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Learn the course of "treatise on febrile and cold" there is division of labor under class


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Learn the course of "treatise on febrile and cold" there is division of labor under class

The 2018-07-11 health

In ancient and modern times, at home and abroad, every major medical, the study of zhongjing, numerous. I have summarized some learning methods and skills on how to learn the course of "treatise on febrile diseases" by myself, and I will share with you.

As for the learning method, I divide it into three parts: before class, during class and after class.

This part of pre-class preparation is easy to learn and difficult to do. Similarly, I do not have such great perseverance to preview every time, here I recommend my own preparation methods. On the day before each class, I would watch several episodes of teacher hao wanshan's "theory of cold" teaching video, and then write down what I did not understand, and listen to the teacher again in class, so that others learned it once, I learned it twice.

In class, we should not only listen carefully, but also write down the important points stressed by the teacher. Some students may feel that if they hear it clearly, they don't have to memorize it, but can you guarantee that they won't forget it in a few days? Here, I recommend taking notes in the margins next to the original text, so that each time we read the original text, we take notes with us. Sometimes, the teacher may not be able to record some key points shown in the PPT. At this time, I will record them with my mobile phone first, and then sort them out after class.

One of the tasks after class is to sort out the notes that have not been written down in class, and another is to recite the original text. The reason why we should learn the original text before reciting it rather than reciting it in advance is that I think the original text should understand the memory, and the efficiency of memorizing by rote is too low. Take gardenia sauce soup as an example, we can understand it this way: after the sun disease, perspiration, the heat left to disturb the chest diaphragm, and the heart was heavy, and the heart was smouldering. Qi stagnation and blood, blood collaterals do not see the heart with pain, residual heat can be accompanied by the body heat or annoyance. The name of "deficiency and annoyance" is to say that its pathogenic heat is not associated with tangible pathological products, so its syndrome should be based on the heart of the heart, to be treated with gardenia soya soup to clear away the heat. If the heat injury gas, and see less gas to treat with gardenia liquorice soya soup, clear publicity and heat to benefit gas. If stewing stomach and vomiting, use gardenia ginger root soup to clear away the heat, and also with the stomach. To understand it like this and then memorize it, you can get twice the result with half the effort. Although we should make great efforts in reciting the original text, we should recite it in time.

Learning the theory of febrile disease is also a skill, and I think the first thing is to grasp the pathogenesis, to understand the pathogenesis. It is much easier to understand symptoms from a pathologic perspective than to simply remember them. For example, the yellow syndrome in the syndrome of yangming disease, the basic pathogenesis is the combination of the heat of yangming and the humidity of taiyin. Knowing wet hot mutual knot, so pee adverse, but head perspiration is born without perspiration, deepness is like orange color to wait for a series of symptoms to be easy to understand.

At the beginning, some students thought the textbook was very confusing. There was a square here and a square there. There was no connection. This requires that we have a framework in mind. Every disease in our textbooks is prepared in the order of outline, this certificate, concurrent evidence, variation and suspected evidence. Taking the most easily mixed part of sun disease as an example, the outline includes outline, classification, transmutation, prognosis, etc. This syndrome is guizhi decoction syndrome, ephedra decoction syndrome and superficial depression and light syndrome, which also includes sun stroke syndrome and sun typhoid syndrome. There are 10 syndromes in the chapter of sun disease, including heat syndrome, deficiency of heart and Yang syndrome, deficiency of spleen syndrome, and storage syndrome. We know the classification, and then we learn each syndrome of each classification separately.