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Famous people in ancient Chinese medicine


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Famous people in ancient Chinese medicine

May 17, 2017 sina Chinese medicine

There are many famous doctors in ancient times

Huangdi (yellow emperor) -- the father of acupuncture: the yellow emperor is the legendary common leader of all nationalities in central China. The extant "neijing" refers to the works of huang di, qibo and lei gong discussing medicine. The treatment methods of this book are mostly acupuncture, so the record and discussion of acupuncture is particularly detailed, and the records of shu point, acupuncture and ban and so on are detailed.

Bian que -- - the mediators of the pulse science: the surname qin, the name yue people, the warring states bohai county zheng (now hebei renqiu) people. The corpse of the prince was dead, but he was cured. Although huan gong was not ill, he was known to have been ill for five days. Shi ji zhan guo ce contains his biography and medical records, and is regarded as an advocate of the pulse science.

Zhang zhongjing -- doctor sheng: mingji was born in xiangyang county in the end of han dynasty. Legend has it that he served as changsha taishou, typhoid epidemic at that time, many patients died. His book, on the miscellaneous diseases of typhoid fever, summarized more than 300 years of clinical practice experience in the han dynasty and made significant contributions to the development of Chinese medicine.

Hua tuo -- the progenitor of surgery: he was also known as fu, and the word was not changed, and he was born in bozhou in the later han dynasty (now anhui province). She is good at surgery, especially in the department of internal medicine, external medicine, gynecology, infant medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion. To "intestines and stomach accumulate" wait for a disease, drink hemp to boil disperse, be like drunk intestines scrubbing, sew abdomen to rub ointment, execute abdomen operation.

Ge hong -- the mediators of preventive medicine: zi zhi chuan, zhi baopu zi, and zhi rong (now from jiangsu province) in danyang of the jin dynasty. He is the author of "when the rear," in which the first recorded some infectious diseases such as smallpox, scrub typhus disease and diagnosis and treatment. The world's earliest record of smallpox.

Sun simiao -- medicine king: the people of jingzhaohuayuan (present huixian county, shaanxi province) in tang dynasty were endowed with noble medical ethics and exquisite medical skills. Because cure tang taizong tang empress dowager has a headache disease, the court wants to leave him to do the imperial doctor, he lied to collect "the elixir of immortality" to the emperor, stole away. The monitor lied and fell to death while collecting medicine. Taizong declared sun simiao the king of medicine.

C-park Qian Yi - the father of pediatrics: word, northern song dynasty Yun state (now shandong dongping) person. He is the author of the straight formula of children's medicine. Based on the theory of viscera pathology, this paper makes a systematic example of dialectical treatment according to its cold and hot deficiency and legislative prescription.

Song ci -- founder of forensic science: fujian people in song dynasty. In 1247, he summarized the experience of forensic science before the song dynasty and his experience of four judges.

Li shizhen -- medicine saint: word east wall, frequency lake, Ming dynasty qizhou (present qichun in hubei province) people. After 27 years of painstaking efforts, he wrote a compendium of materia medica containing 1,758 drugs, which were translated into Japanese, French, German, Russian and other languages.

Wu qian - "gold mirror of medical ethics" general repair official: word wenji, the qing dynasty anhui shexian people. Qianlong was sentenced by taiyuan hospital. Jin jian of medical school is a comprehensive medical book, 90 volumes. It is one of the most perfect and brief comprehensive Chinese medical books in China.

The above several of course are not all the celebrities in Chinese medicine, and will be added for you in the future.