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Seeking a breakthrough path -- a review of the development of jiangxi traditional Chinese medicine industry


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Seeking a breakthrough path -- a review of the development of jiangxi traditional Chinese medicine industry

The 2018-10-08 world health

Jiangxi traditional Chinese medicine has a profound history and a long history.

At present, the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry in jiangxi is entering a key crossroads.

On the one hand, the state clearly proposes to promote the healthy development of TCM in the future. Jiangxi province has also set the goal of building a "leading and world-renowned Chinese medicine province". The development of TCM industry in the whole province coincides with a rare period of development opportunity.

On the other hand, although our province has excellent strength in the production and manufacturing of traditional Chinese medicine, the planting of traditional Chinese medicine in the upstream and the medical service in the downstream are relatively backward, which cannot effectively support the industrial development. With the intensified efforts of the state to control the medical insurance expense and the strict restriction on the use of traditional Chinese medicine injections, the development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry in the whole province is facing a difficult period of adverse factors.

How to transform the policy dividend into industrial dividend and the resource endowment advantage into industrial development potential? Taking the opportunity of building China (nanchang) scientific and technological city of traditional Chinese medicine, jiangxi's traditional Chinese medicine industry seeks to transform and promote development, and actively seeks a breakthrough.

The foundation advantage is unique, it is the important foundation that seeks the industry breakthrough

Jiangxi traditional Chinese medicine has a profound history and a long history. Formed in the history of jiangxi famous doctor, "旴 jiang medical schools", and "xinan medicine" "Meng He medicine" lingnan medicine "and" four big medical schools. In addition, "camphor gang" and "jianchang gang" in history are important schools of ancient drug gang and traditional Chinese medicine processing in southern China.

At present, jiangxi's TCM manufacturing strength is also ranked among the top in the country. In 2017, the main business income of the traditional Chinese medicine industry in our province ranked fourth in China, and the main business income of traditional Chinese medicine ranked third in China. From January to August this year, the main business revenue of the provincial traditional Chinese medicine sub-industry reached 28.387 billion yuan, up 3.31 percent year-on-year.

From the perspective of enterprises, jiimin is trusted in the list of top 100 enterprises in China's pharmaceutical industry, ranking in the top 10. Qingfeng pharmaceutical, ren and pharmaceutical also ranked among the top 100. This is commendable in the central provinces. In addition to several large leading enterprises, our province also has a number of small and medium-sized TCM enterprises with core competitiveness and good growth, such as baishen pharmaceutical, tianshikang pharmaceutical and yintao pharmaceutical.

From the Chinese medicine variety aspect, I province traditional Chinese medicine product variety complete, well-known brand many. "Currently, more than 6,000 pharmaceutical products have been registered and approved in the province, about half of which are varieties of traditional Chinese medicine. In 2017, the province had sales of 7 major traditional Chinese medicine varieties exceeding 1 billion yuan. Some products, such as' jinshubao 'and' xiyanping ', are well known throughout the country.

In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine industry of our province has formed an intensive development trend, forming five industrial agglomeration areas, such as xiaolan in nanchang, high-tech zone, jinxian, yuan zhou district in yichun, and zhangshu. At present, ganzhou qingfeng pharmaceutical valley also presents a good development momentum.

To seek breakthroughs, we need to make up for the shortcoming of innovation and strengthen the whole industrial chain of TCM

In wanli district of nanchang city, I walked into the traditional Chinese medicine liquid production workshop of jiangzhong medicine valley, and could not smell the strong Chinese medicine decoction flavor, nor could I see the busy figures of workers. This is the first fully automatic Chinese medicine liquid production line in Asia built by jiangzhong group, and it is also an epitome of the transformation of equipment technology and complementarity of innovation in the traditional Chinese medicine enterprises of our province in recent years.

Since the 12th five-year plan (2011-2015), jiangxi has carried out a round of centralized technological transformation of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises. Jiangzhong group, huiren pharmaceutical, qingfeng pharmaceutical and other pharmaceutical enterprises have been leading the industry in terms of intelligent production. However, provincial drug enterprises in drug innovation is not high enthusiasm. In 2014, the state approved and approved the new drug of zhongren of rhubarb. The main reason, according to the head of the pharmaceutical industry department of the provincial industry and information technology commission, is the high cost and long cycle of drug innovation. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve breakthroughs only by the input of pharmaceutical enterprises. According to the experience of developed countries in Europe and America, the development of new drugs requires more financial support such as venture capital and venture capital. At present, the combination degree of traditional Chinese medicine industry and financial industry in our province is not high.

As the saying goes, "good medicine, good medicine." The planting area of traditional Chinese medicine in our province is less, including the planting area of traditional Chinese medicine with the homology of medicine and food, which is only about 800,000 mu, ranking behind 20 in China. In terms of industry characteristics, the largest terminal for drug sales is hospitals, accounting for more than 80% of sales. However, the medical service in our province is still relatively backward, and there are few well-known TCM diagnosis and treatment institutions and famous physicians, resulting in the low sales of TCM. Many traditional Chinese medicine products are mainly sold outside the province. For example, "jinshubao" sold nearly 4 billion yuan a year in China, while less than 50 million yuan was sold locally in jiangxi, accounting for only 1.25 percent. Experts in the industry believe that to strengthen jiangxi's traditional Chinese medicine industry, it is necessary to solve the bottleneck problem of less planting quantity and unmarketable products in the upstream, and strengthen the whole industrial chain by optimizing and upgrading the quality of downstream medical services.

Give prominence to the leading effect and leverage the "science and innovation city" to gather new industrial development momentum

In order to give better play to the advantages of resources and industrial foundation, make up for the shortage of innovation and speed up the establishment of a complete modern TCM industrial system, in 2017, the provincial party committee and the provincial government made a decision on the construction of China (nanchang) TCM science and innovation city. "Kechuang city" construction of outstanding innovation, insist on innovation and talent agglomeration coordinated propulsion, industry incubation and achievements transformation depth fusion, promote the industry of traditional Chinese medicine and talents organic combination, financial, cultural, and focus on building integration development, the factors of agglomeration, functional innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, for the formation of leading role in driving the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry. Its functional orientation is "one center and five districts" (namely, the innovation center of traditional Chinese medicine, innovation-driven leading zone, high-end talent gathering zone, industrial development leading zone, cultural exchange and inheritance model zone, healthy and intelligent new city).

At present, the construction of "science and innovation city" is proceeding according to the mode of "dual nuclear driving and coordinated development". Among them, "one core" is the sanghai industrial park organized by ganjiang new district via kaifeng, and "one core" is the jiangzhong medicine valley in nanchang bay district. At the same time, with the "double core" as the axis, we will strengthen the coordinated development of the "science and innovation city" and the cluster areas of traditional Chinese medicine industries such as nanchang, yichun and ganzhou, and continuously enhance the industrial radiative function. After more than a year of efforts, the dual-core architecture model has been basically formed. The construction of facilities in sanghai core area and jiangzhong medicine valley core area is progressing smoothly. A provincial TCM development think tank list has been established and 41 experts are invited to enter.

By 2020, after the construction of "science and innovation city" is basically completed, the influence and radiation power of each functional block will be significantly improved. At that time, the proportion of technical staff in "science and innovation city" shall be no less than 50%, and the innovation capacity shall be significantly enhanced.

There is no end to development and innovation. Jiangxi traditional Chinese medicine industry with lofty heart, work hard, seek a breakthrough, always on the road.