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After liqiu cold, cerebrovascular disease love to find! So healthy and not sick all fall!


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After liqiu cold, cerebrovascular disease love to find! So healthy and not sick all fall!

2018-08-14 people's health network

Autumn begins on August 7, marking the beginning of autumn. Autumn is a transitional season in which the weather turns from hot to cold and then from cold to cold. Its climate features are: the humidity in the air decreases, and the temperature difference between day and night increases. So, after beginning of autumn, the weather changes from hot to cool, what disease is easy to happen? How to prevent these diseases? In what ways should we keep healthy? Here, we take a look at the secrets to getting through this fall in a healthy, safe way.

Several common diseases and prevention methods after the beginning of autumn

1. Laryngitis

The air becomes dry and the temperature drops gradually in autumn. If appear obvious pharyngeal unwell, should pay attention to drink warm water more, eat some of nourishing Yin to moisten throat of taste, be like lily, silver ear, black agaric, pear, should protect a voice more normally with the person of much voice, reduce as far as possible speech. In addition, autumn easy on the fire, the proposal is easy to eat spicy food less, so as not to stimulate the throat impact on health.

2, a cold

The temperature difference after beginning of autumn is big, easy catch cold, after catching cold body resistance drops, bring about germ to come in, it is the main inducement of cold. At the turn of summer and autumn, attention should be paid to cold prevention and indoor ventilation. Healthy people often use cold water to wash their mouth and nose to help prevent colds.

3. Gastrointestinal diseases

In summer and autumn, many gastrointestinal diseases occur. People with stomach diseases should pay attention to keep warm. The diet should be warm, light, vegetarian and fresh.

Respiratory diseases

People with poor respiratory defense are more likely to get sick when the seasons change. Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevent respiratory diseases and lung diseases after the beginning of autumn. The infirm such as old and young need to pay attention to exercise, strengthen nutrition, maintain relaxed state of mind is also very important, often laugh can increase lung capacity.

5. Cerebrovascular diseases

The combination of cold and dryness leads to vasoconstriction, which leads to increased cerebral vascular diseases and easy to induce stroke. In particular, the elderly, after the beginning of autumn should pay attention to the intake of protein, magnesium, calcium rich food, can effectively prevent cerebrovascular diseases. Avoid overeating with seven to eight meals.

After the beginning of autumn, not everyone is fit for mending

Autumn means the arrival of the golden season of supplement, but supplement is also a cultured, inappropriate supplement methods not only do not play the expected effect, sometimes even damage to health.

The principle of Chinese medicine is to fill the empty, not patients should not use tonic. And, false disease has Yin is empty, Yang is empty, qi is empty, blood is empty cent again, take medicine to be able to compensatory benefit body, otherwise backfire.

It is worth noting that daily health care should also be divided into two categories: cold and hot, cold and hot. If moist and hot body person, cannot eat the food such as pilose antler to fill, but should clear heat BBB 0; At ordinary times, people with phlegm can take more food to strengthen spleen and improve lung, such as mountain medicine, the seed of Job’s tears, lily and almond. The elderly patients with asthma and cough are often accompanied by kidney deficiency, and they can take some medicine for tonifying the lung and kidney, such as cordyceps sinensis, gekko, walnuts, Gordon euryale and so on. Accordingly, had better ask a doctor to feel the pulse first before infilling, correct illness infilling, ability better play medicinal food effect.

The four ways of keeping health after the beginning of autumn

1. Diet and health

Less xin-zeng acid-increasing "natural gas hiding method" said: "lung main autumn................. The lung wants to harvest, eats the acid urgently to accept, fills with the acid, the xin xie." Due to the release of the pungent taste, the sour taste converges the lung gas, the autumn lung gas should be collected not spread, so to eat less green Onions, ginger, garlic, leek, pepper and other spicy food, eat more orange, lemon, grapes, apple, pomegranate, yangmei, grapefruit and other sour food.

Eat more nourishing Yin nourishing lung food after the beginning of autumn dry gas play, dry evil lung easily injured, so the diet should be nourishing Yin nourishing lung as appropriate, can properly eat sesame, lily, honey, pineapple, dairy products, such as nourishing Yin nourishing lung. In addition, due to the heat of the fall is still not exhausted, the weather is still sultry, so it is still necessary to properly eat the products to prevent heat, such as green bean soup, lotus seed congee, lily congee, mint congee, such food not only can reduce heat and sweat, but also can strengthen spleen and appetite.

2. Living and health maintenance

Early lying and early rising to gather Yang "su ask? Four qi tone god big theory" cloud: "when the Yin and Yang of fu four, the root of all things, so the sage spring and summer Yang, autumn and winter Yang, from its root, so with all things on the growth of the door, against the root of the root to cut its origin, bad it really true." After the beginning of autumn, the natural yangqi began to converge, subsidence, people should start to do a good preparation for the maintenance of yangqi. In the daily life should be accomplished "early lie, early rise, with the chicken all prosperity". Early to bed can comply with the convergence of Yang qi, early to make the lung gas can be expanded, and prevent too excessive convergence. Early start in autumn can also reduce the chance of thrombosis, which is of certain significance to prevent the occurrence of ischemic diseases such as cerebral thrombosis. Generally speaking, fall to night 9 ~ 10 o 'clock, morning 5 ~ 6 o 'clock get up appropriate.

Be careful when using air conditioners. The weather is still hot after autumn. Need to remind everybody attention is, after liqiu try not to use air conditioning at night when sleeping. Because after beginning of autumn although the heat is not finished, but day and night temperature difference gradually increase, often is day hot, night cool. If use air conditioning when sleeping at night, make the person appears easily the symptom such as body heat headache, joint ache, abdominal pain diarrhoea. Additional, also should not be opposite when sleeping door window, avoid to be affected by cold wind attack and disease.

Emotional health

"Su asked? Four qi tone god big argument" said: "autumn march... To calm the ambition, to slow down the sentence, convergence of the air, so that the autumn qi flat, no outside its ambition, so that the lung qi clear, this autumn qi should, the way to nurture." After the beginning of autumn in the spiritual aspect to achieve inner peace, happy mood, avoid the sad feeling, even if the sad things, should take the initiative to eliminate, to avoid the spirit of killing, but also should be restrained air, to adapt to the spirit of autumn.

Stay healthy

Liqiu when "Yang xiaoyin long", the human body has also "convergence" of time, so should reduce the number of sexual activities. Because the human body if Yang qi is insufficient, can draw on the nature of spring to grow hair, the gas of summer Yang heat to raise Yang qi by temperature, and the person of Yin essence inadequacy, can draw on the nature of qiu dong to collect to conduce Yin essence, although the idea that reason keeps fine emphasizes is the key point that winter regains life, actually should begin from beginning.