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What is "poison" in Chinese medicine


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What is "poison" in Chinese medicine

2018-0-10-09 zhao yue xihai metropolis daily digital newspaper platform

Nowadays, detoxification and beautification become a fashion. However, some people have a vague definition of "poison". What does Chinese medicine mean by "poison"? Where did the poison come from? Is sweat detoxifying reliable? With these questions, the reporter interviewed xining hospital of traditional Chinese medicine needle pushing department chief physician guo sijia.

▶ the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine: poison is evil

The dictionary definition of "poison" is a substance that, after entering an organism, can chemically alter the organism, destroying its tissues and physiology. However, "poison" in Chinese medicine refers to another term. According to guo sijia, "poison" in Chinese medicine has two meanings, while "poison" in Chinese medicine has the same meaning as "poison" in western medicine. The other layer is evil spirit. People say that there is "poison" in their bodies. In traditional Chinese medicine, they feel evil spirit or breed evil spirit in their bodies. Evil spirits are divided into external evil and internal evil. Both external and internal diseases are harmful to the body, which is called "poison" in traditional Chinese medicine. Exogenous evil refers to the body is affected by external winds, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire, resulting in physical damage. Internal evil refers to the body after the disease of the five internal organs and six internal organs, the body produced fire, wet, heat, cold, wind and other toxins.

"If we are exposed to dirty water, polluted air, fruits and vegetables treated with pesticides and secondhand smoke, toxins will enter our bodies and affect our health. It's a poison from the external environment; Some cold foods don't have toxins, and there's nothing wrong with using them occasionally. Once overconsumed, it can become toxic. When pregnant eat some hot pot, spicy food, the child will be born with hot poison; When overheat, inflammation, allergy and so on, this also expresses body has toxin, need to adjust quickly, lest aggravate causes a disease." "Said guo.

▶ these symptoms "poisoning" on your behalf

When it comes to symptoms, many people's first reactions are nausea, vomiting, and coma, all of which are symptoms of poisoning. Acne on the face, peculiar smell in the mouth and red eyes are also toxic symptoms in the body, guo said. The cold poison of the body is much, the person can be afraid of cold, hot poison is much, on the face grow acne, constipation to wait, wind poison is much, can cause nerve paralytic, form face paralytic, wet poison is much, oily smooth face, baldness, fat. When the body presents the following symptoms, represents the body five is poisonous.

First, the forehead long acne, tongue long ulcer, toxins may accumulate in the heart; Second, headache, emotional depression, acne on both sides of the cheek, toxins may accumulate in the liver; Third, halitosis, facial spots, fat accumulation, and other toxins may be concentrated in the spleen; Fourth, the complexion is colorless, constipation, easily emotional, toxins may accumulate in the lung; Fifth, the long acne on the chin, easy edema, fatigue and weakness, drowsiness, frequency, less urine, etc., toxins may accumulate in the kidney.

Still have inappetence, skin is dry, spirit is not good, bosom is angry short, abdominal pain, abdominal distension wait for these symptoms, explain body is toxic. So if you want to know if you have poison in your body, you can tell by the symptoms.

▶ sweat is the best way to discharge poison

The body is poisonous, must discharge in time. The digestive tube of the human body itself is the pipe for absorption and excretion, and the intestinal tract is the biggest detoxification organ of the human body. Drinking water, sweating, defecating urination, defecating faeces and so on are all ways of detoxification. In recent years, detoxification methods such as sweat steaming, hot spring bathing, foot bath and scrapping have appeared on the market, and many people will go to feel them, guo said. How reliable are these detoxification methods?

"The method of steaming, soaking in hot spring, foot bath and scrapping is actually through perspiration to achieve the purpose of detoxification, but the nature is different." "Sweating increases blood circulation to the skin, helps with metabolism and removes toxins from the body," guo said. Sweat steaming is mainly aimed at people with heavy humidity, and the body can use sweat to steam out perspiration, dispel wind, cold and damp poison, and make the body relaxed. Bathing in hot spring is mainly aimed at people with toxins on the surface of the skin. Generally, sulfur in hot spring water can inhibit or kill bacteria and mold, detoxify and detoxify. When the body is immersed in a hot spring, the pores open and detoxify the skin's surface. Nevertheless, immersing time should not be too long, lest too dry reduce the resistance of the skin. Foot bath basically is aimed at the person of Yang deficiency, be afraid of cold, foot is cool can try foot bath, when bubble foot perspires easily, there is a few cold poison in these sweat. Can use mugwort leaf, Chinese prickly ash, fennel blisters foot every day, these are lukewarm Yang medicine, have the effect that dispel cold air. Scrapping is mainly aimed at the early cold people, through scraping to expand pores, thereby speeding up blood circulation, promoting the elimination of metabolic products, dispelling wind evil, to achieve the role of detoxification.

In addition, with liquorice, chrysanthemum bubble bath can also clear heat detoxification, treatment of toxins caused by acne.

In daily life, we can't be completely non-toxic inside and outside of our body, but what we can do is to regularly detoxify our body through proper methods. Don't wait for your body to become so toxic that it produces illness that you regret it.