chinese medicine is not a secret recipe

Director li hegan frankly, the current treatment of cancer has also been exaggerated. For example, there is a rumor on the Internet that eating loach raw and taking centipedes can cure all cancers. This kind of folk prescription should not be blindly believed and may delay treatment.

The exaggeration of Chinese medicine is also reflected in the infinite enlargement of a successful case. It has been reported that a Chinese medicine clinic cured a child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia through TCM syndrome differentiation. But this is a successful case and does not prove that this Chinese medicine treatment program has a 100% effect on all leukemia patients.

The most common misconception is that some cancer patients blindly believe that as long as they take traditional Chinese medicine, they do not need surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other treatments.

"In the treatment of cancer, TCM advocates the comprehensive treatment of multidisciplinary combination. For patients with indications of surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy, we advocate that multidisciplinary treatment should be conducted simultaneously or successively if the patient's physical conditions permit." "Said li hogan.

TCM treatment can reduce the recurrence and metastasis rate in patients after radical tumor surgery. For the advanced patients, the quality of life can be greatly improved, and the survival time can be extended to achieve the goal of better life and longer life. As a national Chinese medicine clinical research base, the national Chinese medicine tumor specialized medical center, Shanghai top priority (slow disease prevention and control of traditional Chinese medicine) of clinical medicine center, large sample randomized controlled trial of longhua hospital oncology in research data show that in the patients with advanced lung cancer hospital oncology period than simple chemotherapy were 5.27 months.

Postoperative Ⅰ b - Ⅲ a period in lung cancer cases in the study, in the traditional Chinese medicine combination chemotherapy without disease progression survival of 42.73 months, disease-free survival rates were 55.7% at 3 years, and foreign reports late chemotherapy without disease progression in surial was 11.5 months. In the treatment of gastric cancer, Ⅲ c stage gastric cancer radical surgery the median disease-free survival than simple chemotherapy group were 15.2 months and the postoperative recurrence of prolonged for more than a year, has obtained the good curative effect.

Target therapy and radiation chemotherapy can be combined with TCM

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the most common treatments for cancer. During chemotherapy, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation and other uncomfortable symptoms can be seen in the near future. After one to two weeks, white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, liver and kidney function may be impaired and other side effects may appear. Chemotherapy drugs also damage normal cells when they kill active cancer cells. After these cases, many patients rely on the injection to solve the problem, but some patients stop for two days after the injection, the white blood cells will be reduced again.

Director li hogan told reporters that in their study, they found that the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and chemotherapy can reduce patients' vomiting, anemia and other toxic and side effects. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the reduction of white blood cells after chemoradiation is the manifestation of deficiency of qi and blood and deficiency of liver and spleen and kidney. It can supplement qi and blood and strengthen spleen and nourishing the liver and kidney (such as siwu decoction, guipi decoction and dihuang pill) to play a certain role. At the same time can use the way of food therapy, such as carp soup, bone soup, eel bone soup, can increase white blood cells. People with anemia can eat red dates and some goji berries. As for patients with impaired liver and kidney function during radiotherapy and chemotherapy, drugs to protect liver and kidney can be added into TCM decoction, such as pennisetum herb and planetarium root.

For those patients after surgery or chemotherapy, although the end of the treatment for some time, the indicators are back to normal, but people always feel weak, tired, and did not find any physical problems, can adopt the method of combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, can be used such as acupuncture, massage, exercise result method means encouraging sun be the spirit, promote upright so as to improve the patient's symptoms.

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