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How important it is to develop original TCM thinking


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How important it is to develop original TCM thinking

The 2018-09-18 health

By Beijing university of Chinese medicine professor, national physician, master wang, led the national social science fund project "original thinking methodology of the research of traditional Chinese medicine" subject can be held in Beijing a few days ago, the project is the Beijing university of Chinese medicine in the national social science fund project was the second project in the field of major projects, is the another important development in the social science disciplines construction, embodies the Beijing university of Chinese medicine original thinking of traditional Chinese medicine research in the field of social science major breakthrough.

"" original thinking of TCM is the root of TCM, the soul of TCM, the gene of TCM spirit and the unique spiritual sign of TCM." " Professor wang qi explained the significance of the subject at the launch meeting.

Desalination of thinking

It's an important cause of delayed development

Professor wang qi believes that the development of traditional Chinese medicine has been shrinking for a long time. How? Every traditional Chinese medicine person should have his own responsibility and responsibility, and consciously seek for the internal causes of TCM itself, and strive to move forward.

In 2009, several opinions of the state council on supporting and promoting the development of the cause of traditional Chinese medicine pointed out that the characteristic advantages of traditional Chinese medicine gradually faded away and the service sector tended to shrink.. There is insufficient innovation in TCM theory and technology... The basic conditions of the development of traditional Chinese medicine are poor and talents are scarce. In 2016, the outline of the strategic plan for the development of traditional Chinese medicine (2016-2030) issued by the state council described it as follows: total resources of traditional Chinese medicine are still insufficient, the service sector of traditional Chinese medicine has shrunk, the service capacity of basic TCM is weak, and the scale and level of development cannot meet the health needs of the people. There is a shortage of high-level TCM talents, lack of inheritance and innovation.. "It is not hard to find that the actual situation of the survival and development of traditional Chinese medicine in the past seven years is still not optimistic, and the westernization of traditional Chinese medicine is still serious," said professor wang qi. How big a crisis is it that hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine do not get their main income from TCM? In addition, the basic textbooks of traditional Chinese medicine in institutions of higher learning of traditional Chinese medicine have been compiled into nine editions, only adding the content of traditional Chinese medicine physique, lacking new increment.

Professor wang qi stressed: "the Chinese medicine industry has the law of traditional Chinese medicine and the white paper of traditional Chinese medicine, and the development of traditional Chinese medicine has become a national strategy. But if TCM does not solve the problem of theoretical thinking, the problem of 'upper heat, lower cold' and 'surface heat, inner cold' will only become more serious. He believes that the original thinking of TCM is the internal driving force for the development of TCM, and the dilution of TCM thinking is an important reason for the slow development of TCM. Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years, and it is because of strong theories. However, with the passage of time, the spectrum of diseases has changed, and new clinical problems keep emerging. If the problems of theoretical thinking are not solved, the fate of traditional Chinese medicine cannot be fundamentally changed.

Thinking mode

It's the soul of the theoretical system

Every leap and progress in medicine is closely related to the change of medical model and medical treatment model. According to fang keli, a professor at the Chinese academy of social sciences, "it may be a feasible way to understand the uniqueness, scientificity, reality and limitations of TCM theories from the perspective of thinking mode." Professor lu zhizheng, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, said: "in the past 100 years, there have been a lot of doubts about TCM from all aspects of society.

Professor wang qi pointed out that the original thinking mode of traditional Chinese medicine should be comprehensively studied from five aspects: genetic method, philosophical method, clinical evidence method, information method and cognitive method, reflecting the time demand of combining humanities and science, theory and practice, tradition and modern. In fact, as early as the early 21st century, professor wang qi led the research team to carry out the "study on the mode system of original thinking and health status identification of TCM". After five adjustments and revisions in more than two years, the original thinking mode of TCM was finally established, "taking image transport number, taking shape and spirit together, and taking qi as one yuan".

After thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine has not been transformed, replaced or even disappeared in the world. In addition to its unique clinical effects, it is important to have a relatively independent and stable thinking mode and can play an irreplaceable role in the world medical field. Professor wang qi pointed out: "the study of original thinking of Chinese medicine should first answer what is the general thinking mode of Chinese medicine. If the thinking mode is grasped, it captures the soul and core of the theoretical system, as well as basic rules and features."

Original thinking

It should be applied

"Any theory should be transformed into a guiding role for practice, and the output of TCM theories must promote the overall development of TCM academy and guide the clinical practice of TCM, which is the starting point and destination of TCM theories." According to professor wang qi, the development status of traditional Chinese medicine should first solve the problem of theoretical thinking and link to the scientific frontier of theoretical thinking.

"By studying the way of thinking in the science of traditional Chinese medicine, we should address its original nature of thinking and its grasp and leading role in the future. We are not going back to where we are, but to give it new meaning, new ways of expression, and to embody its contemporary value in the service of contemporary human health." According to professor wang qi, the newly launched project of "methodology research of original thinking of TCM" aims to enrich and develop relevant original thinking methodology system of TCM, guide the practice and application of TCM, and provide support for the creative transformation and innovative development of TCM.