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The modern service industry of traditional Chinese medicine has an international standard - the basic requirements of a standardized decoction center (scm02-2018) has been released


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The modern service industry of traditional Chinese medicine has an international standard - the basic requirements of a standardized decoction center (scm02-2018) has been released

2018-09-26 21:37:32 source: China science and technology net - science and technology daily author: qian li

Beijing, Sept. 26 (xinhua) -- the federation of world traditional Chinese medicine societies has officially approved the implementation of scm02-2018. This is the third international standard in the field of traditional Chinese medicine approved after China has obtained the international standard of acupuncture needle and ginseng seed seedling.

The "basic requirements of the standardization decoction center" was drafted by the international alliance of Chinese medicine decoction machines, which was established under the leadership of Beijing donghua original medical equipment co., LTD. It took four months from the approval of the project to the release of the standard, and after four rounds of examination, the expert opinions were formally released. It will help standardize and modernize the administration of the decoction service of the decoction center, improve the quality of its service, and promote the development of the decoction center at home and abroad.

The reporter learned that the standard on the environment and ancillary equipment, personnel, service process, process control, operation of decoction, safety and other aspects of the requirements. It is suitable for guiding the management and service of the decoction center, clarifying the responsibilities of the decoction center, improving the decoction service of the decoction center, and better ensuring the quality of decoction, so as to realize the standardized and standardized management of the decoction center.

From product standard to service standard, standard Chinese medicine promotion and application

In China in the 1990s, most of the Chinese medicine decoction was made in a casserole. At this time, the new decoction equipment of traditional Chinese medicine started to emerge quietly in China, people could get rid of their own home decoction of traditional Chinese medicine, and turn to the hospital or pharmacy for decoction. Around 2007, with the popularity of the machine, it was gradually installed in the first three hospitals, the central hospital, the township hospital and the chain pharmacy. However, its standardized operation, the standardized construction and management of the decoction room is still a blind area, and some chaos has emerged in the domestic decoction market.

How long does Chinese traditional medicine need to soak? How do you want it cooked? How long does it take to cook? How much water? How many times? There is no uniform standard for these problems, and it is difficult for individuals to achieve precise unification, which brings great problems for the promotion and use of traditional Chinese medicine. Under such circumstances, as a leader of the industry of traditional Chinese medicine decoction machine, donghua former medical treatment has undertaken the heavy trust of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, initiated the process of drafting and formulating the industrial standard of the decoction machine, and has successively drafted and formulated the industrial standard, national standard and world standard of the decoction machine, and guided the industry to develop in an orderly direction. In October 2010, the industrial standards of "decoction packaging machine" and "decoction machine" drafted by him were officially implemented nationwide with the approval of the ministry of industry and information technology. On April 1, 2013, the "national standard for traditional Chinese medicine decoction machine" drafted by donghua original medical treatment was officially promulgated and implemented after being examined by the national standardization committee and approved by the ministry of industry and information technology. In May 2014, the draft of its international standard for Chinese medicine decoction machine was adopted unanimously by the experts at the fifth plenary meeting of ISO/TC249 international standard for Chinese medicine held in Kyoto, Japan.

"As tisanes machine specification of the market, by the hospital and the operation of the third generation of frying organization tisanes center also formed a certain scale, how to ensure the TCM institutions at home and abroad tisanes center (tisanes room) generation and service quality, to ensure correct tisanes division of Chinese medicine tisanes machine operation, so as to realize the standardization, standardization of Chinese medicine tisanes center management, more and more important, the" standardization tisanes center basic requirements "allowed to publish, shows that we are on the way of standardized step forward again this time." Beijing donghua former medical equipment co. LTD. Chairman nan long said.

Standardization and stability to promote Chinese medicine to the world

At present, the development of Chinese medicine has become a national strategy. The report of the 19th CPC national congress pointed out that it is necessary to "attach equal importance to both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and to inherit and develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine", so as to clarify the development direction of traditional Chinese medicine. In February 2017, the development plan of TCM "One Belt And One Road" (2016-2020) was released, providing policy guarantee for the formation of the new pattern of TCM "One Belt And One Road" all-round cooperation; In July 2017, the law of traditional Chinese medicine was officially implemented, and supporting documents were issued one after another to push the development of traditional Chinese medicine onto the legal track. On January 11, 2018, the world federation of Chinese medicine societies released the "top ten news of world traditional Chinese medicine in 2017". From top design, legislation and implementation, international standards of traditional Chinese medicine to scientific and technological innovation, talent team training, and the supply of health services of traditional Chinese medicine, all showed "steady and strong" results.

"The state strongly supports the traditional Chinese medicine industry and regulates the treatment and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, which is not only a remediation of the chaos of traditional Chinese medicine, but also a protection of the national treasure industry of traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine is scientific, standard, precise and standard, which is its advantage. But the chemical side effects of western medicine, many difficult diseases do not have a good solution and so on, is precisely the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. Jiang libin, general manager of Beijing donghua former medical equipment co LTD, said the development of TCM is more standardized and easier to promote in the overseas and overseas markets. In the past, traditional Chinese medicine was very mysterious. Few people understood the standards and efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine in production and treatment. When the industry has its own standards and has world standards, it will remove obstacles for the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine in China and in the global market. Traditional Chinese medicine has become more standardized, quantified and visible to the public as western medicine.

Global TCM market is both an opportunity and a challenge to China's TCM industry. At present, the operation of major Chinese medicine decoction slices enterprises is becoming more and more standard and scientific. Donghua original medical treatment is also actively laying out automation system of decoction center, intelligent dispensing of traditional Chinese medicine slices, intelligent Chinese medicine pharmacy and other businesses, and actively carrying out cooperation with key medical colleges and universities to unite with leading enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chain. "" we have absolute lead in the technology of traditional Chinese medicine, and the market space in the future is vast, but we also need to recognize the deficiency of traditional Chinese medicine at present, and the difficulty in ensuring product quality consistency in the existing traditional Chinese medicine standard system is the main constraint. To achieve high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine, we must first solve the problem of standardization and stability. "Said jiang.