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Cool autumn wind to end the heat need to pay attention to four aspects


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Cool autumn wind to end the heat need to pay attention to four aspects

2018-08-21 15:04:13 source: people's health net

The beginning of autumn has already passed, morning and evening weather gradually cool, the wind blew on the body has relaxed and bursts of cool, along with the refreshing wind, the lunar 24 solar terms of the 14th - end of heat arrived. Already beginning autumn, how still have "summer"? Don't forget the attributive "place". It is recorded in the interpretation of the seventy-two Pentecostal season. "Place" contains the meaning of hiding and ending; End of heat that is "out of heat", is the meaning of hot leave, means that is about to enter the meteorological significance of autumn, end of heat represents temperature from hot to cold solar terms. The climate of this period is characterized by falling temperatures, crisp autumn air and, of course, some areas experiencing autumn tiger attacks.

Under such weather conditions, human skin may become tight and even flaky, hair dry and dull, dandruff and dry lips or cracks. Weather morning and evening temperature difference is big and much wind, often make certain disease recur or aggravate at this time, be like breath hold back, irritability rhinitis; Some people are susceptible to cold symptoms at this time of year; The change of season is also easy to let people appear gastrointestinal function disorder, in the day that should paste autumn fat but become do not know should eat or should not eat; There are some people in this season will feel very tired, how can not play spirit, is really due to the phrase "spring and autumn tired."

Such weather may as well from the following aspects to adjust themselves, to prevent disease and strengthen the body, to spend years peacefully.

According to the weather, increase or decrease clothing

The weather turns cool after the end of heat. Hot at noon, cool in the morning and evening, forming a large temperature difference between day and night. "An autumn rain a cool" climate characteristics are obvious. Day hot night cool climate, the convergence of human Yang qi formed a good condition. Do not be anxious to add clothes at this time, comply with the meaning of "spring wu autumn frost", the purpose is to let the body surface temperature not too high, which helps the closure of the human body pores, so as to help the surface of the solid astringency and Yang qi convergence. However, it should be noted that since the temperature is low in the morning and evening, the air is windy and the light is strong, the clothing should be appropriately added to keep warm, prevent wind and prevent from sun, so as to avoid the occurrence of cold, wind and solar dermatitis.

Second, clear and repair, regulating the spleen and stomach

This is because in the hot summer, sweat make water and salt metabolism disorders, gastrointestinal function abate, increased burden cardiovascular and nervous system, excessive consumption of energy, the weather gets colder, human appetite improved, the energy of the season, but diet should avoid fat GanHou flavour immediately fill, and should be slowly figure, keep a light diet, reasonable nutrition. Moderate warming but eat less spicy BBQ food, including pepper, ginger, zanthoxylum, scallion, cinnamon and wine, because from traditional Chinese medicine, these foods easy to aggravate the harm of dry autumn on the human body; Avoid greasy foods, which can cause drowsiness in the body. At this time, the diet should focus on cleansing and regulating the spleen and stomach, and increase the intake of high-quality protein, such as eggs, lean meat, fish, dairy products and soy products, to supplement energy; Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits is conducive to the metabolism of waste in the body and the supplement of vitamins and dietary fiber. Still can eat some of red jujube, longan, Chinese wolfberry, mutton wait for food to undertake warm fill according to the body circumstance.

Change your habits and get enough sleep

The day of summer is long and night is short, the weather is sultry, fall asleep is difficult, morning when daybreak earlier also affected human body morpheus is long, pass a summer, a lot of people appeared the circumstance that sleep is insufficient. After the end of heat the weather gets cold, the days get shorter and the night extended gradually, people should change the habit of summer night to bed and early to rise, as far as possible to sleep before 11 PM, and appropriate delay time get up, make morpheus time extended, guarantee the duration and quality of sleep, conditional or, when necessary, also can have a little nap, to help the recovery of vitality, resolving difficult emotions. What need to notice additionally is when sleeping at night should close good door window, pay attention to cover is warm, prevent autumn wind attack makes the spleen and stomach suffer from cold and cause a disease.

See physical strength, strengthen exercise

Although we do not need to "exercise in winter, exercise in summer", but to develop a good exercise habit is extremely important to our health. Exercise should come according to their physical strength, step by step, gradually enhance, mobilize the whole body's function and the body's Yang qi, help in the seasonal change of self-regulation, in order to avoid the seasonal change on the body side impact. The method of exercise should not be limited, as long as the physical fitness is appropriate, walking, running, doing exercises, yoga, mountaineering and so on are good choices, the process of exercise must pay attention to the tolerance of cardiopulmonary function, avoid excessive exercise caused the body's discomfort response, adverse effects will not be good.

The change of season is natural law, cold alternation needs us to be able to endure, from the Angle of food, clothing, shelter, help us to live in the four seasons.