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Cixi and pinellia


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Cixi and pinellia

Page 8, China journal of traditional Chinese medicine

Cixi (1835~1908), also known as the empress dowager of the west. According to the qing court medical records: in the thirty-fourth year of guangxu emperor (1908), on the seventh day of October, the empress dowager cixi fell ill. Empress dowager pulse left close string slow, right inch close slippery and close slow. Intestines and stomach is abundant and, splenic move still is slow, do not walk bowel, as a result defecate diarrhoea, dizziness eye is tired, the body is trapped limb is soft. Too much medicine with four gentleman decoction plus "baoning pinellia three money" decoction and more.

Baoning pinellia is pinellia qu. Langzhong was also known as "baoning" in qing dynasty. Langzhong langzhong pinellia ternata is the major specialty of panningpinellia ternata, which is prepared according to the ancient secret recipe with white cardamom, shanggui, guangxiang and other precious Chinese medicinal materials. Li shizhen "compendium of materia medica" carry: "pinellia grind end, with jiang juice, alum soup and make a cake, papermulberry leaves wrapped in a basket, for the yellow clothes, sun-dried, called pinellia qu.

Pinellia twig is a twig made by adding flour and ginger juice to pinellia twig. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that this product is sweet, astringent and warm, and enters the lung, spleen and large intestine meridians. It has the functions of relieving cough and resolving phlegm, relieving asthma and reducing adverse reaction, preventing vomiting in the stomach, and relieving food in a wide range. It is suitable for wind-cold cough, wheezing and wheezing, epigastric fullness and suffocation in the chest, persistent cough, non-dissolving food accumulation, non-warming of the limbs, loose stools and so on. "Yinpian xinshen" said its "phlegm, cough, xiaoshi accumulation, treatment of diarrhea". "The ministry of traditional Chinese medicine issued standards" said its "anti-nausea, cough and phlegm. "National prescription collection of traditional Chinese medicine" (ji 'nan fang) said that its "cough sputum, stop eating nausea". "National prescription of traditional Chinese medicine" (Shanghai prescription) said its "cough sputum gushing, sputum more evil". "The ministry of traditional Chinese medicine prescription preparation," said its "cough and phlegm, asthma and adverse, and stomach nausea, ruppy-dispersing knot. Cixi jinyi yushi, plus until the age of 80, the spleen and stomach function is weak, the decline in the health function, coupled with the diet of intemperance, so the occurrence of defecation, limb weakness and other diseases. Pinellia qu and stomach anti - vomiting, digestion wide in, after taking can make the spleen and stomach health, zhuyang four cloth, so effective for cixi disease.

Pinellia twig is crisp in texture, fragrant in smell and contains slightly sweet-smelling dregs in mouth. It plays a unique role in wind-cold cough, wheezing and wheezing, cold drink of wet phlegm, episcopal fullness, persistent cough, stubborn phlegm, nausea and vomiting, defecation and so on. For the convenience of taking, relevant tablets, granules and oral liquid have been applied in clinical practice, and the product is in short supply.