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To xizhimen south street, xicheng district building to the British garden route

L airport line 1

Take the airport shuttle from the airport, the dongzhimen station transfer to metro line 2 to xizhimen direction and get off at xizhimen station, from C outbound, go straight to the east 100 meters on the right side to xizhimen south street, north to walk to the t-junction namely to the British garden 1 floor downstairs.

L airport line 2

From the capital airport take airport bus to xidan, get off at no.22, take a taxi to xizhimen south street English garden 1 floor.

L bus subway near:

106 bus GuanYuan: 107 road, express way

Bus: xizhimen south road 387, 44 road, inner ring 800, 816 road, inner ring 820, 845 road

Che zhuang: subway line two

Xizhimen subway: metro line 2

Buses and attempts: 107 road, 118 road, 701 road

Buses and north zhuang: 209 road, 375 road, 392 road


No noodles or eggs


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No noodles or eggs

The 2011-01-24 health

Winter is the best season for dietary supplements. Because winter human yangqi collection, easy to absorb nutrients. So there is a common saying "winter supplement, spring tiger beat." But recent droughts in the north and low temperatures in the south have led to a surge in cold cases everywhere. So, caught a cold still can fill?

Catch a cold or other disease, no matter be in the home or be treated in hospital, cannot leave sick food. Eating a good diet can enhance nutrition and resistance, and has the role of adjuvant therapy. However, it is no longer the age of noodles and eggs.

Now, more attention is paid to healthy diet, diet, because of illness, because of the people. Take the egg of "noodle + egg" for example, the patient of cold fever eats much egg, the egg that contains protein still can increase body quantity of heat, bring about temperature rise, aggravate illness instead. The author recommends several winter medicine diet recipes with yam as raw material to provide reference for making sick meals.

Sweet yam sticks

Ingredients: 400g yam, 200g sugar, 100g hawthorn cake, right amount of water starch.

How to make it: the yam is steamed on the cage, peeled, cut into strips, yards in the bowl, sprinkled with white sugar, and steamed on the cage for 15 minutes, removed and buckled on the plate, and decanted the stock. Hawthorn cakes will be cut, scattered on the dish yam bar. Add cold water to pan, add sugar, boil for a while, starch starch, sugar juice. Pour the sugar juice on the yam bar and serve.

Feeding and nourishing effect: strengthening spleen and stomach, nourishing lung and invigorating qi, nourishing kidney and solid essence.

Soybean milk yam two rice porridge

Raw materials: 400g soybean milk, 80g yam, 50g purple rice, 25g white sugar.

How to make: peel and cut yam. Add water to the pot, under into japonica rice, purple rice, yam ding. First with the fire boiling, then with a gentle boil porridge, add soy milk, sugar. Boil once or twice and serve.

Feeding and nourishing: nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing the kidney and nourishing the lung, strengthening the brain and promoting intelligence, hair beauty.

Yam peach

Raw materials: 300g yam, 100g bean paste, 50g glutinous rice flour, sugar and water starch.

How to make: steam the yam on the cage, remove, peel, crush into mud, put into a bowl, add sugar, glutinous rice powder, stirring evenly. Then divide into 10 portions, each filled with bean paste, made into peach shape, steamed on the cage, out, placed on the plate. Add water to pan, add sugar to boil, starch starch, poured on the dish of yam peach can be eaten.

Feeding and nourishing: strengthening spleen and stomach, nourishing kidney and nourishing lung and qi.