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Chinese medicine teaches you the five keys to keeping fit in summer

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

Chinese medicine teaches you the five keys to keeping fit in summer

Flying China news

Now, the heat has come, many people are not ready to prevent the heat to cool down, many times we may not pay attention to some of the details may be a key point to prevent the heat. Heat and health preservation is also a matter of attention. Below with small make up to understand the heat of the heat that traditional Chinese medicine introduces to keep healthy what to point to have?

The fan cools better than the air conditioner

Air conditioning can cool down quickly, but often blowing air conditioning will affect the function of human perspiration. Yang li told the reporter that perspiration is the cooling process of human body's self-regulation. Staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time will reduce the human body's ability to regulate temperature and decrease the ability of central regulation, which will cause various kinds of discomfort.

Therefore, it is better to turn on less air conditioning and use a fan instead to cool down. You can also open more Windows and increase air flow to help cool down. Especially old people, because the body is weak, the ability to adjust temperature is limited, want to blow less air conditioning, can take a fan outside. Also need to remind is, even if the blow air conditioning, don't blow all day and night, can open for a while and then shut, temperature and don't too low, ensure indoor and outdoor temperature is not more than 7 ℃, be careful not to let air conditioning blows straight body at the same time.

Green tea rehydrates water while removing heat

High temperature in the dog days, the human body is easy to dehydrate, so a lot of water is the best way to prevent heatstroke. When replenishing the water, shen says, you can choose to drink some green tea. Because the human body loses not only water at the dog's day, but also a lot of electrolytes. Green tea has the function of clearing heat and removing fire.

In addition, green tea can eliminate tiredness and refresh the brain. If it is not suitable to drink tea, you can add some salt to the boiled water, or you can supplement the water by eating watermelon and drinking green bean soup. However, green beans are cold and should not be consumed in large quantities by children.

Cotton clothes and trousers have strong perspiration resistance

Research has found that the coolness of summer clothing is related to the ability of clothing to absorb perspiration. Cotton clothes are not only comfortable and soft, but also have a strong ability to absorb sweat. Therefore, wearing cotton clothes at the dog's day can speed up the absorption of sweat from the body and quickly take away heat from the body, thus reducing the body temperature. Don't wear clothes too tight, Yang said. Loose clothing can also help sweat leave your body quickly. Dark clothing has a strong ability to absorb heat and can choose lighter colors, such as white, light yellow, light pink, light blue and other colors.

When sleeping, don't be shirtless and wear pajamas. This will protect your abdomen and prevent wind from entering your body and hurting your heart. It is important to note that not wear less must be cool, when the temperature is higher than 37 ℃, skin can't cooling, instead will also absorb heat, so to some extent, summer don't shirtless men go out, women don't through the short skirt.

A warm bath is better than a cold shower

The weather is hot, a lot of people can choose to bathe with cool water to cool down directly, actually this is not correct practice. Zhuangzhu said, the temperature is high in the dog days, the human pores are in an open state, and the metabolic rate is also fast. It can directly cool down the skin, causing the skin surface temperature to plummet, the pores to close, the blood vessels to shrink suddenly, and the body heat cannot be released.

After washing, not only can not play a role in relieving fatigue, but also can make people's limbs weak, shoulder and knee ache, and even induce arthritis and chronic gastroenteritis. Therefore, dog days still had better wash with warm water bath, water temperature at 35 ℃ ~ 37 ℃ is the best. This temperature is warmer than the skin, but lower than the body temperature, very suitable for heat dissipation. It is important to note that some old people are afraid of getting cold and choose to use hot water, which is actually wrong. High temperature may reduce oxygen content in the bathroom, which may lead to syncope due to hypoxia. Therefore, warm water is the best water for bathing.

Mung bean clearing damp is good for spleen

Dampness and heat in the dog days may lead to spleen deficiency. Shen yanying said that the diet should be light, green beans have the effect of strengthening spleen, can drink some green bean porridge clearing damp spleen. Chinese traditional medicine also believes that mung bean soup has the effect of relieving heat, nourishing qi, clearing heat and detoxifying, and has a good therapeutic effect on mild heat stroke, dizziness, headache, short chest sulking, and no sweat and vexation.

In addition, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, especially some fruits and vegetables with higher vitamin content, such as tomatoes, watermelons and cucumbers. People with sunnydermatitis should be careful not to eat light-sensitive foods such as celery and spinach this season, as these foods will accelerate skin sensitivity to light and increase uv sensitivity.

Through the introduction of the above article, we have a certain understanding of the key points of attention to health preservation in hot weather. Now we are entering the dog days.

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