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How is the best hospital managed by

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

Guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (CMH), which gathers Chinese and western culture, pursues a state of "bringing harmony". Under the guidance of the core values of "patients first, employees first, and sincere care", it innovates the management system, encourages the growth of talents, and promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the hospital

How is the best hospital managed by 

Time: 2018-08-06 source: China Daily of traditional Chinese medicine 1 edition author: ge weitao chestnut sign

Li ling, director of the health development research center of Peking University, has studied the deepening of medical reform in China for a long time and has made great achievements. In 2010, when she was appointed to the policy research office of guangdong provincial party committee, li ling conducted in-depth research on guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. She was deeply impressed by the management practice of guangdong hospital integrating traditional Chinese culture, excellent style of the party and modern management system.

"We spent a few days in the Chinese hospital, and we felt a breath of sunshine coming our way. The hospital culture of great medicine, the spiritual outlook of high spirits, the unity atmosphere of the office-bearers and the relationship between water and milk are our most direct feelings to guangdong traditional Chinese hospital. "The hospital's culture not only embodies the essence of Chinese tradition and traditional Chinese medicine culture, but also embodies socialist morality and the concept of scientific development," li wrote in her research report.

Hospital culture is the soul of a hospital. Based on "level standing in front of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine, tracking management capability matching in place, provide the best therapeutic regimen for patients, established a perfect human medicine, guangdong hospital of convergence between Chinese and western culture essence, let" patient first, the staff for this, sincere caring about "the core values guide the hospital development, improve employees' well-being and promote hospital form the overall coordination of coexistence" chih-chung and "state.

Value management builds a community of interests

"Zhizhong" is the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture, which means "the mean". The great foundation of the world is the Chinese; He who is at peace is at peace. To the harmony, the status of the sky and the education of all things." "Zhong" means to do things impartially and appropriately, "he" means to accord with the natural law and social common sense, and "zhong" means the ideal state in which heaven and earth are in their proper place. Guangdong province hospital of traditional Chinese medicine through the value management, so that every employee initiative enterprising, the body and mind happy, realizes the neutralization treatment.

There is a statue of ye xin in the ersha island branch of guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Every year on March 25, many people come here to send flowers and express their condolences. On this day 15 years ago, ye xin, then head nurse of the emergency department of guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, was killed in the battle against SARS. At the time, her husband made only two demands to the hospital, one was to replace a new nurse's suit for ye xin, and the other was to pay his own money to the medical staff who had been infected with SARS because of her care.

In the fight against SARS, 77 medical staff at guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine fell ill, but no one ever asked to leave the affected area. After ye xin's death, more than 100 people signed up to enter the infected area, and 91 people joined the party. This fearless spirit is the core value of guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.

"We always insist that 'TCM is at the forefront of modern medicine'. There are differences in the thinking system between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. How do you bring people who think differently together? We must have common ideals, common beliefs and common values. Lu yubo, former President of guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and now honorary President, said, "for this reason, we carry out value management, so that all the staff of the hospital set up a common core value -- patients first, employees first, sincere care."

For this value to be recognized by employees and to be acted upon consciously, it must be recognized that this value is consistent with our own interests. For this reason, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has always insisted on guiding and enlightening its staff from the dialectical relationship between the interests of patients, hospitals and employees. To receive a red envelope is to drive away a group of patients, and to prescribe a large prescription is to lose more prescriptions. The improvement of doctors' personal technical level cannot be separated from patients, and patients have made doctors' career. Patients choose us to trust us, and we must repay them with exquisite medical skills and sincere care. As long as we make contributions to society, society will naturally repay us.

"The premise of good hospital management is that every employee should take care of himself. The personality of the college leader, the way of handling affairs and the specific decision making play an important demonstration role to the staff of the college. "There are countless eyes staring at us. In terms of the distribution of benefits and the use of power, the hospital leadership has put the development of the hospital in the first place and truly practiced the core values of the hospital. Many details can explain the leadership of the hospital to lead by example. For example, the hospital installed air conditioning, giving priority to the clinical front line; All bidding and purchasing, the leadership of the institute actively avoided.

On the basis of consensus on hospital mission, vision and core values, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine hopes to establish the concept of everyone participating in hospital management, so as to unify the dean responsibility system and the democratic management of employees. For this reason, the hospital makes full use of the deliberative power, examination right and examination right of the staff and workers' congress. Any problem that concerns employees' vital interests will be discussed and decided by the staff and workers' congress. At the same time, the channel for employees to express their demands should be unimpeded, the dean's mailbox and staff hotline should be opened, the masses' evaluation and supervision should be carried out, and the hospital leaders and middle-level cadres should be evaluated democratically regularly.

Last July, the general office of the state council issued the guidelines on establishing a modern hospital management system, which put forward new requirements for hospital management in the new era. According to Chen dachan, director of guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, to meet the new challenges, we should stick to the correct orientation of running the hospital and properly handle the relationship between upholding public welfare and market mechanism. "When there is a conflict between economic benefits and social effects, social benefits should be pursued first." For example, last year guangzhou public hospitals began to implement a zero-price medicine reform, while adjusting the prices of some medical services, Chen said. The question of whether medical service should be carried out in the direction of economic benefit has caused confusion. In this case, the courtyard party committee timely emphasis on "four insists cannot change" -- guided by the demands of patients, the key value concept of patient-centered cannot be changed, adhere to the interests of society, of the hospital, the staff uniform institutional arrangement principles cannot be changed, can not adhere to the road of connotation development, adhere to the features and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine hospital direction cannot be changed. Under the correct guidance, the hospital has achieved a smooth transition of reform.

Jianping platform built a nest to lead the phoenix to build the hospital into a talent gathering highland

The construction of the realm of "bringing harmony" enables the talents to develop in an environment where they feel they can get their own way. The hospital follows the trend and strives to build a dynamic platform for the growth of talents. Guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, on the one hand, "build a bridge and pave the way" and implement a series of measures to cultivate talents, so as to create conditions for the growth of talents.

In front of the ersha island branch of guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, a stone tablet inscribed with the words "famous doctor tree" was erected when the "famous doctor project" was launched in 2001. The trees around the stele were planted by deng tietao, ren jixue, zhu liangchun, lu zhizheng, yan dexin and 15 other TCM seniors. The small trees planted in those days have now become a forest. They have witnessed the glorious progress of the young talents of guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.

The famous medical project was the first to invite foreign teachers to guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to carry out the model of mentoring. Vice President zhang zhongde was one of the first trainees of the famous medical project. His teacher was chao enxiang, a master of traditional Chinese medicine of china-japan friendship hospital. "Classical classical classical classical classical classical classical classical classical classical classical classical classical classical classical studies, I, want to be a good doctor, first, do a good job of clinical research while doing a good job of scientific research, to be sensitive to scientific research, pay attention to summary of experience, lead forward development of traditional Chinese medicine; Second, when treating patients, we should adhere to the thinking of traditional Chinese medicine and apply the unique diagnosis and treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine to clinical practice. Zhang zhongde said, the teacher's teachings he has not forgotten.

Shen baofan, a master of traditional Chinese medicine at xinjiang uygur autonomous region hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, is also one of the teachers of famous medical engineering. More than ten years ago, when I attended a conference in guangdong, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine approached shen baofan and introduced him to the original intention and practice of the famous medical project, hoping that he could participate in it. "I was a little surprised." Shen recalled that xinjiang was located in a remote area and he was not well known in China. Guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is eager for talents of Chinese medicine to show the determination. Shen took in three of the academy's apprentices, and from 2008 to 2011, he went to guangdong provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine four times a year to conduct house inspection.

Over the past ten years, from the beginning of the selection of only the national famous old Chinese medicine, to now as long as there is a skilled masters are included in the selection range; From the beginning, the director of the department was required to follow the teacher by administrative order. Now, more young and middle-aged cadres are competing to visit the teacher. From being limited to learning famous medicine, to focusing on the comprehensive grasp and application of the academic thought and experience of famous old Chinese medicine; From paying attention to the combing of the academic connotation and experience of famous doctors, to the further application of the requirements in clinical practice, the "breadth" and "depth" of "famous doctors project" have been continuously expanded, and 412 young cadres have been paid tribute to famous teachers, and their business capabilities have improved rapidly.

"Famous doctor project" is the result of guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine's concept of "flexible talent introduction". Due to the shortage of high-level talents, there are many obstacles to attract talents in the form of "unit ownership". Therefore, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine breaks the traditional concept and sets up the talent concept of "not seeking all, but seeking use", and makes talents from all over the country to be used by them through different methods such as following teachers from different places and recruiting external experts.

Plant a good plantain tree, own phoenix to come. The fulcrum that attracts talent is multidimensional necessarily, but to true outstanding talent, the attraction of career far outweighs other factors. Guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is committed to building a platform for high-level talents to display their talents, leaving enough space for them, boldly assigning important tasks and inspiring their strong enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. In 1998, nguyen sin-min, then a member of the American society of cardiology, chose to come to guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, "because there is room for me to pursue my career in my own way". In 2013, professor xu Yang of the university of California, us, chose guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine after being invited by sun yat-sen university and other famous universities, because "there is something I want to accomplish here".

The brain is as important as the pocket to realize personal value in "happy province TCM"

Talent doesn't grow easily. In order to make good use of the existing talents and fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity, we must also "set up the stage" so that the talents can be used to realize their personal value. It is also necessary to solve their worries about the future, formulate treatment plans to meet different needs, and improve their happiness. Guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has long proposed the construction of "happy province TCM medicine". According to the principle of integrating the interests of patients, hospitals and employees, it adjusts the pattern of interests so that employees can naturally achieve their personal goals while trying to create value for the society. "The head is as important as the pocket." Lu concluded, "we should not only realize the spiritual needs, but also obtain the material satisfaction."

Guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has formulated different professional and series training plans for the medical personnel system, so that each province's TCM personnel can clearly define their career development plans. Since 1993, the hospital has planned to implement the "education project", which includes the chaoyang plan, the training plan for young top talents, and the middle school of western learning. For those with intermediate or above titles, they are required to select their own major direction of attack on the premise of laying a solid foundation, and further study in a certain field to become the best in this field.

In order to create a working atmosphere in which you catch up with each other, compete with each other and strive for the upper reaches, guangdong traditional Chinese medicine hospital builds a scientific and technological innovation system around the construction of research-based hospitals, provides full-time researchers with the establishment, and practically guarantees the innovation vitality of the scientific research team. The Principal Investigator system is implemented for the research team. The hospital determines the PI through "voluntary enrollment and competitive selection", and then sets up the team with "two-way selection and task-oriented".

"We implement ABC management for our research teams." In charge of scientific research of Lu Chuanjian, vice President of the introduction, the formation of the first construction period (3 years) according to the C level management team, starting from the second construction period according to the assessment results to assess for ABC level 3, class A and class B team compensation and PI treatment increase, for two consecutive cycles was rated grade C team and teams that do not meet the basic operating conditions should be disbanded. At present, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has more than 30 scientific research teams, which carry out a series of researches covering "clinical - basic - achievement - transformation", forming a good atmosphere of "innovation-driven development". In the past five years, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has been granted 108 national projects, 35 patents, 2 clinical approvals for new drugs, and 16 provincial and ministerial scientific research achievements as the first completion unit.

The so-called "running water does not decay", with a good career platform, but also let the real flow of talents, only then can burst out vitality and vitality. To this end, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine reformed its personnel system, breaking the rigid pattern of seniority, ability to go up, ability to go down, and ability to go in and out. It changed the concept of "xiangma" to "horse racing", and implemented hierarchical management and target management for department directors, functional department heads and head nurses, and competed for posts. At the same time, we should establish and improve the distribution mechanism of equitable incentives, so that the knowledge, skills, management and other factors possessed by medical personnel become important factors to determine the distribution level. The greater the contribution to patient service, the higher the value will be reflected in the distribution.

From the construction of talent team to the help of employees to realize personal value, from the guidance of core values to the formation of a neutral atmosphere, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has taken the initiative in hospital management, worked hard and won the opportunity to improve the core competitiveness of the hospital in an all-round way. "On the one hand, we should unify our thoughts and build a hospital culture. On the other hand, we should keep pace with The Times and break the shackles of the old concepts. Reviewing the construction process of the hospital management system, lu yubo said with deep experience that when the realization of personal value of employees is unified with the development of the hospital, the modern hospital management goal can be achieved to adhere to the public welfare, mobilize the enthusiasm and guarantee the continuity.

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