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Is brown sugar water treated dysmenorrhea is a lie? TCM gynecology experts tell you the truth


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Is brown sugar water treated dysmenorrhea is a lie? TCM gynecology experts tell you the truth

2018-10-10 modern express

For many girls who have had their periods, brown sugar water is no stranger. Especially when dysmenorrhea, many girls have been taught by their mother this folk prescription. But recently, "brown sugar water is a lie, can not cure dysmenorrhea" has been on the hot topic on weibo, so, can brown sugar water treat dysmenorrhea after all? Modern express reporter consulted nanjing city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine department of gynecology expert, the expert expresses, brown sugar water to treat dysmenorrhea to want to distinguish the syndrome type first, to "qi stagnation blood stasis" "Yang deficiency inside cold" type dysmenorrhea, take brown sugar water to have the effect.

Brown sugar water to treat dysmenorrhea to want to distinguish between the type of syndrome

The basis of "brown sugar water is a lie and cannot cure dysmenorrhea" on the Internet is: dysmenorrhea is divided into two primary and secondary. The former is caused by elevated prostaglandin chemicals, and there is no disease but simple pain, mostly in young women. For primary dysmenorrhea, it is recommended to take painkillers and short-acting birth control pills. The latter is caused by gynecological diseases, for secondary dysmenorrhea, need to treat related gynecological diseases can.

Wang junlan, associate director of the department of gynecology of nanjing university of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine hospital, said, "there is some truth in the online statement. Brown sugar does not treat all dysmenorrhea, but it is effective for some types of dysmenorrhea." Many netizens' comments also confirmed this statement, because some netizens took brown sugar water when they had dysmenorrhea and did significantly reduce the symptoms. What's going on here?

Wang told modern express: "traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are two main causes of dysmenorrhea. The second type is empirical, that is, 'inordinate pain', which is caused by poor circulation of qi and blood."

Generally, the medicinal brown sugar is derived from the stem juice of the grass plant sugarcane, and is a red crystal. It is recorded that brown sugar has the functions of "reinforcing spleen, removing blood stasis and promoting blood circulation" in yilin ziwei. It is recorded in the diet chart of living with breath that brown sugar has the functions of "strengthening cold and activating blood circulation, relaxing muscles and relieving pain". Therefore, for dysmenorrhea of "qi stagnation and blood stasis" and "Yang deficiency internal cold", taking brown sugar water is effective.

The four common types of treatment for dysmenorrhea are different

In clinical treatment, TCM roughly divides dysmenorrhea into four types. According to wang junlan, the four types of dysmenorrhea symptoms are slightly different, and the treatment is different.

For dysmenorrhea patients with qi stagnation and blood stasis, symptoms such as low abdominal distension, tenderness of the nipple, irritability, lack of menstruation or impaired menstruation usually occur before or during menstruation. Treatment needs to relieve liver qi, remove blood stasis and relieve pain. This kind of light dysmenorrhea patient, can under the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of boiled eggs with motherwort to alleviate symptoms.

Dysmenorrhea patient of weak of qi and blood, general period can appear the abdomen mian mian make pain, menstruation quantity is little, color is light qualitative thin, god is tired force, complexion is sallow, appetite is not good, the symptom such as loose stools. Treatment needs replenishing qi and blood to relieve pain. This kind of light disease dysmenorrhea patient can take the qi blood double under the guidance of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine yuling cream and other ointment prescription for recuperation.

The dysmenorrhea patient of inside cold of Yang deficiency, general meeting is in period or classics hind appear alvine cold painful, menstruation is weak amount is little, companion has lumbar acerbity leg is soft, hand and foot is not lukewarm, piss clear long wait for a symptom. Treatment needs to warm through the cold, nourishing blood to relieve pain. For example, the aforementioned brown sugar ginger soup can be taken under the guidance of Chinese medicine doctors, which is more effective for cold dysmenorrhea. Brown sugar and ginger are used together to replenish qi and nourish blood.

The dysmenorrhea patient that liver kidney is deficient, after general menstruation is clean, 1-2 days appears lumbar acerbity leg is soft, small abdomen is faint painful unwell, or have hot flushes, giddy tinnitus and so on symptom. Should take the medicine that has benefit kidney nourishing the liver analgesic action. For patients with mild symptoms, they can be recuperated by taking some food therapy prescription such as rhizoma chuanxiong salvia miltiorrhiza and eggs under the guidance of the TCM doctor.

More serious primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea should be treated in time

From the perspective of western medicine, dysmenorrhea can be divided into two types: primary and secondary. Wang junlan analyzed, "primary dysmenorrhea, often born after menarche 2-3 years of adolescent girls or young women who have given birth. Secondary dysmenorrhea is usually caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine tumor and endometriosis. No matter which kind of dysmenorrhea, the symptom is more serious wants to see a doctor in time, cannot replace drug treatment blindly with food therapy. After autumn, some patients with dysmenorrhea syndrome can also take cream according to the syndrome for recuperation and prevention.