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Male diagnosis of kidney deficit female broken spleen deficiency "old traditional Chinese medicine" fraud money 25 million

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

Male diagnosis of kidney deficit female broken spleen deficiency "old traditional Chinese medicine" fraud money 25 million

Dayang Yang net, aug 08, 2018

Known as "old traditional Chinese medicine" "descendants of famous doctors", specializing in a variety of diseases of men and women? WeChat, the caring doctor who answers questions, is actually a "script" fraud, more than 9,000 people in 9 months, involved in 25 million yuan.

The baiyun court recently sentenced huang, zeng, and liu to six months, six years and three years in prison, and fined, recovered and returned the victims. The remaining 76 defendants were recently sentenced to five to seven months for fraud.

Customers online advertising claims to be able to boost the strength of the bar code scanning and friends

Frightening customers to falsely claim "you are sick" multiple fake identities in turn to build trust

Since 2014, zhang et al. have successively established information consulting companies, biotechnology companies and health consulting companies in baiyun district and tianhe district. According to the need of the division of labor and cooperation, feng and other people have been engaged to be in charge of advertising; Huang assumed the position of manager of information consulting company, in charge of the company's sales business and occupied some shares; Zeng was appointed financial supervisor of information consulting company and biotechnology company, responsible for financial and logistic work. Liu x - jin as the legal representative of the health consulting company, responsible for advertising specific affairs; Yu xx, wu xx, an xx, li xx, zhao xx and others acted as the director of the sales department of the three companies. Zhong xx, wu xx, ouyang xx, xie xx, zhou xx, li xx, Yin xx and others acted as the team leader of the sales department. In addition, more than 70 persons are working as sales department salesmen (other cases are handled by the same personnel).

According to the division of labor, first using the Internet and other media advertising platform, an aphrodisiac to regulate the menstrual function, and promote claimed to have "daming medical sage" and other products, and put in advertising interpolation WeChat qr code, attract the victim and the code to add WeChat, again by the salesman through WeChat communication with the victim, in accordance with the conditions for different products of the company and customers "words" mode, as "old Chinese" identity, such as physical condition of the victim of false diagnosis and treatment, that the victim is kidney empty, kidney failure, such as poor health, if left untreated can lead to serious consequences, lure the victim of its own physical condition and product efficacy in a wrong understanding, Thus buy this does not need, does not have the corresponding propaganda effect the high price product.

Reliability for expanding the scope of the fraud, and improve the company's products, the company through advertising, WeChat public company on the net of a large number of Cuba WeChat ID promotion, attract customers scan within the advertising company WeChat qr code, add WeChat company, make the company salesman with "doctor" assistant "doctor" or "teacher" the identity of the contact with the victim, its WeChat head also differ according to pose as the identity of the (e.g., when Jane Cuba, old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal food hall, etc.), in order to win the trust of the victim, and get more benefit. As a matter of fact, the company and its employees have nothing to do with shi zhen gufang, old traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical food restaurant.

On June 26, 2017, after receiving the clues of anonymous tip-offs from the public, the public security organ officially put the case on file for investigation. After careful investigation, more than 100 people, including huang xx kun and liu x jin, were arrested in the above company address on August 22, 2017.

According to the audit, from November 2016 to August 2017, the three companies cheated more than 9000 victims, totaling 25534359.1 yuan.

The principal criminal of fraud was sentenced to ten years and six months

The three defendants did not dispute the facts of the charges or the charges, and their defense lawyers all agreed that the three were not the principal offender, but an accomplice, and asked the court for a lighter punishment.

Court believes that the companies involved personnel organization, training, "old Chinese" fiction "doctor" identity, mobile phone micro letter marketing to the victim, different physical condition for the victim of false diagnosis and the suggestion, exaggerate the victim's condition and diagnosis and treatment, lure the victim to buy this, you don't need artificially high price products. In this case, the victim's confidence in the fictitious identity and diagnosis and treatment of the defendant leads to a wrong understanding and thus the financial loss is caused by the delivery of the property. Therefore, the fictional facts above are the key means for the defendant to cheat the property. And each defendant has a strict division of labor, interlocked, all have the illegal possession of other people's property of the common subjective intent, the implementation of fictional facts to defraud other people's property, should be punished with the crime of fraud. At the same time, huang x kun was identified as the person in charge of the sales business of the company involved, and he enjoyed the shares of the company involved.

The court sentenced huang to 10 years and six months in prison, fined him 200,000 yuan, sentenced zeng to six years in prison, fined him 50,000 yuan, and sentenced liu to three years in prison, and fined him 20,000 yuan.

The judge in charge reminded that if consumers feel unwell, they should choose formal channels for treatment or purchase of drugs. Do not believe in advertising promotion and "experts", "professors" and "old traditional Chinese medicine" without medical qualification. Do not buy drugs or health care products by clicking on the network platform spread by unknown links and WeChat. If be deceived unfortunately, should keep calm, report a case to public security organ in time, and keep good shopping bill, transfer voucher so as to protect rights.

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