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On autumn health preservation of Chinese medicine


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On autumn health preservation of Chinese medicine

2018-10-10 shandong health news network

Autumn already more than half, sun be the spirit of nature from the leaked to convergence, and the body of Yin and Yang qi began to transform, in order to adapt to this change, should conform to the changes in the days to adjust their own, jining combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital of traditional Chinese medicine geriatrics expert dong-xin wang from daily life diet, daily life and spirit, medicine four aspects to explain the characteristics of autumn keeping in good health, help people health happily through the autumn in March.

Health food

Summer dampness and heat trap spleen, transport less, less food. With the arrival of autumn, the weather turns cool and appetite increases, so the common people have the "autumn fat" said, and generally believed that "autumn fat" is to eat more meat to store energy for winter. Actually otherwise, too much food fat gan thick taste, blind enter fill harmful and unhelpful, especially to fat, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cerebrovascular patient group harm is bigger. Therefore, autumn supplement should be combined with seasonal characteristics.

The cause of the dryness in autumn is closely related to the decrease of temperature and humidity in autumn and the open wound in summer. The lung and autumn gas corresponding, so autumn dry head injury lung. Otorhinolarynx belongs to the lung system, so dry mouth and nose, dry throat, even cough and vomiting blood silk and other pulmonary symptoms. Lung main fur, so some people will feel dry skin, hair; Lung and large intestine surface, lung not bu jin, large intestine runny, resulting in or aggravate the symptoms of constipation. Thus, the first thing to ensure adequate water intake in autumn, at the same time to eat gangrun nourishing Yin products for the best, such as radish, lily, white fungus, fungus, tofu, sesame, honey, glutinous rice, lotus root, water chestnuts and so on; Eat more apple, orange, kiwi, pomegranate, pear and other acidic food to astringe lung qi; Eat less spicy food to prevent more Yin jin.

Daily life cultivate

"Neijing" said: "autumn march, this is yongping. The weather is nasty and the air is bright. Advocate early to bed and early to rise in autumn, have regular daily life, develop a good habit of sleeping and sleeping.

More than 1.4 billion adults worldwide lack physical activity, resulting in a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, alzheimer's and cancer, according to the world health organization. Therefore, exercise should be an important measure for health and disease prevention. Autumn day is clear and clear, more appropriate undertakes proper and regular aerobic exercise, if taijiquan, yoga, jog, climb, etc., draw clear breath turbidity, vomit old accept new, can alleviate effectively already "autumn weariness", can raise again heart and lung function. But the temperature difference between day and night is big at this time, should not exercise when the temperature is low in the morning.

Autumn temperature in the north is distinct, living and keeping warm is very important. Although there is a saying that "spring covers autumn", it does not apply to all groups. Old, weak and sick people are less able to resist external evil, the body is susceptible to healing, and even become infected, endangering life, should not be "autumn cold." In addition, people suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, arthritis, and diabetes should not be "autumn cold."

Off-dry raises a gender

Neijing says, "the mind is free from desire, the heart is calm without fear, the form is laborious without weariness. Maintain peace of mind, not demanding, less avarice, calm to cultivate the mind.

Fall leaves fall and fall, depression is like a sad, heavy, sad emotional changes, clinical common depression patients in the fall or relapse. Therefore, happy heart, calm and happy mind is the key to the autumn regaining tune god, god's peace and harmony. When negative emotions change, you should think of more pleasant things, develop interests and hobbies, shift your attention and keep your spirits up. In addition, take an active part in outdoor activities and get more sun exposure.

Drug regimen

The basic principle that autumn medicine fills should give priority to with moist, avoid dissipation. Commonly used drugs include panax quinquefolium, salvia, gorgonzola, asparagus, radix ophiopogonis, lilium, linseed, dried rehmannia, etc.