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Colorful "snow" in TCM formula


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Colorful "snow" in TCM formula

The 2018-08-14 health

There are many famous prescriptions with the word "snow" in TCM prescriptions, which can not only treat diseases, but also have poetic names. Although the color of snow is white, but the traditional Chinese medicine formula in the snow is colorful, together to understand it!

Purple snow

[prescription] 1500 grams of gypsum, cold water stone, magnetite and talc, 500 grams of rhino horn shavings, antelope horn shavings, qingmu xiang, agalloch, scutellaria, 500 grams each, 240 grams of licorice, 5,000 grams of park nien, 930 grams of musk, 38 grams of musk, 90 grams of cinnabar, 3,000 grams of gold, 30 grams of clove.

To make powder

[function subject to treatment] hyperpyrexia, hyperpyrexia caused by the endocytosis of the pericardium, delirium in the mind, thirst, burning lips, pursiness in the urine, and convulsion in children with fever.

[usage and dosage] take 0.9~1.5 grams per dose, 1~2 times per day, adjust the cold water. Use the disease in this square stop, should not be overused. Pregnant women, athletes do not wear. Avoid spicy and oily food.

[source] taiping benefiting the people and agent bureau

Yellow snow

[prescription] chuan-pu nian-5 jin, sichuan dahuang 2 2, huang-qin 3 2, shan zhi-2 2, hornbills 1 2 2, purple quartz 2 2 (fine grinding), licorice 3 2 (raw use), bamboo ru 3 2 2, musk 1/2 2 (fine grinding), cinnabar 1 2 (fine grinding), antelope shavings 3 2, yu jin 2 2.

【 method 】 except sodium sulfate, purple quartz, cinnabar, musk, the file is fine, with 1 dou 2 litres of water, fry until 5 litres, to the chamber with slow fire more Fried, clarify, sodium sulfate, with willow stir, don't stop, wait a bit thick, namely the purple quartz, stir to mix, at the end of the vermilion wait for condensation, at the end of next musk after stir to mix, pour in new basin, through the night, for the late.

[function of the main treatment] pressure Dan shi, to calm the spirit, stop fanaticism. The main wind was hot and miasmatic.

[usage and dosage] 1~2 yuan for each dose, mixed with liquorice soup.

From: sage, volume 95

Red snow

"Prescription" sichuan and sodium sulfate 5 kg, antelope horn 90 grams, sichuan cohosh 90 grams, 90 grams of scutellaria baicalensis georgi, 60 grams of hovenia dulcis (bran Fried yellow, to the pulp), 60 grams, red paeony root medicine ginseng 60 grams to reed (head), herba lophatheri 60 grams, licorice 60 grams (raw), combination of 60 grams, betelnut 60 grams, puerarin 45 grams, big green 45 grams, white mulberry root root 45 grams, blue leaves 45 grams, also 45 grams, gardenia 45 grams, 30 grams of cinnabar (develop), wood 90 grams (hit), musk, 15 g (r).

[preparation method] the medicine shall be filed well, except cinnabar and musk, and shall be dried with 15 liters of water and decocted to 5.4 liters to remove the dregs, and then decocted with a light fire to boil, and then mixed with willow grate. In the new porcelain POTS, it is made by night; The porphyrization again.

[function and treatment] clear heat and detoxification, enlighten and calm the mind, and relieve heat and debris. The main treatment typhoid manic, warm palmar, wet hot jaundice, dizziness eyes, nose mouth sores, laryngopharynx heavy tongue, bowel carbuncle.

[usage and dosage] take 3~6 grams per serving and adjust with new drinking water.

[source] "taiping benefiting the people and agent bureau" volume 6

Brigitte snow

[prescription] two glauber salt 2, two gypsum 2, two indigo 2, two hanshuishi 2, two horse tooth salt 2 (grind fine powder), two licorice 6 2, three bezoar 3 money.

Decoction of licorice decocted thick soup to remove the dregs, and mixed with willow twigs to make it dissolved. Then, the mixture was mixed into green daizi and uniform.

[functional treatment] accumulated heat can't be done, oral ulcers, laryngeal closure, and phlegm and fire.

【 usage dosage 】 each use a little, contain, swallow down jin.

Dan tai yu case volume 3

Snow piece

[prescription] 4 large water chestnuts, 30 grams of jellyfish (bleaching and vitriol).

Four large water chestnuts, one or two jellyfish (bleached forgetful and alum), two flavors, two minutes of water, Fried eight.

Function: relieve pain and relieve heat. Treat liver via hot convulsion, less abdominal attack chong pain.

[usage and dosage] take it in two parts, 400 ml water and 320 ml frying.

[source: jiangxue yuan ancient formula selection notes