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"The third international conference on the prevention of cancer and cancer of traditional Chinese medicine and the joint decision and exchange between doctors and patients BBS" was held in kunming

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

"The third international conference on the prevention of cancer and cancer of traditional Chinese medicine and the joint decision and exchange between doctors and patients BBS" was held in kunming


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the party's nineteenth congress, actively integrate into and serve the strategy of healthy China, actively participate in the construction of One Belt And One Road, respond to the national strategy for the development of traditional Chinese medicine, promote public health, and enhance public awareness of cancer prevention and cancer prevention. By the world federation of Chinese medicine external treatment tumor speciality committee of China association of social work, social work committee, the Chinese community volunteer committee, the kunming city Red Cross volunteers association hosted, love the home of the public welfare service center hosted in Beijing the "the third international cancer anticancer science of traditional Chinese medicine big bully pulpit and patient decision making and communication BBS" on the morning of July 28, 2018 in the beautiful spring city - kunming China dynasty hotel is held ceremoniously. The theme of this conference is: "cooperation between Chinese and western medicine, keep away from bad habits and make cancer prevention more clear". The conference invited well-known Chinese and western cancer experts, cancer stars, family members and volunteers to hold a high-level and high-level health science popularization conference for yunnan people, as well as large-scale free consultation and discussion activities, so as to benefit more people.

(" BBS group photo of the third international conference on the prevention of cancer and cancer of traditional Chinese medicine and the joint decision and exchange between doctors and patients ")

Professor li zhong, executive vice President and secretary general of the professional committee of the world federation of Chinese medicine societies for the prevention and treatment of cancer and a renowned clinical expert in Chinese medicine, said in his speech: "with the rapid increase of cancer population, the construction of anti-cancer system needs to be further improved. As a medical worker, it is incumbent on more people to understand the knowledge of cancer prevention and cancer prevention, understand the standard scientific methods of cancer prevention and cancer prevention, and promote the joint participation of doctors and patients. The CCCC will spare no effort to continue to popularize scientific knowledge on cancer prevention and cancer prevention, promote the cooperation between Chinese and western medicine in cancer prevention and treatment, and bring more cancer patients benefit from traditional Chinese medicine.

(speech by professor li zhong, executive vice President and secretary general of the world association of China special committee on the prevention and treatment of cancer by Chinese medicine)

Yang fan, executive vice President of the kunming Red Cross society, said: this charity event is organized by the most professional team, the most authoritative expert resources, the most comprehensive doctor-patient communication experience, the most caring anti-cancer public welfare action. By oncologists public lecture, doctor-patient co-decision BBS, cancer experts yizhen, sunshine model and content and outstanding volunteers for four plates, popularize knowledge of the latest cancer anticancer Chinese and western medicine, to witness the most touching anti-cancer story, participate in the most powerful anti-cancer anti-cancer public interest action, carry forward the humanitarian fraternity dedicated spirit of the Red Cross, the practice of the noble sentiment, will be for the construction of the city of kunming health plays a positive role.

(speech by Yang fan, executive vice President of kunming Red Cross society)

Yuan yuan yuan, vice President of the China volunteers association and director of the community volunteers committee, said BBS has popularized health knowledge and provided a volunteer service platform for cancer prevention and cancer prevention through a series of activities. Volunteer service concept for the propaganda, inheritance of Chinese civilization, condensed the whole social resources, into health and service strategy in China, to promote the health, establish the platform of doctor-patient common anti-cancer, play a role of professional social workers and volunteers, and promote the development of medical social work, to build a big public landscape, will have a positive lead and promote role.

(speech by Ms. Yuan yuan, vice President of China volunteers association and director of community volunteers committee)

In popular science BBS link, the famous TCM clinical expert professor sasihorfswe "cancer patients should eat", Beijing university of Chinese medicine professor qing-wen zhu qiao with external treatment of anti-tumor, the first clinical medical college of Beijing university of Chinese medicine professor Shang Lixin "because people ShiYi healthier", yunnan province tumor hospital of Chinese and western medicine combined with branch director professor hong-mei shen "talk about cancer without color change", the Chinese women's college master of social work professional education center YuXinRong lady "multidisciplinary intervention for patients with cooperation" contents such as benefit to listeners call. At the same time, the conference also specially created "BBS for the joint decision-making between doctors and patients". Professor li jun, professor wang shaoxia, professor sun fengxia, professor xiong weihong and professor shen hongmei answered questions from netizens on the spot. After hearing the lecture, Ms. Shang, from henan province, said excitedly, "this public welfare lecture has brought our patients' friends a wonderful and high-level knowledge of Chinese medicine on cancer prevention and cancer prevention, as well as the latest popular cancer prevention methods, which have benefited a lot." "I have sent the live link to the conference to our patient group, and everyone is asking when video will be posted online." According to the organizers, 360,000 people watched the entire BBS live broadcast of video through the Internet.

(from left to right: professor li jun, professor sun fengxia, professor shen hongmei, professor wang shaoxia, professor xiong weihong)

During the "sunshine role model" and "outstanding volunteers" awards, a series of touching cancer stories, a powerful cancer star, and a group of caring volunteers made the atmosphere more warm and friendly. Qi deming, President of the kunming cancer rehabilitation association and the cancer rehabilitation professional committee of yunnan Red Cross society, Shared her experience of successfully fighting cancer and encouraged cancer patients present to build up their cancer confidence. Jiang songting, a shining example from Beijing, said excitedly, "the example of sunshine proves that it is an effective way for doctors and patients to work together to fight cancer in groups. It is based on healthy spirit and improves the survival ability of cancer patients.

(photo of guests, experts and sunshine role models)

Ms. An Yang, the host of this conference, led the volunteers to take the oath: "let's pledge together: to practice the spirit of volunteerism, to promote traditional virtues, to serve others, to convey the true feelings of the world, and to make the whole society pay attention to public welfare and health services." "My husband died of cancer in his 40s. My son was diagnosed with cancer last year. There are many more patients and family members on the scene who feel the same way.

(volunteers from kunming Red Cross society and outstanding volunteer representatives take the oath)

"We signed up late. We didn't have an appointment. Could you please add a number? In order to benefit more patients, this afternoon, nearly 10 experts held free free free free free free free free free consultation for nearly 100 tumor patients and sub-health persons from hubei, fujian, henan, shandong, guizhou and sichuan who had been scheduled to come to Beijing yufangtang, a famous clinical institution of traditional Chinese medicine. "I signed up on the first day," said gao, a breast cancer patient at yunnan tumor hospital. "I was afraid that the quota was limited and the opportunity to see an expert was lost." Wang da jie, from hubei province, experienced two operations and eight chemotherapy treatments in the advanced stage of breast cancer. This time, she came to kunming to see professor li zhong.

On the same day, the charity also held a "charity road love is at your side" symposium. Vice President of the Chinese volunteers association, director of the community volunteer committee Yuan Yuan, China association of social work, deputy director of the division of social work Chen Kui, kunming, standing vice President of Red Cross last, Beijing home of love, chairman of the center for public service mon language and so on more than 10 people, to discuss the topic "cross-regional integration to promote the public service".

(" charity road with love at your side "forum)

"The third international cancer anticancer science of traditional Chinese medicine big bully pulpit and patient decision making and communication BBS" success, to advocate the social positive action, and communication between Chinese and western collaborative scientific idea of cancer prevention, popularize knowledge of anti-cancer of Chinese medicine health, improve the consciousness of the masses of cancer prevention and control, enhance confidence in the fight against cancer patients, effectively restrain cancer brings social harm, efforts to achieve the goal of conquer cancer. Cancer is not terrible, as long as we adhere to the scientific concept of anti-cancer, give full play to the power of traditional Chinese medicine against cancer anticancer, traditional Chinese and western medicine together, establish doctor-patient cancer prevention and control system, together we can win the battle cancer anticancer, painting is "the world without cancer, healthy China" beautiful blueprint of the new era, make traditional Chinese medicine to become the world's cancer anticancer powerhouse, become a shining name card of China towards the world.

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