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Some diseases are better treated by traditional Chinese medicine

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

Some diseases are better treated by traditional Chinese medicine

2018-08-10 feihua news

Health maintenance is something we all care about. In our daily life, how to take care of our body is very important and should not be ignored by all of us. After all, a healthy body is something we all care about. In fact, the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment can't be ignored nowadays. Some diseases can even be better treated by traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine keeping in good health

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the following diseases may be better treated. Although the treatment speed of western medicine is fast, sometimes it is just a symptom but not a cause. Therefore, to treat the root cause, we still need to make diagnosis through traditional Chinese medicine and then recuperate.


Check clear cause above all, after eliminating organic sex problem, adopt Chinese medicine recuperate. Migraine has no cause mostly, belong to functional disorder, western medicine does not have better method.


Most insomnia is functional disorder. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) usually starts from qi, blood, Yin and Yang, etc. and performs syndrome differentiation for treatment. After recuperation, usually the patient can have a good improvement effect. Western medicine usually prescribes sedative sleeping medications that can become dependent and only be taken for a short period of time.

Then the secret

The treatment of constipation by western medicine is relatively short and can only be used as an emergency measure. Don't take too many laxatives to avoid drug dependence.

Facial paralysis

Western medicine does not have a particularly good method, traditional Chinese acupuncture combined with physical therapy is more reliable.

Cervical spondylosis

With people's attention to health, massage and other health care methods are popular nowadays. Many patients with cervical spondylosis also use these forms of physical therapy, accompanied by dressing, to relieve pain. However, we still suggest that you should choose a formal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, do not go to the small clinics without certification.

Idiopathic hair loss, alopecia areata

This kind of disease causes unknown generally, western medicine is not easy to treat. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment based on deficiency of qi and blood, deficiency of viscera and viscera, phlegm dampness and blood stasis, has certain curative effect.

Primary dysmenorrhea

The effect of western medicine on primary dysmenorrhea is not good. TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment is effective.

Menstrual disorder

Most of them are functional disorder, and the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is more obvious.

Complex chronic disease

If chronic nephritis, rheumatism, apoplexy sequelae, western medicine may take hormone treatment, there are certain side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine selects prescription through syndrome differentiation, drinks decoction medicine or pricks acupuncture, the effect is good, the damage to liver and kidney function is also small.

Other subhealth status

Western medicine biochemical examination and other indicators have no abnormal state, such as physical weakness, mood upset, loss of appetite and other sub-health symptoms, can be recuperated through Chinese medicine.

Advantages of TCM treatment

Advantage 1: in the long-term medical practice, traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience for the treatment of difficult diseases

Not in western medicine into China, all kinds of acute disease, infectious disease, NanZhiBing everything control, all previous dynasties ancestors doctor of traditional Chinese medicine have accumulated rich experience, some has survived, such as the golden chamber is zhang zhongjing "treatise on febrile diseases", which leaves us a lot of valuable experience, many now venereology by zhang zhongjing through the treatment effect is very good, as long as the efforts to explore, inexhaustible, an inexhaustible.

Advantage two: in the treatment of Chinese medicine to examine the evidence to seek cause, syndrome differentiation to treat

There is a reason for the occurrence and development of any disease. Once the cause of the disease is identified, the "syndrome" or "syndrome" can be treated. So far, there are many diseases western medicine can not find their theoretical "cause", so there is nothing to do. However, Chinese medicine can find the theoretical "cause" of Chinese medicine precisely through the "verification" and "differentiation of syndromes". Therefore, Chinese medicine has corresponding strategies and methods of dialectical treatment.

In the long-term medical practice, the successive generations of Chinese medicine have accumulated many methods and experience to treat difficult diseases, and the effect is very good. As long as it is applied or innovated, it will have a better effect.

Advantage 3: Chinese medicine in the treatment of strong logic, flexible, multi-measures

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment method is very rich, strong logic, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment method for the cause of disease, treatment, a set of therapeutic principles. Such as positive treatment and anti-treatment: positive treatment of the cold, hot cold; The empty is filled, the solid is discharged; The anti-treatment of heat due to heat, cold due to cold, common cause, and use of ceinplug; There is also a flexible method of control, such as under the disease, under the disease; To treat internal diseases and external diseases; Internal and external cooperation, etc. In the case of specimen treatment: immediate treatment of the symptoms, slow treatment of the root, both symptoms and treatment. There are many ways to treat the law, such as internal medicine and external medicine. Acupuncture point injection, acupuncture point embedding line, acupuncture moxibustion, scraping cupping and other non-drug therapy; There are also rectal drip, fumigation, such as drug bath route.

Advantage four: Chinese medicine treatment stress the overall concept, because time because of the people according to local conditions

Many incurable diseases are senile diseases and chronic diseases, which are related to people's emotion, living environment, social relations, climate change, physical conditions, age and gender, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine pays great attention to these when treating, believing that the human body is a whole and local pathological changes are the partial responses of the imbalance of Yin and Yang in the whole body. At the same time, the human and the nature and society is closely related to a whole, in the treatment of chronic and venereology must take into account these factors, psychological, drugs, the climate is suitable, diet and other factors to comprehensive treatment and maintenance, you will get a better effect, it is now advocating "medicine", this is also one of the features of TCM treatment NanZhiBing and advantage.

Conclusion: we are all concerned about the health of the health, a healthy body is very important, exactly how to health, this article also introduced to you, small also believe that you will be better maintenance of their body. Chinese medicine also plays an important role in treating diseases. Of course, the specific choice of which way to treat, we should still according to their own disease, do not think that which blindly good, on the whole.

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