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The old Chinese doctor taught you to detoxify the five viscera and six viscera


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The old Chinese doctor taught you to detoxify the five viscera and six viscera

99 health net on oct 08, 2018

Everyone often says detoxification raises the appearance, wants the skin to be beautiful, must from inside the detoxification. Everyone's daily habits and diet result in the retention of some toxins in the body. Toxins stay in the body for too long and can easily cause all kinds of health problems. So, how should we detoxify the internal organs and organs?

Because people eat the grain, so the body will be accumulated a lot of toxins or waste, through the metabolism of a day will eliminate some, but with the improvement of living standards, people eat three meals a day big fish big meat to eat more than usual, so healthy body all the interference caused by the following introduce friends some of detoxification method:

A list of body organs

1. From 9 to 11 PM, the immune system (lymphatic) detoxification time should be quiet or listen to music.

2. Liver detoxification should be carried out in sleep from 11 PM to 1 am.

3, 1 ~ 3 am, the detoxification of gallbladder, also the same.

4. Lung detoxification from 3 to 5 am. This is why people who cough the most during this period cough because the detoxification has gone to the lung; Do not use cough medicine to prevent the elimination of waste products.

5, the large intestine detoxification, should go to the toilet defecate.

6. Breakfast should be eaten between 7 and 9 am when the small intestine absorbs a lot of nutrients. The person that cure disease had better eat early, before 6 30, health person before 7 30, do not eat breakfast person should change a habit, although drag to 9, 10 o 'clock eat is better than do not eat.

7. The period from midnight to 4 am is for vertebral hematopoiesis. You must be asleep and should not stay up late.

The liver detoxification

Eat blue food

According to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the blue food can reach liver qi and play a very good role in soothing the liver, relieving depression and alleviating emotions, belonging to the food to help liver detoxification. Chinese medicine experts recommend the orange or lemon of green color, even the skin makes green orange juice or green lemonade, drink directly.

2. Lycium barbarum improved the liver tolerance

In addition to detoxification, the liver should be improved in its ability to resist toxins. Goji berries are first introduced into this food, which has a protective effect on the liver and enhances its tolerance to toxins. It is best to eat with your mouth full, a small handful a day.

3. Press the liver for detoxification

This is refers to the taichong point, the position in the foot back before the first, two metatarsal joint depression. Knead with your thumb for 3 to 5 minutes, feeling slight acid distension. Don't use too much strength, press your feet alternately.

Five zang-viscera detoxification method five zang-viscera detoxification time diagram five zang-viscera detoxification

4. Tears detoxification

Women live longer than men who never cry, and this has to do with tears. Chinese medicine already had this knowledge, and also was confirmed by western medicine. As a discharge, tears, like sweat and urine, do contain some harmful biochemical toxins. So, afflictive when, aggrieved when, suppress when simply cry one.