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A cold and hot physique table, how to distinguish, the Chinese medicine said all! Test yourself


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A cold and hot physique table, how to distinguish, the Chinese medicine said all! Test yourself

Time: 2018-10-03 01:35:00

The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical method, because the different of disease and patient constitution are different, if the patient constitution belongs to cold sex for example, use medicine of hot sex to use hot sex, and the person of hot sex constitution USES cold sex food material and medicine. When we are doing health maintenance and food therapy ourselves at ordinary times, we have to distinguish our own physique, the choice of the corresponding properties of health products, can have the effect. Then some people question, is their body belonging to the cold or heat? Next, I will teach you the distinguishing method in Chinese medicine, which is to guess the inner part through external features, and to know the body through appearance.

Characteristics of thermal constitution: dryness, motion, yellow, thick and hot

Dry: the human body viscera and facial features lose moisture moist become dry, for example nostril, oral cavity, lip is easy to feel dry, often feel thirsty need to drink water more, but pee amount is little again, defecate is easy dry knot.

Movement: the body is hot, people do not calm down, even if the movement of sitting limbs is very frequent, often fidgeting, sitting not properly, talking, tossing and turning when sleeping, even difficult to fall asleep.

Yellow, red: yellow refers to the discharge of the body inside and outside of the secretion color slants yellow, for example, sputum spring, urine yellow, snot yellow, yes means appearance of skin, mucous membrane color red, such as the color of the tongue, lip color, face, white eyes, throat red.

Thick: all the excretions and secretions of the body are sticky. For example, phlegm is too thick to cough out, mucus is thick, white band is thick secreted by women, and eye droppings tend to stick to the eyelids.

Heat: in addition to fever and body heat, I often feel hot inside when I am not sick. I like to stay in a cool place and cannot bear any heat. Wear fewer clothes than others at the same temperature, don't like to eat hot food, prefer to eat ice, or the body parts have severe fever, such as the palm, the palm of the foot, chest, etc., for example. Don't like summer, like the cold winter most.

Cold physical characteristics: run, static run, white, thin, cold,

Static run: point to here is the posture of human body movement, the person of cold sex constitution body looks not stretch, often shrink into a ball, do not like to walk words not much, dress often wear a lot, posture miniature. The reason for this posture is to protect the body from excessive heat release and naturally protect the body's passive form of Yang qi.

White: the skin and secretions on the human body are relatively white. The color of the face, lips and tongue is very light. The runny nose, the phlegm, the white band secreted by women are all white.

Thinness: the excretion of substances and secretions in the human body is very thin and not thick. For example, when runny nose like water can not stop, always flow to the nostrils, stool is very thin and shapeless, the phlegm out is also transparent, there is no high sticky feeling.

Cold: often feel the body sends cold, be afraid of blow, stay in the place of shade cool whole body is uncomfortable, eat thing to like hot, touch a bit cool food intestines and stomach also uncomfortable. The hands and feet are cold all year round, and the summer is cold to the touch.

The above is the key point of heat and cold constitution resolution.