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In cure not ill take the road of Internet innovation


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In cure not ill take the road of Internet innovation

Date: 2018-09-17

The public's demand for medical services for curing diseases in China is constantly rising. By integrating and integrating the advantageous resources of the Internet, the service process for curing diseases in China is optimized and simplified, which is in line with the modern service concept of "convenience, speediness and frugality".

At present, the traditional service of face-to-face and one-to-one treatment of undiagnosed diseases can no longer meet the demand. It has become a historical necessity to innovate the service mode of curing undiagnosed diseases by using Internet technology, and to expand the service scope of treating undiagnosed diseases horizontally.

Only by integrating advanced medical resources can we serve more grassroots people, among which remote consultation is the most convenient way. The advantage of remote service is convenience and efficiency, saving cost of diagnosis and treatment, and getting rid of regional restrictions.

The thinking of "TCM +" includes the two meanings of "TCM +" and "TCM +", that is, to innovate the thinking mode of TCM from the interdisciplinary integration and the interdisciplinary integration of TCM with other fields. Under the guidance of "Chinese medicine +" thinking, through the cross integration of Chinese medicine and the Internet, the personalized, convenient, Shared, accurate and intelligent Chinese medical services for treating diseases are of great significance for promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine and building a healthy China.

In the context of the Internet era, the integrated innovation of medical services for curing diseases under the guidance of "Chinese medicine +" thinking is the key to grasp and optimize the service process for curing diseases, the service mode for curing diseases and the remote service for curing diseases.

Optimize service flow

With the rise of the people's demand for medical services for curing diseases in China, the traditional service process of treating diseases in outpatient clinics in hospitals cannot fully meet the development needs of the current medical and health industry. In order to realize the service concept of "convenience, speediness and frugality", it is an inevitable trend to optimize the service of curing diseases by traditional Chinese medicine. The integration and integration of the Internet's advantageous resources to optimize and simplify the service process can promote the optimization and upgrading of the service. The specific process of optimizing TCM treatment services is as follows:

Collect information of health status of Chinese medicine

The first step of developing medical service is to evaluate and judge the health status of the patient comprehensively by collecting the health information of the patient. Traditional Chinese medicine mode of "looking, listening, asking and cutting" is the best model to collect and judge the health status of the patient. The disadvantage is that the information collection and identification need to be operated by human, which makes the medical service process of curing diseases become complicated and costs manpower and material resources. Under the influence of the Internet and science and technology, a number of instruments have emerged that can partially replace traditional Chinese medicine to carry out the four diagnostic methods, such as tongue surface information acquisition system, five-tone identification system, traditional Chinese medicine physique assessment - identification-intervention system and infrared thermal imaging equipment. Taking the center for curing disease of the first affiliated hospital of hunan university of traditional Chinese medicine as an example, the "space capsule", a health assessment machine, can be used to collect information on human body and directly give health assessment, which can save time for medical treatment, simplify the service process and conform to the fast-paced modern lifestyle.

In the implementation of treatment without disease intervention recuperation

It is an indispensable part in the process of medical treatment service to provide medical treatment intervention for patients. According to traditional Chinese medicine health data gained by the acquisition and health status identification of traditional Chinese medicine, in addition to providing such as acupuncture, massage, cupping, scrape sha, acupoint sticking, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, medicinal food diet and other unique characteristics of the traditional Chinese medicine nursing methods, according to the seasons and the relationship between day and night alternate rise and fall of Yin and Yang and adjust the daily life work and rest, according to different regional climate and the characteristics of the natural and social environment and do as the Romans do, according to the characteristics of the different groups to develop individualized rehabilitation plan was also heal disease intervention is an important part of the conditioning. At the same time, it actively USES the Internet to make real-time adjustment in the form of email, SMS and information through online communication, and gives patients a variety of effective and practical slow disease management plans, so as to help patients establish a comprehensive, reasonable and healthy lifestyle.

Provide TCM health tracking service

The service process of curing diseases should be a comprehensive health care service that covers the whole process of prevention, treatment and nursing. After the intervention of the patients receiving the services, the establishment of a TCM health status tracking service network system is conducive to the improvement of the health literacy of the people, and is also an essential part of the treatment services. Compared with the traditional face-to-face direct management, it is more efficient and convenient to use convenient Internet to track patients' illness. Doctors and patients can keep in touch through communication methods such as WeChat and QQ. Medical mobile apps such as "road to health" have opened consultation services for doctors. The interpretation of examination results or the use of consulting drugs can be directly solved online, saving manpower and material resources and improving the efficiency of treatment. Released at the same time, the healer by establishing a classroom, popular science articles and popularize health knowledge, health way of life, adjust patients and related network platform can automatically record service will not cure disease diagnosis and treatment process, update and adjust the disease management database, guidelines, the best preventive solution, the causes of disease and risk factors, etc.

Innovative service model

Service patterns must match service requirements. At present, the public is no longer satisfied with the traditional service of only face-to-face and one-to-one treatment of undiagnosed diseases. It has become a historical necessity to use Internet technology to innovate the service mode of curing undiagnosed diseases, and to expand the service scope of treating undiagnosed diseases horizontally.

Innovative intervention model

There are rich treatment methods and unique recuperation methods, such as the four seasons health, sleep health, emotional health, living health, diet health and so on. Under the impact and impetus of the Internet, these ideas of adjustment have gained new vitality. "Food and drink have festival, daily life have regular, do not make a mistake" is "huangdi neijing" left to the later generations of health, the intervention of the Internet has made it a controllable reality. At present, there are intelligent pillows on the market that can monitor sleep and wake up quietly. The software that can inquire calories, such as "thin thin", calculates the basic intake quantity of calories through the height and weight of each person, records every time to be able to monitor his/her caloric intake in real time, so as to control his/her diet. There are countless "do not do hard work" devices, such as the smart sports bracelet, which usually has the function of sitting for a long time, when sitting for an hour will vibrate to remind you to leave the seat movement. With the development of society, the prospect of developing more intelligent machines to serve human healthy lifestyle is expected.

Strengthen health education

By using the communication media of the Internet and through the publicity platforms such as WeChat, weibo, QQ, etc., we actively create an atmosphere, promote the healthy public account, Chinese medicine health training lectures and so on to popularize the concept of curing diseases. Make publicity articles, video, pictorial and other effective forms, make full use of web pages, mobile software and other means to popularize the knowledge of curing diseases and the concept of curing diseases in publicity. It is suggested that each center should set up a special publicity and education service department to carry out health lectures in enterprises, schools and communities, and organize regular Chinese medicine treatment and non-disease service personnel to preach and interact on the webcast platform, so as to strengthen the public's understanding of Chinese medicine treatment and non-disease treatment with health education.

Explore intelligent health monitoring technology

Using Internet technology to monitor health status dynamically is an important part of optimizing treatment services. Using intelligent instruments and equipment for real-time monitoring, when there is not well, by monitoring and timely record discomfort symptoms of images, and the data stored in electronic archives, reuse online database to differentiate the patient's physical health, assessment by monitoring susceptible to disease, and offer certain health risks. For example, a new type of portable sub-health assessment and sleep quality monitoring equipment on the market can be continuously monitored by collecting human ecg signals, and the effectiveness of human sub-health status and intervention measures can be tested and evaluated through data analysis. In addition, the convenient devices on the market, such as the glucometer that can automatically measure the blood glucose alarm and the bracelet that monitors the heart rate, are all innovative products of health condition detection under the background of the Internet.

Establish a disease warning system

Disease early warning requires timely, authentic and comprehensive collection of samples, correct access to accurate information, and authentic and objective reflection of human health and clinical manifestations of related diseases. When the monitoring indicators of patients deviate from the normal range, timely issue warning information through remote service, take preventive measures and give warnings of different degrees, such as green for health level, orange for critical value and red for high risk state. In addition to the individual disease warning, regional group disease prediction warning is also very necessary. For example, the geographical information of disease prediction and early warning can be formed by recording the information of disease prediction and early warning in each place and time period on the electronic map. According to the geographical information of disease prediction and early warning, this paper provides information for epidemiological studies, summarizes and even predicts the occurrence and development of diseases.

Create remote services

Only by integrating advanced medical resources can we serve more grassroots people, among which remote consultation is the most convenient way. The remote service has the following advantages: first, it is convenient and fast. Second, to save the cost of diagnosis and treatment, reduce the service cost of curing the disease through the Internet, reduce the input of medical staff, and improve the service efficiency. The third is to get rid of regional restrictions in curing diseases and connect patients, medical personnel, hospitals and related enterprises across the country through the Internet.

There are two basic categories of remote services for curing diseases. One is the remote telecommunication service, which is based on voice communication, including voice query, voice consultation, telephone order and telephone appointment for clinic or family doctor door-to-door service. The other type is internet-based remote service, and the situation is diversified, including traditional online customer service, online manual education, online remote diagnosis and treatment of doctors, etc.

Take advantage of the Internet to build an operating platform. Many hospitals, testing and drug enterprises are connected together to realize the integration of diagnosis and treatment standards, the same testing and diagnosis results, and the first-line pricing of drugs. The remote service system is introduced to realize the unification of different regions and even the whole country. The unified management of the individual, while the implementation of individualized Chinese medical treatment service mode, so that both sides organically combined, mutually beneficial and win-win.

With the adjustment of the market economy, individual users are growing, and the use of mobile phones and computers is rising. Only by establishing a perfect service platform that truly meets the individual needs of customers, can patients truly benefit from the services for treatment of diseases in China, achieve non-differentiated management and treatment, and achieve national health.

The Internet can be used for unified management, assessment and evaluation of doctors and nurses, driving medical staff to learn actively and master the theory and practical operation process of curing diseases. We should improve the management system of medical practitioners and nurses, assess the level of diagnosis and treatment of doctors and nurses on a regular basis through the evaluation on the customer platform, and give corresponding rewards and punishments to motivate medical workers.

Each service platform for curing diseases can record the information of customers and the diagnosis and treatment operations of medical staff during the conversations between medical staff and customers, and can monitor and control the quality of diagnosis and treatment through professionals. By editing and group management of customer data provided by remote service platform, it is convenient for medical staff to establish health management database. When patients come to see a doctor, the system will accurately identify the category of patients according to the evaluation of patients, so that patients can select relevant specialist doctors and medical staff can provide highly targeted services, and choose more effective services for treating diseases, so as to improve the effectiveness of online consultation and outpatient appointment.

In terms of service record function, every time will heal disease of remote service object, time, content, and remarks to save on the server, at the end of each service, patients are able to evaluate the service every time, is advantageous for the medical personnel appraisal, and the medical staff did not cure disease diagnosis and treatment schemes of preservation, easier for staff to learn from each other communication, improve the detection and treatment of medical staff.

In terms of the charging function, a secure connection channel is built based on the Internet system to guarantee the safety of the operation platform of medical services for hospitals, enterprises and customers. Have a combination of remote assistance, query, voice, video, and other functions, after the service to the customer not cure disease, do not need to use third-party software can achieve customer instant payment, support via alipay or online banking to pay for a remote service, truly achieve cure not ill service fast and convenient, more conducive to the development of TCM.