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There are some strategies to eliminate the harm of barbeque in fu days

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

There are some strategies to eliminate the harm of barbeque in fu days

China journal of traditional Chinese medicine, aug 10, 2018

Since the beginning of summer this year, not only China has had high fever in many places, but other northern hemisphere countries have also started the "hot" mode. Among them, Japan, South Korea is facing the large-scale heat wave attack; Sweden, Denmark, southern Norway and northern Finland are also experiencing extreme heat. The Canadian province of Quebec has been baking in a heat wave rarely seen in decades this summer. It can be said that half of the world has fallen into the "steamed barbecue" suffering.

The burning sun does serious damage

It is well known that high temperature weather can bring great harm to human health. The main adverse effects are heatstroke and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So, how to prevent the occurrence of these "heat diseases"? To seek answers, our reporter recently interviewed teng xiuying, director of the second department of rehabilitation in the second hospital affiliated to heilongjiang university of traditional Chinese medicine. Teng xiuying believes that heat stroke is closely related to the seasons, and prevention must follow the seasons, starting from food and living, emotions and physical exercise.

According to teng xiuying, the heat on the three-volt day is the order of the day. If a person labors under the burning sun or heat for a long time, he will be injured. Heat stroke can be divided into heat collapse according to the symptoms and degree of symptoms, which is manifested as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dizziness, thirst, palpitation, normal or slightly elevated body temperature. Short rest can be recovered, which is the most mild manifestation of heat stroke, and also the most common. Thermal radiation, is the long-term working in the high temperature environment, so that lower limb blood vessels dilate, blood stasis, and then faint; Sunstroke, is due to long time exposure, dysfunction caused by the human body perspiration, characterized by dizziness, throbbing headache, nausea, high temperature (oral temperature is greater than 39.5 ℃), the skin red, hot and dry sweat, afraid of the cold, fast and heavy pulse, confusion, slurred speech, unconscious. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) often says that the body should adapt to the four-hour method, so that the body adapt to the hot weather, will not cause overreaction. So, to avoid heat stroke, it's important to take precautions.

Protect spleen and stomach from diarrhea

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow" and "the spleen is flourishing in four seasons free from evil". Teng explained that the spleen is fond of dryness and dampness, and the humidity is heavy on the third day, which is easy to trap the spleen and stomach, and leads to poor spleen Yang. If have food to live carelessly concurrently at this time, if catch cold, food is not clean, too food is cold cool, more injure spleen stomach, easy send diarrhoea. Diarrhea will take away a large amount of water in the body, resulting in water shortage, blood viscosity, slow blood flow rate, blood substances easy to form small blood clots attached to the walls of blood vessels, blockage blood vessels caused by stroke. So remember to protect your spleen and stomach. The spleen opens the mouth, and the diet is closely related to the spleen and stomach. Therefore, needs from the diet aspect to care spleen and stomach; Also pay attention to food hygiene, ensure clean diet; Eat in moderation, but hunger in excess; Eat well, but eat cold or stimulating foods. In addition, the spleen to think, too much thinking also easily hurt the spleen, so to avoid excessive thinking.

Recuperate the body and mind free of qi and blood

Teng xiuying points out, the heart is energetic while the body is strong and not prone to illness. Heart in the heart for joy, also god's Lord, so seven feelings hurt the first sad god. The heart is the main blood vessel. Only when the heart is full of energy, blood can run normally in the vessels, flow constantly and nourish the whole body. If the mind is damaged, the heart is not filled with gas, and the meridians are blocked and blocked, blood can not be transported normally, and the brain can not get sufficient blood assist, which leads to ischemic cerebrovascular disease in serious cases. And emotional illness is often aggravated in summer, more sad god. Therefore, it is very important to regulate emotion in hot weather. It is important to avoid over joy, anger, excessive thinking, excessive worry or fear, so as to calm the mind, invigorate the spirit and smooth the blood.

Chinese medicine has always paid attention to the physical and mental recuperation according to the time of the year. Proper rest helps to eliminate fatigue, restore physical and mental strength and allow normal functional activities to continue, teng explained. And appropriate labor or physical exercise, can increase the body metabolism, make bones and muscles strong, joint access, improve the whole body functional state, and can regulate the mood, eliminate unpleasant, to achieve a smooth qi, physical and mental security. Therefore, the time of outdoor activities should be extended as far as possible when high temperature, and appropriate labor or physical exercise should be carried out to make people physically and mentally in line with the state of Yang qi flourishing and not prone to disease.

Teng stressed that the above three points are strategies to prevent heat stroke, which can play a certain role in prevention.

Lower temperature, eliminate heat and prevent injury

Excessive perspiration hurts the body and saps the breath. 'under normal circumstances, people would feel thirsty and want to drink water and replace the lost water after being injured by feedback regulation, but the central body temperature regulation function of the elderly deteriorates, and no obvious thirst will be generated when losing water, rather than taking the initiative to drink water,' said Ms. Teng. This is easy to cause water shortage in the body, "jin blood homology", body fluid consumption, blood loss, blood concentration, poor blood flow, easy to cause stroke. Therefore, teng xiuying suggested that we should pay attention to cooling down the heat, avoid excessive sweating and consumption of body fluid. When the weather is hot, try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or strenuous exercise. Find ways to effectively cool down and relieve the heat, so as to keep the room cool and have a comfortable activity environment. Drink water at the right time, replenish water in time after sweating, avoid excessive injury, and drink water when you are not thirsty, so as to ensure that there is no lack of source of body fluid. You can try to relieve heat and heat by eating, and to nourish Yin.

Soup fruit and vegetables are beneficial to relieve the heat

Teng added that drinking soup is good for the summer heat. The congee used for preventing heat includes mung bean congee, lotus leaf congee, fresh lotus root congee and so on. Mung bean is cool and has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat. Mung beans can also be made into soup with mint, which can be made into mung bean soup with pumpkin, mung bean rice soup with rice kernel, and mung bean silver soup with honeysuckle. The weather is hot, human body perspires more, humoral loss is bigger, drink soup to be able to fill moisture in time already, be helpful for digesting again absorb.

In the meantime, might as well drink some of the temperature and heat prevention tea. Drink more tea after heatstroke, can fill the water that the body loses after perspiration in time already, have clear heat to relieve heat again action, teng xiuying suggests everybody drinks green tea more. As green tea is cool, try to drink it on hot days. In addition, you should eat more vegetables to relieve the summer heat. The day is hot and humid, people generally like to eat light and fresh but not greasy food, and green vegetables have this characteristic, also contain rich vitamin and protein. After heat stroke, eat more vegetables such as cucumber, winter melon, balsam pear, and so on. You can also eat more melons to relieve heat and thirst. Melon juice is sweet and not only helps quench thirst, but also helps to relieve heat and heat. Watermelon taste sweet and juicy cool, is the first fruit to cool and quench thirst. In addition, the melon, cucumber after washing raw food, or juice after drinking, are cool and comfortable. Kiwifruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which is suitable for high temperature and field workers.

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