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Image thinking recognizes the occurrence of asthma

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

Image thinking recognizes the occurrence of asthma

Date: June 14, 2014

Wheezing is a kind of spasm and wheezing disease in Chinese medicine.

"Wheeze" is a sound that comes from the passage of air through a small cavity. In our life, we can see that some phenomena, such as whistle, whistle, blow the flute, flute and so on, because of airflow through narrow newspeak, so can speak, xiao is "the most typical performance of xiao disease", as early as 2000 years ago, zhang zhongjing in synopsis of lung expression paralysis on the lung cough, gas pulse license and cure "disease is described in the" cough up gas, mouth-watering sound in the throat, shoot dry ephedra soup of god ", he compared the voice of the xiao to "mouth-watering sound in the throat.

In fact, the recognition of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine is based on the observation of life. They are particular about experience. The concept of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine is deeply influenced by the thinking of analogism. TCM's understanding of the pathogenesis of asthma is actually the concrete embodiment of imaginal thinking method:

Why doesn't a normal person's throat make a sound and a sick person will have a wheeze? By analogy, it is possible that the body's air passes through a narrowed airway, meaning that the lungs of a patient with asthma become narrow. Why can airway, lung canal become narrow? Then something must have blocked the tube, and the culprit for wheezing was sputum, the pathological product of the blocked airway. The phlegm lies in the body of a person with asthma, also known as phlegm.

Phlegm is the product of liquid water metabolic abnormalities, huangdi nei jing, grain asked meridians BieLun "cloud" drink in the stomach, nutrients, lost in the spleen, temper powder fine, return on the lungs, through the channel, lose bladder, water extract four cloth, five parallel, suitable for four of five, Yin and Yang, also estimate that often." That is to maintain the normal metabolism of water and fluid, the physiological function of the three viscera of lung, spleen and kidney must be normal. If a link goes wrong, the metabolism of water and fluid will be affected and generate phlegm. The phlegm will further narrow the channel through which the airflow passes, blocking the airflow to a certain extent. In addition, the main lung qi, the department of respiration, spleen as the source of vital energy and blood biochemistry, liver main catharsis, the main engine regulation, kidney main na qi, so the generation and operation of qi closely related to lung, spleen, liver, kidney. In conclusion, the main viscera of rp is lung, spleen, liver and kidney.

Because the lung is huaguai, lung is high, the lung opened in the nose, the main lung fur, lung is delicate dirty, not resistant to cold and heat, foreign evil on the subject, the first to commit lung. Therefore, exogenous pathogens are most likely to invade the lungs through the mouth, nose and fur, resulting in pulmonary qi obstruction. It is not difficult to find out from clinical observation that some people are allergic to cold air and allergic to catkins, poplar, pollen and mites, resulting in the occurrence of asthma disease. In addition, excessive eating, unripe and thick, unripe and hungry, leads to the cessation of cold drinking, the accumulation of phlegm and steaming heat, or the consumption of rich smell of the sea, leading to the incapacitated transport of the spleen, the drying up of the lungs and the obstruction of the airways. There are also records of "halogen", "vinegar" and "sugar" in ancient books. However, the deficiency of natural endowment, acquired consumption, and physiological decline of kidney gas will lead to deficiency of kidney gas. The inheritance of asthma is obvious, especially related to allergic constitution. The elderly and children account for a large proportion in the occurrence of asthma, which are closely related to deficiency of kidney gas. Emotional disorders are directly caused by a lack of emotional energy. A lot of wheezing is associated with emotional arousal.

These factors, known as the common cause of wheezing, can be both the root cause of sputum and the cause of wheezing. V phlegm is lurking in the xiao disease in the body of a "bomb", and climate, modern, diet, tiredness, and so on is lead to bomb fuse, because only in case of an invaded v phlegm, can cause the body disease, if not have invaded, it won't come on, so xiao disease is a kind of onset of the disease, has the obvious episode and remission. As the airflow in the lung is blocked by the phlegm, the lung ducts and airways become narrow, so the larynx will roar loud, and the lung ducts are blocked by the phlegm, resulting in the abnormal declaration of the lung, so it will be difficult to breathe, even breathing difficult to lie.

The occurrence of wheezing disease can be summarized as follows: the sensation of tension and phlegm, the rise of phlegm with air, the obstruction of qi due to sputum, mutual fighting and knot, the strangulation of the airway, the narrowing of the pulmonary canal, unobstructed and unfavourable, and the abnormal announcement and fall of lung gas.

By using the original thinking and image of traditional Chinese medicine to explain the TCM disease, we can observe the human body through the natural phenomenon, trace the origin, and restore the thought process of TCM clinical syndromes, so as to deepen the understanding of TCM diseases.

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