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The difference between conventional treatment and traditional Chinese medicine for cheilitis


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The difference between conventional treatment and traditional Chinese medicine for cheilitis

19-01-02 feihua news

      Lip inflammation is a common chronic lip mucosal disease, equivalent to the "lip wind" of traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly caused by wind and evil. It's heated to the stomach; It is vaporized by the heat of the stomach; Bad habits caused by external sunlight, wind, or biting your lips. Lip inflammation can easily thicken and darken the lips, thereby affecting the appearance. Without good treatment, serious conditions can occur, such as cracking and purulent. It directly affects diet and language. So how to treat cheilitis quickly? To define the cause of cheilitis, symptomatic treatment is a better and faster way to treat cheilitis.

At present, the treatment of labial phlogistic basically includes the following content

Traditional treatment and traditional Chinese medicine treatment

1. Fire management: many patients with lip cracking and shedding, fire and other symptoms are caused by fire. So if you take a lot of drugs in a fire, over time you'll develop antibodies to those drugs. With these drugs, chilitis will become more and more serious.

2. Western medicine anti-inflammatory treatment: some patients will choose western medicine for lip inflammation. Western medicine does not have very good treatment method to cheilitis. In general, drugs usually contain antibiotics or hormone-like anti-inflammatory drugs or topical drugs, but symptoms cannot be cured for a long time. Use can make lip blacken, restore normal lip color hard, cure can increase difficulty.

3. TCM treatment: general patients choose TCM treatment. Cheilitis is a chronic oral mucosal disease. Need to be treated in normal professional oral mucosa hospital. Because labitis cannot treat effectively for a long time, can diffuse up repeatedly, affect ear nose, can bring about acute rhinitis, nasosinusitis and acute otitis media. Inflammation can spread downward and invade the lower respiratory tract, such as the throat and trachea, causing acute laryngitis, bronchitis, bronchitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose an effective radical treatment. Clinical case treatment found that traditional Chinese medicine treatment of lip inflammation is a safe and effective method, but also a faster method. Avoid side effects and symptoms of western medicine treatment.

Through the above introduction, I think we all know how to treat lip inflammation faster. People with cheilitis should know something. If you want to cure the disease, you must first understand its root cause. Then the right medication will gradually recover.